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Main page at befehle modem Glamorous Flanders Antwerp and Ghent.

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Antwerp, the port's administration building. Gent at night, city's canals. One-day Tours Tours on May holidays. Book this tour Call our experts today and turn your ideas into a dream holiday. Contact us Mon-Fri 9. Plan of a one-day trip. There is a Museum of Navigation today in it.

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On the other side of the street a magnificent Gothic building towers - it is the House of Butchers Museum Vleeshuis. You won't be left indifferent by the magnificence of Grote-Markt.

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At this square the Town Hall of the 16th century and Gothic facades of buildings of shops and guilds are located. In the center of the square your attention will be drawn by the unusual Brabo Fountain, the legend was the cause for the construction of it. The guide will necessarily tell you everything. The Cathedral of Virgin Mary, opened in has the highest bell tower in Belgium and is decorated with works of Rubens and the other famous Flemish painters. The central shopping street Mayres is decorated by the first skyscraper of Europe about meters high, the Stock Exchange, the Royal Palace, the Hall of Festivals, numerous show-windows of shops and monuments to the artists.

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Slightly aside we will see one of the main sights of Antwerp — house museum of the Flemish genius Peter Paul Rubens the 17th century. During free time you will taste the Flemish cuisine, and Flemish beer kinds , magnificent Belgian chocolate, and, of course, inevitable shopping. The city is located on 23 islands, on the place of merge of two rivers what tells its name about: Historical fiction is my favorite genre; that being said, this was a good story.

Naime, sada je Fascinira me taj britanski svijet Overall I was disappointed in this novel. The characters and the idea of the story were brilliant but the execution was poor. I wish the author had stuck to the idea of telling the story Overall I was disappointed in this novel. The history the author gives is fantastic and the sense of time and place feels authentic. I wish the author could have balanced the story with some native characters that had a real voice and also given Mr Singh more of a prominent role, by the time he entered the story in any real way you were speeding through to a very neat and contrived conclusion.

As a light read it serves its purpose but it could have been a real triumph and I would have liked to read the novel it could very easily have been. Feb 23, Sharon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rich in details and history, The Sandalwood Tree will keep the reader turning pages. A book that teaches while telling a great story is worth reading, and this book meets that criteria. As they settle into a small town amid brilliant color, strange customs, and agonizing poverty, the tapestry of the story begins. Against the wallpaper of a solid but troubled marriage and religi Rich in details and history, The Sandalwood Tree will keep the reader turning pages.

Against the wallpaper of a solid but troubled marriage and religious and political turmoil, Evie discovers a few letters secreted away in their rented bungalow. She seeks more information about the people in the letters from a local church. One scrap of information leads to another, along with some accidental, fortuitous finds, and the story of Adele and Felicity emerge.

The year is ; the letters were written 90 years ago in the Victorian era. The dual stories of Evie's family in an increasingly war-ravaged, unstable land and young Adele and Felicity's growing up across continents alternate in the book. The characters are finely crafted by the author. The book engages the senses and emotions leaving the reader with drifts of the story long after it is read.

I loved the book. It would make a good movie, if it's possible to fit so much into a movie. Nov 05, Joan rated it did not like it. This was an annoying book. Right from page 2 when Evie Mitchell refers to Gandhi as "a skinny little man in a loincloth". I wondered how Indian readers would regard this. One narrative is set midth C with Evie and her husband and son travelling to India on a Fulbright Scholarship. She appreciates the purpose behind the scholarship "to foster a global community" little in the rest of the book indicates she the scholarship is doing that for her.

And little time is devoted to her husband, Martin This was an annoying book. And little time is devoted to her husband, Martin, to indicate he is experiencing this either. And then there is the other narrative of two women in the midth C. All of this appears in the edition I read in italics. Italics is very annoying font to read. And either the author or the publisher should give the reader a little credit.

We learn very quickly that Evie is in the 20 century and Adela and Felicity are in the 19th. We do not need italics to help us make that discrimination. I kept putting off reading this book. A very bad sign. Then I just picked it up and flipped through to the end. And what a tidy ending it was. It's fluffy, it's cutesy, it takes about a day to read. It's horribly cliche in the most banal ways. Post-traumatic stress is resolved by an epiphany and a resolution. A wife with a promising career in science is happy raising her adorable, blond, beautiful child, and saves her husband through her womanly virtues.

India is a place of acceptance and spirituality, flavours and smells, compared to the bland, arrogant West Et cetera, et cetera. It's not a very god book. The only thing that saves it It's fluffy, it's cutesy, it takes about a day to read. The only thing that saves it from being a really bad book is its utter pretentiousness. It doesn't aspire to be a profound examination of conditions in India.

It just wants to be a feel-good historical fiction story that can be consumed and then immediately forgotten. It's easy to read in all ways, including a large print and colourful pretty cover. This is a lovely and informative novel. The setting is India, both and There are five love stories in a way.. There's the heroine, Evie and Martin. They are married with a five year old boy.

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Their marriage was wonderful until Martin went to serve in WW Evie thought that coming to India would bring them closer together, but they have simply "exported" their unhappiness In order to save their marriage, Martin must get rid of his inner demons and both This is a lovely and informative novel. In order to save their marriage, Martin must get rid of his inner demons and both of them must learn to live for joy..

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To read full review, please click on the link: Mar 18, Christine rated it really liked it Shelves: I received this book as part of the First Read giveaway program here at Goodreads. First the Good I loved the characters, relationships, and themes. That was an unusual mix.

