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When a team member opens, changes, and saves a file to the workspace, Groove automatically updates the file for all other team members.

Restricting Presentation Access

When several team members work on the same file at the same time, the first person to save changes to the workspace updates the original file. If another team member saves changes to the original version, Groove creates a second copy with the editor's name. In Launchbar, double-click the workspace you want to share. Click the Files tab. Click the Add Files button.

Locate and select the files you want to add to the workspace.

Session Expired

Select a folder, click the File menu, point to New, and then click a file type. Double-click it, make and save changes, and then click Yes or No to save changes in Groove. Select a folder, click the File menu, point to New, click Folder, type a name, and then press Enter. Right-click a folder or file, click Properties, click the Alerts tab, drag slider, and then click OK.

Sharing Files in a Workspace.

Restricting Presentation Access | Microsoft Office PowerPoint On Demand

Steve Johnson , Perspection Inc. Microsoft Office Word On Demand. You may encounter crashes or even some corrupted files. Additionally you may see some error messages when you launch PowerPoint or some of the other Office programs.

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As a result, you may feel frustrated and might want to do something magical that will solve these issues. Fortunately, Office comes with an inbuilt on-demand detect and repair tool known as Microsoft Office Diagnostics. There are three easy ways to access this program.

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  7. Additionally you can also run a Repair installation. We explain both these options within this tutorial.


    Microsoft Office Diagnostics in start menu. You can also find the executable file for Microsoft Office Diagnostics in the following folder -- navigate to the below mentioned path and double-click the offdiag.

    Sharing Files in a Workspace

    Locating Office Diagnostics in a folder In this case, we assume that C is the drive on which you installed Office If you have installed it on any other drive, just substitute C: Running a Repair Installation If the previous step does not work for any reason, you can opt to Repair your installation. Follow these steps to do so:.

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    Repair PowerPoint and Office for Windows. Have your ever used keyboard shortcuts and sequences in PowerPoint? Or are you a complete keyboard aficionado?

    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 pt 1 (Add slide, pictures, sound, video, themes, animation &more)