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It solves all the problems of existence and brings man into understanding of Divine Law, harmony, health, and peace, here and now. It is pure Christianity and proves itself to be such by the signs which follow its exposition, as promised in Mark It admits and accepts the truth that is expressed in any system of religion, but does not confine itself to any set creed or dogma, or to any fixed name or organization. It accepts the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the highest given to man, and recognizes but one source of revelation for that Gospel: Its disciples seek to fulfill all the commands of Christ: This great truth is being applied in a most practical way by thousands, and they are getting the results in newness of understanding, strength and health.

You are cordially invited to join in the work of revealing this transforming truth to humanity, and through it reap the great benefits in mind, body and affairs with those who are putting it into practical use. Subscriptions taken for Unity, a magazine advocating this doctrine, published at and Hall Building, Kansas City, Mo.

I believe any disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ will benefit greatly if they read and digest what is set forth in this valuable work. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. This book has become one of my favorites because of how balanced his observations are. I especially like the inclusion of the scriptures with references to each verse. I like this because I have been lead astray in the past by false teaching. It's a slow read when you look up each and every verse as a safeguard to error, but it kept me in the Word daily.

Pink is providing a good overview of key concepts that need to be examined regularly to stay on task along The Way. The final chapter on "Enjoying God's Best " is very motivating when I loose sight of why I am seeking a better relationship with God in the first place. One person found this helpful. I've read this book before and found it to be inspiring for my walk as a child of the KING! He knows how to bring HIS word into your heart and spirit. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand and study the book of James.

All the books I've bought have been in excellent condition. Solid teaching of what Christianity is about and good guidelines to work into your personal walk with Jesus. This is a good book for a young Christian.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. A deeply profound work of great worth. It will bless you! If you want something deep to ponder, A. Pink will give you the meat of God's Word to chew on and meditate on throughout the day. As usual, another outstanding work by a solid student of God's Word. Pink makes things easy to understand, and provides practical, biblical examples that apply to all Christians whether past or present.

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Difficult read but overall enjoy the learning process book is truly an eye opener and beneficial to my growth in the faith. See all 21 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on July 8, Published on June 26, Published on June 18, Published on March 10, Published on October 30, Published on February 5, There's a problem loading this menu right now.

They delight to take upon them His name and to be called Christians. She knows that in His great name all true riches lie and that she has need of nothing else. So practical Christianity stands for the name of Jesus Christ. He is not a man of limitations, but a man manifesting the omnipresence, the omnipotence, the omniscience of God, His Father. He is therefore far more than what we know as personality. His church is now awakening to the consciousness of His presence, and her eyes are being opened to behold Him in His perfection and glory. Every new glimpse of Him quickens her love and her loyalty.

The world may call as it will; she does not heed. In the light of our new understanding of the atonement it will be seen that practical Christianity stands for the redemption of the whole man. Now a better understanding has come, and we know man to be Spirit, soul, and body. The one-third salvation no longer seems reasonable. Jesus came to lift up the whole man and to make him complete, perfect, whole. Redemption means the unification and spiritualization of soul and body consciousness in Spirit.

The soul cannot be saved or lifted up apart from the body, because soul and body are inseparably connected in Being; one is manifestation and the other is expression. The body is not mortal error. It is mortal only as man makes it so by his ignorant, untrue thoughts. When he recognizes the divine-body idea and thinks accordingly, he brings into manifestation the perfect spiritual body.

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Jesus and Paul both taught clearly that the body is the temple of God. The appearance of separation, called death, results from ignorance of the unity of Spirit, soul, and body, and from the misuse of the powers of Being. This brings us to another fundamental in practical Christianity, namely, the overcoming of death.

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Death came into the world by sin, and is just as far from beautiful as the sin that produces it. The Christ teaching is that death can and must be overcome. This point marks very clearly the need of the church to be identified with her Lord, for the belief that death is a beautiful friend, waiting to take us to heaven, or to open the gates to a higher life, is widespread. Not that people really believe it. If they did, nobody would want to stay here a minute.

People try to believe that error the necessity of death because they do not know any other way out of the dilemma of life. Their thoughts along this line hasten death.

The message of the cross: practical Christianity

What they really want, if they but knew it, is the fullness of life here and now, and this is provided in Jesus Christ. Practical Christianity stands for health. The desire for health is universal, but because men have been ignorant of the fact that God is the health of His people, they have sought out many inventions, have tried, by many methods, oftentimes barbarous, to heal themselves.

There is only one way to health, and that is through Jesus Christ.

Jesus knew what He was talking about

He is the Truth that heals. All true and permanent healing, therefore, depends on a complete and entire change of consciousness, from sense to Spirit. This change Jesus called regeneration. Practical Christianity stands for regeneration. This is a complete change within the individual, renewing him in mind and transforming his body after the likeness of Jesus Christ.

What is Practical Christianity?

This is the new birth. It is that process by which the Christ mind takes entire possession of all the mental faculties and all the functions of the body, redeems them from their bondage to sense consciousness, and establishes them in the order and harmony of spiritual consciousness. All this of course calls for changes in the manner of living. Our reason readily grasps the truth that after a man is born of Spirit his life differs greatly from what it was while he was following the desires of the flesh. Practical Christianity stands for the establishment of the kingdom of heaven upon the earth.

Jesus taught us to pray for the coming of His kingdom; for two thousand years that prayer has been on the lips of men.

And it will be answered. It is now being answered. His kingdom is forming here in our midst, first in the minds and the hearts of men. But that which is within must become manifest without. Practical Christianity therefore stands for the redemption of the earth. All false material beliefs will be broken up and dissolved, and the new heaven and the new earth will be the result.

The prophets have given glimpses of the coming glory, of the time when regenerated man will dwell in his perfect, redeemed body upon the perfect, redeemed earth.