I often felt very touched by this story, and really loved the ending. The characters frequently surprised me, and in the end I was left with a good warm feel I received this book as part of the First Read giveaway program here at Goodreads. The characters frequently surprised me, and in the end I was left with a good warm feeling from the book. The Not So Good The lesbianism in the book seemed I don't know exactly but perhaps awkward is the word I'm looking for. I can't know if this is true, but it seemed to me as though the author simply plugged in a lesbian character for effect, or as a gimmick.

It did not seem sincere, nor authentic to me. I think she may have been going for a Sarah Waters feel, but it just wasn't convincing. Worse, though, was the linking of the stories from the two eras. I was interested in both stories, but as the main post WWII character Evie makes discovery after discovery about the women from the past, I find it harder and harder to suspend my disbelief. The original discovery of the letters is fine, everything else feels really stretched and contrived. Final Thoughts In spite of the above complaints, I'm still really glad I read this book.

There's a lot in here about forgiveness of self and others , great relationships, and memorable characters. There are a lot of good hearts and minds from different walks of life in this book, plenty of surprises, and a fair amount of romance. A good historical adventure that I enjoyed. Sep 28, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 16, Misha Mathew rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Sandalwood Tree was my most awaited book this year. I am glad to say that it more than lived up to my expectations.

The Sandalwood Tree by Elle Newmark is an excellent read, the best book I've read this year, till now. I adore books involving long-ago secrets, mysterious letters, strong female protagonists and tragic love stories; this book offered me all of these and more. Martin, a historian, wants to document the events surrounding the end of British rule in India after a period of more than two hundred years. For Evie, following her husband to India is a last resort to save her marriage. The Mitchells are mesmerized and quite taken with India.

But is a turbulent time. The date of partition is approaching. The future appears dangerous as India is to be divided into two - a separate country called "Pakistan" is about to be created. Chaos and violence ensues due to the inevitable clash between Hindus and Muslims. Evie doesn't believe that the violence can touch the peaceful Simla and doesn't want to leave the country.

Martin and Evie, once so much in love, are now falling apart. All of Evie's attempts to restore her marriage fail.

Her life looks bleak and lonely. Things change, as Evie comes across some hidden letters, written almost hundred years ago. She's drawn towards these letters, written by two Englishwomen, Adela and Felicity. As her marriage falls apart further and violence reigns over India, she becomes more and more obsessed with the mystery. The letters become her own little secret, her solace. There are two story-lines running simultaneously - Evie's journey towards uncovering the secrets of the letters as well as Adela and Felicity's story.

Entwined in all of this are two love stories that will stir you deeply. While Adela and Felicity's story is beautiful and heartbreaking, it's Evie's voice that I was drawn to the most. She's dissatisfied and desperate, lonely and unhappy. My heart went out to her. The most captivating thing about The Sandalwood Tree is the author's enchanting, stunning portrayal of India, especially Simla.

At first, I was quite doubtful about how the author would depict the most important year in Indian history. But Elle Newmark seems to have done so much of research. I learned things that I didn't know despite having studied History for four years in school the major part of which encompassed the freedom struggle. I was transported to India and I could see everything through Evie's eyes. It's always interesting to read another perspective on the Partition and the freedom movement.

I loved how objective the author was. Through Evie's voice, she has presented both sides of the argument- both the British and the Indian perspective. The description of Simla is especially enthralling - the way the author has described the Himalayas, the people, the bazaars and so on. I've been to Simla twice; somehow my interest in the place is rekindled and I can't wait to visit again. Of course, much has changed since I've heard some horror stories of the Partition from my grandfather, as well as read about it; so I could relate to the events described in the book.

We all know about the tensions between India and Pakistan, all going back to the Partition.

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I wonder - what if the division had not happened? I feel we gained as well as lost something in I'd prefer to have peace and friendship rather than the bitterness and prejudices that still prevail. Evie, Felicity and Adela are such fascinating women, each different and yet connected.

Their stories will mesmerize you and even make you teary-eyed. One of the most powerful aspects of the book, for me, is Evie's relationship with her son, Billy. Some of their scenes together really tugged at my heartstrings. There were some minor problems I had with the book. There's a storyline that stops midway, which I wished the author had pursued further.

Moreover, though I love Evie, some things she did really bothered me. Despite these, the good points outdo the few bad ones. The Sandalwood Tree gives out some relevant messages about forgiveness, acceptance, love and happiness. Lush Imagery combined with characters that remain with you, make The Sandalwood Tree a memorable read. Beautiful and evocative writing brought to life the characters and the setting, creating a lingering effect in my mind. Beautiful, compelling and heartrending story of three women during British India. If you love vivid imagery and "exotic" settings, this one's for you.

Aug 14, JudithAnn rated it it was amazing. There are two storylines in this book. The first is the story of American Evie Mitchell, who has recently moved to India with her husband Martin and their five-year old son Billy. Martin is researching the process of India becoming independent from England and especially the Partition in which Pakistan and Bangladesh were formed. Her husb About the book: When she finds some letters hidden in her house, she is intrigued, as the letters are years old. The second storyline is about the writers of the letters, Felicity and Adela, two English young women in the s.

Felicity was born in India but sent to England to live with Adela and her parents when she was eight years old. Later she moves back to India and an interesting story follows, complete with scandals. This book drew me in from the first few pages.

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The atmosphere in India, the smells, colors, people and everything else is described so beautifully. The story itself is very interesting, with both Evie and Felicity going against the grain and not fitting in with the people around them. Finding old letters and discovering a story from them has been done so often, but in this book it really worked. When she has husband troubles and when there is a scare involving her son, she puts everything aside and it becomes totally unimportant to her.

I liked that a lot, as in some books, the search into the past seems to become the main issue of the book, while what happens in the present, should always be most important. I read and reviewed this book as part of the Transworld Reading Group Challenge. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

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