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And how can we find meaningful patterns amidst chaos and uncertainty? Yet advances in machine learning and big data models that increasingly rule our lives are also posing big, disturbing questions. And how far ahead can we really forecast? The series reaches back 15, years to reveal massive cities aligned to the stars, unique systems of science and spirituality, and million people connected by social networks spanning two continents. The region is known for its forestry, farming and fishing industries, which are both commercial and small-scale subsistence operations that rural communities depend on.

After months of resistance, their efforts not only halted drilling; they elected a new government and won an indefinite moratorium on fracking in the province. In a wide-ranging analysis that moves from the development of the internet as a publicly funded project in the late s to its full-scale commercialization today, McChesney traces how the democratizing potential of the web is being radically compromised by the logic of capitalism and the unaccountable power of a handful of telecom and tech monopolies. While most debates about the internet continue to focus on issues like the personal impact of internet addiction or the questionable data-mining practices of individual companies like Facebook, Digital Disconnect raises bigger questions about the political impact of the corporate and commercial interests that now dominate the internet.

Along the way, it examines the ongoing attack on net neutrality by telecom monopolies like Comcast and Verizon; explores how internet giants like Facebook and Google have amassed huge profits by surreptitiously collecting personal data and selling it to advertisers; and shows how these companies have routinely colluded with the national security state to advance covert mass surveillance programs.

Even more urgently, Digital Disconnect clarifies how the rise of social media as a leading information source has worked to isolate people into ideological filter bubbles and elevate fake news at the expense of real journalism. At a time when debates about the questionable business practices of telecom and tech companies are moving to center stage like never before, Digital Disconnect raises crucial questions about who gets to control the internet and what it means for our democracy.

Ranging from the emergence of the modern advertising industry in the early 20th century to the full-scale commercialization of the culture today, Jhally identifies one consistent message running throughout all of advertising: He then shows how this powerful narrative, backed by billions of dollars a year and propagated by the best creative minds, has blinded us to the catastrophic costs of ever-accelerating rates of consumption.

The result is an ideal teaching tool for courses that look at commercialism, media culture, social well-being, environmental issues, and the tensions between capitalism and democracy. The Fight for Mother Earth 6 Programs. Rapa Nui Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited Islands in the world. Today, Rapa Nui has become a bucket list destination that each year draws more foreign tourists.

The roughly indigenous Rapa Nui living on the island now worry about the impact increasing tourism, immigration, and commercial development is having on their culture and the legacy of their ancestors. Travel to the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, one of the most mineral rich regions in the world. Centered around Copiapo, a town made famous in for the 33 miners who were rescued after a world record 69 days trapped underground, Simon learns how a more recent extreme weather event exposed the delicate balance between water and mining in the driest place on earth. Now, a massive new mining project at the top of the Andes threatens the prehistoric rock glaciers that give birth to the rivers that provide the only source of water.

Host Simon Baker travels to Manitoba, in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, to see why the world's tenth largest lake is dying and how indigenous knowledge can provide a means to ensure its survival. For decades, the run off of fertilizers from agricultural production, sewage and commercial phosphates have flowed into Lake Winnipeg, creating huge algae blooms that are slowly sucking the life out of the lake, threatening the tourism and fishing industries that rely on it.

Conserving Culture for the Oldest People on the Planet Host Simon Baker travels to Namibia to learn why the San people, the oldest culture on the planet, have created a vast conservation area to protect themselves from the outside world. From the capital city of Windhoek, Simon ventures north to visit the San people of Tsumkwe, descendants of some of the first people to have walked our planet.

The San people created the Nyae Nyae Conservancy a vast protected area in their traditional territory that allows them to conserve their culture and big game.. Travel to the gulf coast of Louisiana to visit three Native American tribes struggling to maintain themselves against more frequent hurricanes, rising seas levels and the fallout of oil production. Beginning in Pointe au Chien, Simon sees how the canals dug out by oil companies to ferry oil-drilling platforms to the Gulf of Mexico are dramatically eroding the shoreline and shrinking their land base.

Long before the Spanish came to colonize the country centuries ago, the Mezquital, a remote part of the Sierra Madres Mountains, was home to the indigenous O'Dam, Mexicaneros and Wirrarika people. For generations, Mexico largely ignored these indigenous people who successfully carved out their own existence, culture, identity and social justice system. However, recent events have impoverished their agrarian communities and made them easy targets for the cartels, which coerce them into growing illegal crops.

The Na people also known as Moso of southwest China, along the confluence of Chinese and Tibetan cultures, are best known in the West for their matrilineal kinship system. Western representations of Na culture usually overlook the significance of religion, a central aspect in the lives of Na people. This richly detailed documentary, created by Na directors Onci Archei and Ruheng Duoji and produced by American anthropologist and ethnographic filmmaker Tami Blumenfield, consists of five short pieces that capture important Na ceremonies.

In the words of Jenny Chio, Asst. By avoiding interpretation or voice-over narration but using carefully selected visual images and thought-provoking editing, the film emphasizes the partiality of any representational attempt.

Secret Avengers: Run the Mission, Don't Get Seen, Save the World

The ceremonies presented are but a glimpse of a much larger ceremonial and spiritual world. Some Na Ceremonies is an outgrowth of the Moso Media Project, a collaborative, participatory-media project that provides resources and training for Na people interested in creating and editing digital media, then facilitating community conversations about the finished films. Highly original, challenging, and engaging, Some Na Ceremonies will inspire critical viewing, thinking, and discussion in a wide range of courses in Asian studies, Chinese and Tibetan studies, cultural anthropology, comparative religion, and film studies.

