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Raped: Memories of a Catholic Altar Boy

The sad and horrifying story of what it's like to be raped by a priest at age fifteen. A book that pulls no punches and reveals the evil of clergy sexual abuse. The brutally honest and horrifying story of one man's life-long battle with evil. The rapes went on for two years. Larry's mental anguish, shame and torment have lasted thirty-eight years and will never end. Catholics should not take offense to this book; rather, Catholics should realize that Monte identifies an enemy of the church operating within, a type of enemy that still runs rampant in the institution.

The shortcoming of this book occurs with the attempts to condemn the Catholic Church as a whole. This is not to say, however, that there is nothing to condemn! This book, however, jumps from the vile acts of a rapist to church practices, without filling in the gaps in a reasoned, objective fashion.

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The book is all passion, which is great when it needs to be, but it lacks contemplative consideration. For example, we hear about Larry being a pious child who learned from priests and nun, but we would like to hear more detail about what he learned, and, more specifically, where he was mistaught. Similarly, when the book turns into a whole scale condemnation of Catholic practice, we would like to hear what specific practices have allowed rapists to flourish.

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And we would like to hear both of those things with as much attention to detail as the rapes themselves. I present this suggestion, dare I say challenge, to Catholics. Several times in the book, Monte talks about penance. Go into those motel rooms with me as a fifteen-year-old with the piggish Smith and have him [censored].

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And then endure him offering the sacrament of the mass. So, I suggest instead this penance that we all need to do for those we have failed to love: And if you do that, you will understand two things. First, you will understand why Monte feels the way he feels both about the Catholic Church and about sexuality. And second, and more importantly to what the book intends, you will understand why it is so horrible that both rapists and those who facilitate rape remain in the Catholic Church and feel inspired to do something to route the sick bastards out!

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book was difficult to read. That said, you should read it. It is very honest, even brutally so. Being that the subject of clergy sexual misconduct has been historically treated so gently, it is perhaps necessary for the church, the laity, and the greater society to get a slap in the face.

This book will slap you right in the face. You will be better and more informed for having been slapped. One person found this helpful. Larry speaks his mind and no one can blame him. I know Larry and I am very happy he wrote this book that exposes the continual ongoing mess the Catholic church tries to hide underneath the table. This book was difficult to read for me at times as I was thinking, how can people be so ugly. This very compelling story should be read by all Catholics who sit in the pews and continue to give, their time, talents, and finance.

This is a wake up call to all who concerned about our future generations, especially in light of the vatican's approval March 31 of the United States Bishop's plan not requiring a presiding diocesan bishop to turn a known pedophile priest over to law enforcement or the appropriate authorities for prosecution. Memories of a Catholic Altar Boy.

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This book shows you the length that the Catholic Church will go through to cover up these evil men, and it is still going on today! Why do we allow this to continue. These men should be prosecuted like everyone else. Read at length the facts of a victim that has suffered and the extremes that the church goes through to cover it up. If you are still filling the coffers of the Roman Catholic Corporation, at least have the courage and decency to read Larry Monte's true account of how he was repeatedly raped by one priest and repeatedly assaulted in other ways by more wolves in shepherds' clothes.

This is not a 'church' and those who continue to treat it like a benevolent and Christian institution do so at the risk of their own souls because the facts prove otherwise and Christians are supposed to live in the light of the truth, not in the darkness of evil, lies, and the raping of children.

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Monte give a most honest account, not just of the traumatic events he was forced to endure, but of his deepest feelings along the way. This book is a journey through the eyes and heart of a child who suffered the worst mankind has to offer, all thanks to Roman Catholic, Inc. This book is beautifully written, in the form of letters to the Church, to fellow survivors, to practicing Catholics, etc. It is written with love, truth, and complete and unabashed honesty.

Raped: Memories of a Catholic Altar Boy

It includes concise information that helps one get a clearer picture of the current yes, current Catholic scandal and a quick study on the formation and operation of the Servants of the Paraclete clergy treatment center in New Mexico. Stay home this Sunday and, instead, read a copy of Raped: All you are asked to do is read about it. Jesus never called on his followers to sit on their hands, muzzled and powerless. As Larry reminds us, Christ warned, "In as mush as ye have done it to one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. What kind of Christians do that? God bless you, Larry, for writing this book!

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