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The Palestinians proposed a separate state, claiming as their homeland the territories outside the ceasefire lines, territories occupied by Israel in the war. This idea found widespread support in the international community, and Israel was called on to withdraw from this land, as affirmed in UN Security Council Resolutions and Israel's occupation of other territories complicated the matter.

Israel also invaded Lebanon in and and maintained a long-term occupation in the southern part of the country. These wars and occupations were related to the Palestine question and deepened the political crisis surrounding it. Even after Israel eventually withdrew from Egypt and Lebanon, the Palestine and Golan occupations continued. Israel's settlement-building, and its construction of a massive border-wall that annexed large swaths of Palestinian territory, has made resolution of the conflict far more difficult.

Since resolutions and , the Security Council has taken no significant steps to end the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories

United States influence has generally kept the issue off the Council's agenda. When Council members have introduced resolutions, responding to periodic crises, the US has repeatedly used symbolic weight. Both bodies would have been more effective if governments had been willing to confront US displeasure and US pressure. Recent US policy has only made matters worse.

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Key issues that have plagued the stalled "peace process" include: Israel's occupation, Israeli settlements and settlement-building, the Israeli wall, security for Israelis and Palestinians, shared sovereignty over Jerusalem, and the right of return of 3. This page provides a selection of reports, articles and op-eds on the question of Palestinian statehood, and provides context for Palestine's expected membership bid at the UN during the General Assembly.

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The United Nations has not been able to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict. The Security Council has been sidelined by US pressure and vetoes. The General Assembly has taken a more active role, though its resolutions have only moral and symbolic weight.

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The UN acts today primarily through its role as a member of the "Quartet. Books Digital Products Journals.

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Disciplines History Middle Eastern History. About the Book This first complete history of Israel's occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip allows us to see beyond the smoke screen of politics in order to make sense of the dramatic changes that have developed on the ground over the past forty years. The breadth and detail of Gordon's scope provides a powerful systemic framework. Monthly Mag Of The Socialist Workers Party "Covering the four decades since the war rather than just the current situation, Israel's Occupation offers a unique perspective on the changing dynamics of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

His book will no doubt change the perspective from which the history of the occupation is told.

Israeli-occupied territories

The arguments, insights, and supporting evidence are impressive, and the prose is written with a golden pen. This book will change the debate on Israel and its occupation, and I will not be surprised if Gordon's conceptual framework is harnessed to analyze the workings of other occupations, past and present. It's social science at its best. Learn More Visit Neve Gordon's website.