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Now, put the desired shortcut in the field as shown in the image. LOG at the top of your Notepad file in Capital letters.

Now whenever you will open it and write your entries, time and date will be automatically get printed along with it. All the files in the original recyle bin will also be reflected here. Just right click on desktop anywhere and create a shortcut. Now whenever you will double click on it, your PC will get locked instantly.

51 Brilliant Windows 10 Tips and Tricks So far

Now rename the single file and all your files will be renamed with extensions 1 , 2 and so on appended with it. Search Turn windows feature on or off in your search box. Just open command prompt as admin and Run the command net user. This will show you the list of usernames. The password will straightaway get changed. Just open run command and enter shell: Now go and paste the shortcut of the item you want to include in the send to menu.

45 Brilliant Cleaning Tricks for Every Occasion That Really Work

Just create the shortcut of the program and paste the shortcut in System32 folder. Now, just type the shortcut name in run box and it will open instantly. For restricting PC usage timings of an account on your windows PC, just open command prompt ad admin and enter code given below. This can even run with multiple poles. A multi-stage system will get you 35 feet without a pump and over 60 feet with a pump, including enough juice for multiple poles.

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This is no different. As mentioned above, DI systems will have lower costs than a multi-stage, but you will need to buy replacement resin bags with more frequency. It might be that a DI system will allow your business to service more accounts and get to be used with enough frequency to upgrade to a multi-stage down the line. If you already have something lined up you are confident in, leasing may also be an option. Every day, we talk with window cleaners from all across the country. As you consider a water system, we are happy to answer any questions you may have via phone or email.

Let us help you make the best decision you can for your business!

19 Best Windows 10 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

To sum everything up, we all want to receive good products and services from the companies we chose to do business with. Problems are frustrating and inconvenient, but being heard and appreciated goes a long way. Solve their problem and try to go one step beyond. Instead of wondering and worrying whether a customer is going to say something negative about you because something went wrong, make it the goal for them to want to share how well their issue was handled and what a positive interaction it ended up being in the end.

Instead, we should focus on the fact that right or wrong is not the point. Do you want to argue about it, or solve it? The goal is to make a positive interaction out of a negative one. Do you want to read some more on this subject? Here are some other good articles I found: What do you feel is the most important personality trait for handling customer service and issues? The way we see it, there are a few main goals to work toward to achieve great customer service. These are specifically geared toward how we serve customers at Detroit Sponge, but with minimal adjustment these goals can fit any type of business.

When customers come to me with an order, they need their parts ASAP. Even once the initial transaction is complete, it is still my job to make sure the customer is happy with our products and our service. Whether quoting a customer on shipping charges or an estimated ship or delivery day, I always try to overestimate rather than underestimate. If something goes wrong at any point in the process, apologize. I know that must be frustrating.

It will be respected.

Either way, figure out what can be done to fix it. What other customer service goals do you work to employ? Customer service became a topic of conversation at work recently, after I saw a great article on it in the most recent issue of American Window Cleaner magazine. Customer service is an important aspect for us here at Detroit Sponge, especially being a smaller company.

We take every interaction with our customers very seriously, because each customer is one small, interlocking part of the foundation of our business. Customer satisfaction also leads to referrals and affects a big part of our growth. I became inspired by the article to make our goals more prominent.

Find out which app is eating up more space with windows 10 storage sense

We call them our customer service mantras. So can a positive one. If I can affect one person positively, maybe that will change the course of their day. We all try to keep that in mind with every phone call. They are the reason we go to work everyday. Their loyalty is vital, because they need our help to accomplish their goals and they trust us with that.

This is that reminder. Often, customers ask me how to handle certain situations that arise while they clean windows.

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Sometimes I learn something too, and then I have more information to help future customers. This goes along with the previous statement. Can you think of any more customer service mantras to keep you motivated? Over the past six months, I have been going through the process of buying a new house and moving. For example, the company we bought our new washer and dryer from delivered the wrong ones.

We refused the delivery but wanted the problem fixed right away. We wanted the correct washer and dryer, but getting the company to even admit their mistake became more difficult than the eventual solution. As it progressed, we felt once the company had our money, their interest in us was gone. Finally, we took our discontent to social media, and only then did we finally see our concerns addressed. As a seller of products and services at Detroit Sponge, my one goal is to meet or exceed the expectations of the customer who trusts me with their business—especially if they have a problem.

As a buyer of products and services, I reasonably expect a few things when I have a problem: So these are the things we strive for here at Detroit Sponge, because we want to treat customers how we would like to be treated.