Guide Guinness: The 250 Year Quest for the Perfect Pint

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For everyone who loves a good beer story, Guinness offers a perfect pint more than two centuries in the pouring.

Guinness: The 250 Year Quest for the Perfect Pint

The World's Greatest Beer. What is Guinness Stout? Bottlers and the Export Trade. Building Sales While Building Rails.

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The Guinness World Travellers. To the Ends of the Earth, and Manchester Too. War at Home and Abroad. Trouble, Triumph and the Toucan.

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Brewed in Britain, and America Too. Great Men and Great Ideas. A Family Business at Two Hundred. Nitrogenation, the Really Great Idea. A Lager Called Harp. Into Africa, Malaysia and Beyond. A Widget in the Pint. Guinness in the Twenty-First Century.


Bill Yenne has been writing extensively about beer and brewing history for two decades and has discussed these subjects as a featured guest on the History Channel. He is the author of more than forty books on a variety of historical topics, and a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. Keep up on all new beer book releases. A good history of Guinness. May 26, Everett rated it really liked it. Good beginner's history of the classic brew. Oct 19, Jim rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Drunks, hooligans, and other know it alls.

Is Guinness the best beer on the planet? Those who consume the two billion pints poured each year around the world would certainly agree that it is. James Gate in the heart of the Hibernian metropolis where Guinness Extra Stout has been brewed since From building an eighth-mile railway on the property to securing a lease for nine thousand years, time and time again the brewers at St.

James Gate demonstrated they were problem solvers who did things their own way. While some of the early chapters dealing with the personalities behind the gate make for dry reading, Yenne uncovers some fascinating details. Or that Guinness maintained a fleet of ships and that one of them was torpedoed by a U-boat during the Great War? Or that the Guinness Book of Records, which was created as a promotional giveaway, was at one time the biggest selling copyrighted book in the history of publishing?

Or that in the early twentieth century Guinness employed men to travel around the world and report on how their product was being presented and received. Talk about a dream job! James Gate and a series of conversations with the current master brewer. The third biggest market for Guinness after Ireland and Great Britain is not America but Nigeria, but Yenne makes no effort to describe this phenomenon.

How to Pour A Perfect Pint of Guinness in Dublin

It hardly matters if Guinness is the best. In a market where beer is perceived as being cold, gold and highly carbonated, Guinness is the black sheep of the malted beverage industry. Perhaps a better question is: Jul 21, Jacob rated it really liked it.

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Good read for any fan of Guinness! Mar 04, Alfredo rated it really liked it. This book kept me enthralled throughout. As the title suggests, it narrates the history of the Guinness Brewery from its foundation in in Dublin, and through the beginning of the 21st century. The narrative is journeyman-like, so don't expect Simon Winchester or Erik Larson; nonetheless the history is so fascinating that it doesn't need the flourishes of those authors.

Yenne takes us not only through a succession of facts, names, and dates, but also through the passion and spirit that underl This book kept me enthralled throughout.

Yenne takes us not only through a succession of facts, names, and dates, but also through the passion and spirit that underlies the brewers. Through his book we learn about the family members and their associates that took Guinness from an upstart Irish brewery to a multinational powerhouse, but also delve into the details of the yeasts, the 60 hour fermentation, the roasting of malt, the nitrogenation, and other tidbits that bring to life the art and science that go into a pint of Guinness.

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  • I have to confess that I went out and bought a pack of Guinness which I enjoyed as I read the book. I found it fascinating to recognize the description of the flavoring, the mouth-feel, and the carbonation as I drank my bottle. I was so fascinated by it that for days I would regale anybody within earshot with tidbits about top fermenting lagers vs. Even if you are not fascinated by brewing, you'll find the details of both the product and the develpment of the business highly fascinating. A fine history of Guinness.

    While it bogged down at the beginning, I did find after the fact that there was family tree of sorts by generation in the appendices, which would have made a difference. But I did learn a lot and quickly went through the parts related directly to the beer. Oct 24, Anna rated it liked it.

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