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I wrote the Prologue and the Epilogue kind of in the middle of the composition process. But the body of the book rolled out in mostly chronological order, with almost no rearranging in the final proofing.

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The crowd grew to thousands. Eventually, the Army was sent in and tanks rolled. Douglas McArthur was among the most zealous of the officers leading the charge; Dwight Eisenhower and George Patton were more conflicted about their roles in rousting the vets from their encampments. Fires were set—or broke out—and many people were injured and a couple of klds died.

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The Stones were at their peak, both musically and as cultural touchstones. There was an air of danger about them, a touch of the satanic which was mostly clever marketing, of course.

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After a series of solid if unspectacular dates, the tour moved eastward and the band rolled into Detroit on November 24th. The tour then concluded with a free concert at the Altamont Speedway on December 6th. I was more just imagining a time in which drones became a significant element of domestic policing. I become more convinced every day that this will happen here within the next five years. Over the next several years, he painted 14 paintings directly onto the plaster walls of the two-storey house.

It is said that he never intended them for public display.

Bonus Expeditionary Forces March on Washington

The subject matter of the paintings ranges from pastoral to utterly horrifying. I like to think that Goya made these paintings from a very deep place and that he thought of them as the ultimate expression of his artistic purpose. Bonus Expeditionary Forces March on Washington.

Although veterans were allowed to borrow against the bonus certificate beginning in , by , banks were short on credit to give.

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Led by Walter W. Walters, the veterans set up camps and occupied buildings in various locations in Washington, DC. By summer, at least 20, people had joined the camps, with some estimates putting the total number above 40, Many were joined by their families.

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But the camps attracted an undesirable element as well. The BEF camp was organized with the help of the men's military experience.

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Collection of the U. During the debate over the bill on June 15, , Congressman Edward Eslick D-TN was making an address on the floor of the House of Representatives when he suffered a heart attack and died. The House carried on with its business, though, and with hundreds of veterans cheering from the gallery, the House passed the bill that same day. Republicans opposed the Patman bill mainly because it required the government to spend money it did not have in the treasury. The government was no exception to the hard times that had befallen the nation.

Bonus Army

Although the bill had passed in the House, the bill did not have the votes to pass in the Senate. The Senate voted down the bill on June No immediate relief would be coming to the veterans.

Even if the bill had passed the Senate, it most likely would have been vetoed by President Hoover, just as the bonus itself had been vetoed by Coolidge and Harding in the preceding years. The bill had come to a vote and failed, but many in the Bonus Expeditionary Force refused to pack up and go home. Instead, they continued their occupation of the Anacostia Flats and vacant buildings in the District of Columbia into July.

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Protesters and police clash, July 28, At the time, about 50 protesters occupied buildings along Pennsylvania Avenue.