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HE munitions are used to kill enemy soldiers, force enemy soldiers to remain under protective field fortification cover, force an enemy vehicle to button up, or force an enemy vehicle into a less advantageous position.

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Only a direct hit will destroy or significantly damage an armored vehicle. There are two noteworthy strengths of HE munitions. First, HE muntions do not have to score a direct hit to physically affect the target. This makes it possible to engage targets that are not clearly acquired, but are likely or suspected. Second, HE munitions are especially effective at destroying structures such as bunkers and vehicles.

It is fairly easy to gauge the effectiveness of penetration munitions. Soldiers can engage targets with confidence because of the known effect the round will have on a target. The three general categories of penetration munitions are ball and tracer, armor piercing, and high explosive antitank HEAT. Ball and tracer rounds use high velocity to penetrate soft targets on impact. Armor piercing rounds use shaped-charged or kinetic energy penetration warheads specially designed to penetrate armor plate and other types of homogeneous steel.

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They are used effectively against fuel supplies and storage areas. HEAT rounds are designed to defeat armor through the use of shaped charge. A shaped charge is an explosive charge created so the force of the explosion is focused in a particular direction.

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There are many types of munitions that do not fit the profile of the two major categories HE and penetration. These are called special purpose munitions. Examples are incendiary, obscuration, illumination, nuclear, and chemical rounds. Infantry Soldiers can more effectively engage moving enemy targets with low trajectory fire than high trajectory fire.

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Enemy reaction when engaged with friendly low trajectory fire is predictable: When this happens, high trajectory fire can effectively engage enemy targets in fighting positions, holes, or deadspace where low trajectory fire cannot. Friendly high trajectory fire can also force the enemy to move out of the area and seek overhead cover, limiting their effectiveness. Leaders create a dilemma for the enemy by combining low and high trajectory weapons. If the enemy gets up from his position and attempts to move, the automatic rifleman will engage him.

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If the enemy decides to stay in his position behind frontal cover, the grenadier will engage him. Either option results in the friendly force engaging the enemy. This united effect of the automatic rifleman and grenadier outweighs the effect either would have if they engaged the enemy without the other. Weapons and munitions are designed for employment against the two general types of enemy targets: Some weapon systems such as machine guns and grenade launchers can effectively engage both point and area targets. The rate of fire is the number of rounds fired in a minute by a particular weapon system.

The leader dictates the rate of fire for each weapon system under his control.

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There are two factors that contribute to leader decisions about rates of fire: For information on equipment in the weapons squad or other supporting weapons, see Appendix A and Appendix B. Rifleman and Infantry leaders are currently armed with the M4 rifle. The M4 rifle is a direct fire weapon that fires ball and tracer 5.

In this capacity, the rate of fire for the M4 rifle is not based on how fast the Soldier can pull the trigger. Rather, it is based on how fast the Soldier can accurately acquire and engage the enemy. The second role of the rifleman is to engage likely or suspected enemy targets with suppressive fire.

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The automatic rifleman is currently armed with an M machine gun. The M is a direct-fire, low trajectory weapon that is primarily used to fire ball tracer 5. The M also has the ability to fire unlinked 5.

Firing with a magazine should be limited to emergency situations. Machine gunners are a self-contained support by fire element or with a rifle squad to provide long range, accurate, sustained fires against enemy Infantry, apertures in fortifications, buildings, and lightly-armored vehicles. I was worry at first time when I got redirected to the membership site. But now I really excited that I found this libraries! I don't think it will worked, but my best friend showed me this site and it does! I received my most wanted books. My friends are so angry because they don't know how I have all this high quality ebooks.

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