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Have farmer and land owner under their command Cousland and Howe family: But then, the Cousland grow stronger, they declared their independence from Amaranthine, starting a war that lasted thirty years. When the war ended, Highever won its independence and possession of half the land that had once been southwestern Amaranthine.

The rebellion was betrayed to King Arland by politicians before it began. However, Arl Howe of Amaranthine supported the Orlesians and this resulted in several bitter battles between Amaranthine and Highever. The Howe bent their knee to king Maric Therin and join the rebels. Bryce Cousland and Rendon Howe become friend after some battle.

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But Rendon Howe is a petty and ambitious man, he act friendly but he is a snake inside. I just hate it, there's no edit button. I want to stress on 2 important piece of information, theyare pretty relevant in the game: After the Howe bent their knee to king Maric, Bryce Cousland and Rendon Howe fought and survived together in the bloody battle of White River the most catastrophic defeat of the entire rebellion Bryce Cousland is an honest and straight forward man. It's expected that when men risk their life together in the battlefield, they are comrade for life. But Howe's abrasive manners earned him almost universal dislike among his peers.

Bryce implied that Howe's personality altered after the battle. What's more, he is a petty man, he do not appreciate the friendship with Bryce Cousland but instead hold a grudge against the Cousland for what they did to his house. Outside, he act friendly but in secret, he plot to hurt the Cousland. This result in the massacre of castle Cousland. I was so tempted to have Aedan marry Anora and advance his own rank in the kingdom significantly.

That is what I would call the "cool" option. But I don't think that would have fit the character's personality I had designed. Being a man who loved his family and respected his Elder brother, the thought of becoming more politically powerful was not really an option. His brother was heir to Highever, so he was resigned to the fact that he would not be the one with political power. Instead he wanted to help his brother the ruler he needed to be. Given that mindset, and believing that his brother was still alive out there somewhere and later is proven right, even though he didn't know at the time , his mindset did not really change when the opportunity came to take power for himself.

Anora asked Aedan to speak to her privately. After listening to her reasons as to why Anora would make a stronger ruler, and also using Anora's own words to provide a counterargument Being the persuasive rogue that he was, it was quite easy for him to convince the two that this was the best option. However, a hitch in Aedan's plans occurs when After defeating Loghain in a duel my Aedan is a duelist after all: If Loghain betrayed his cause, he could just kill him again, after beating him so handily.

He spared the life of a man who tried to assassinate him, and that turned out well, so why not spare the life of a man who clearly shares his love of Fereldan and had stellar reputation before Ostagar. It was clearly something worth redeeming, and the senior warden, Riorden seemed to agree. Even though his best friend Allistair was clearly angry about the idea, he saw it as the best option. But beause he had previously pointed out humanity's nature to be selfish after the event with Goldanna, Allistair's sister , Allistair decided to become king anyway so that he could get what he wanted There are many reasons that Aedan should not seize the throne for himself.

One of that being the Cousland and Grey Warden has history of treason.

Loghain publicly announce that the Grey Warden betray the king at Ostagar. If Aedan step up to the throne, he will confirm Loghain accusation to the public. But that is just the society view and will not really matter because when that happen, Aedan is the commander of the united army of Ferelden. Any voice of objection will be quenched immediately. What matter is Aedan personality. Being the 2nd son, he do not want power for himself. Of course there are many 2nd son who compete for power but it's not Aedan. I will just list Game of Thrones example here because it's very popular and I love that show.

Tirion Lannister, Ramsay Bolton. They are not loved by their father and seek a way to prove themself. They usually use their cunning and mind for that is the way to gain power, not prowess in battle. He do not strike me as a power thirsty type. Plus, Aedan has accomplished so much in being a Grey Warden. I could bet all my money that he take pride and enjoy his feat in deafeating Darkspawns and uniting Ferelden against the Blight. He is more the commander in action type.

Aedan may know a thing or two about politic but that does not mean he enjoy dealing with them. Now that Aedan is basically the head of the Grey Wardens Order in Ferelden, he will hardly give it up to some cold hard throne. Rebuilding the Order seem much more thrilling and epic. So here's what I do. Shove that throne in Alistair face, whether he like it or not.

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He is the blood of Theirin so he's better take responsibility and Ferelden may be more stable that way. But of course Alistair is no ruler, I need someone to supervise him, someone know how to rule and act for the better good of Ferelden. There is a quite popular opinion that Anora should not be trusted with power and she will not be a good ruler. I, myself, do not know where that opinion come from, may be too much unrealistic TV shows and movies.

A good ruler must constantly learning how to rule, by learning you will become good. Learning how to rule do not mean you can decide however you want, but learning mean you listening to other's advice and learn their reason for their decision and conclude that yourself. The ones who deserve power are the one who have knowledge, open mind, sharp and will act for the good of the people. Their desire for power is just a good boost to their action. Often enough, bad rulers know how to rule but they decide to act in favor of their family or their favorite nobles.

The more disastrous type of ruler are the one who want to do good but do not know the way to do it. In the end, they just make a mess. Yes, I'm talking about Loghain.

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And before you say that Loghain know how to rule, he do NOT. He is a reknown commander, accomplished tacticians but not a politician. In both aspect, Anora seem to be good. She knew how to rule, in fact, it's her who hold the land together while Cailan just fooling around.

your head canon warden's philosophies? (spoilers possible)

Anora is not tightly associated with the noble of Ferelden, she and her father are considered upstart commoner by nobles. When she act, I belive she will act for the good of the land. Alistair Theirin - King. Anora Mac Tir - Queen. It's fitting and it will give you a sense of continuality when you play Awakening as Aedan.

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I know where the Anora hate comes from though How quickly she turns on you if you do not do things her way Last Updated 12 September Amaranthine, 13—15 September , free entry - Visit now On Thursday 13 and Saturday 15 September, Manchester -based Company Chameleon present a trio of free pop-up performances throughout the city.

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