Producer Tami Blumenfield is the James. Unlike other documentary videos made by amateur filmmakers who have been trained and guided, if not directed, by professional filmmakers and development workers, the value of the five segments contained in Some Na Ceremonies lies not only in the direct, observational mode of shooting but also in the truly collaborative spirit embodied in the explanatory text, titles, and broader context of production.

The film will be especially valuable in courses dealing with contemporary society and culture in China, as well as concepts in cultural anthropology, as its content and themes speak directly to much of the scholarly literature on ethnic minority identity and heritage revitalization in China today, as well as the diversity and depth of religious beliefs and practices in contemporary rural lives.

Keen to put ordinary Germans on the newly constructed autobahn superhighways in their own cars, a subsidized savings plan involving a coupon booklet was devised. When a family filled their booklet, they were supposed to get their car. The Beetle may have been inexpensive, but it was never cheap. Gaps were tight and doors. Additionally, it was a unibody car with a very flat floor with few openings.

All of this meant that the car would actually float for at least several minutes after hitting the water before turning into a small sub! The Beetle was the subject of one of the most influential ad campaigns of the 20th century. Rob Sass is the vice-president of content for Hagerty Insurance. Learn more at hagerty. Your efforts to discuss things lead to defensiveness and entrenchment, and counselling will help you find better ways to communicate.

While we get along well, we have never been close. She tends to be negative and judgmental. I check in with her monthly, and whenever I go home to visit my parents, I make sure to visit her and her kids. In the 20 years I have lived in my current place, she has never once visited. I am now in my 50s and plan to marry a wonderful man this summer. I did not ask Beth to be in my wedding party, choosing close friends instead.

Beth is now upset and refuses to speak to me. She might not attend the wedding. My parents are heartbroken, and I am at a loss to understand her reaction. Should I have considered my only sister before my friends? While you are not. As the Moon moves into Pisces today you will want to withdraw from the world and escape into your own dream land. Just make sure to set your own boundaries and goals and let your dreaming of the future begin! If today is your birthday, this year will be one when many opportunities will come your way.

Dreams are within reach and you are more than ever able to take practical intentions towards them now. Be aware that both your health and work will need to be re-worked in order to create more balance and harmony, but it will all be for the best! Your dreams will be very telling — keep a dream journal and write down your visions. Your dreams are also helping you feel more inspired creatively, which could add to extra cash for you now. Your intuition is extremely high, meditate and see what you discover.

You will not be able to stop speaking about your aspirations now. Take this time to be inspired by friends, join in with groups — they are helping you achieve your desired goals now more than ever. Let go of what does not need to be in your life and step into the future.

You are able to inspire many today by sharing your inner thoughts. Today there is a great opportunity for you to take a fantasy and turn it into a profitable plan. Use the power of fantasy, coupled with your practical sense, to turn your dream job into a reality. Conversations with friends at a distance will help you turn your fantasies into a reality. Learn as much as you can now, spirituality and religion will play a key role towards making your aspirations a reality. Dream, look within that dream and dream.

Conversations with those close individuals you have in your life will leave you inspired to take practical action forward in your career. Perhaps there is even exciting news about a promotion or engagement.

The Avengers - "I'm Always Angry" - Hulk SMASH Scene - Movie CLIP HD

Trust your intuition and dreams — they are very telling now. You have a dream team around you inspiring you to take action and instilling a need for you to know what your purpose is in this life. Be inspired by them, look beyond the practicality of reality — be inspired to search further into your spiritual purpose in this life. Casual conversations will turn into inspiring sessions encouraging you further on into discovering your truth. Look to your career advancing at this time. Retreating and resting at home will help you take on your daily life and work much better today.

Trust your intuition and family at this time, they will not lead you down the wrong path. Deep rooted inspiration from a soul level is surfacing now, feel dreams coming true! The ability you have to express your fantasies in a practical sense is your greatest ally. Take words and give them strength and reality. You are in the process now of letting go of the old version of you and welcoming in the innate child within. Give strength to the process. Inspiring ideas will stir you on a profound level today. Use this time wisely, as one or many of these fantasies could possibly turn into a money making plan.

Trust your instincts as to which one to use. Hold off buying big ticket items for the home now. You are an inspiration to many. The more grounded approach you take to vocalizing, the more others will be keen on you. Trust your intuition today, it will not lead you down the wrong path. Larisa Maira Ozolins is an internationally syndicated astrologer and columnist. Her column appears daily in the Advocate. But I would be so honoured to have you stand up for me, and I hope you will.

It reminded me of something a friend said when I was complaining about some insignificant thing my mother had done that irritated me. This boreal bhickadee decided to stop by for a quick snack on the River Bend perimeter trail on the north edge of Red Deer. R In your pocket? RR Cracked Over 5 years old? Davuluri says her travel schedule will prevent her from attending the dance with Farves. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Buy any two gallons 3. All products may not be available at all locations. See instore for offer details.

My son from a previous relationship It means I must rely on Joe for and I moved away from family and childcare and housing. Is this horribly friends to live with him. Shortly after selfish of me to keep living with Joe for moving, I became pregnant with our that purpose? How can I explain this awkward arAt first, our relationship rangement to my two beauwas perfect. Joe was sweet, tiful children?

Now we ken in Wisconsin get into a lot of disagreeDear Wisconsin: People ments that result in our not live with each other for a speaking for days. A year ago, willing to do this? Is there I suggested counselling, but a chance the two of you will even though Joe agreed to reconcile? I finally decided to go Ask him again to come back to school, which is a wonderful with you for counselling to work on opportunity for me. Offer available for qualified customers only.

Offer available from April , inclusively. See your retailer for complete details. Offers valid between April , Prices include freight and fees. License, registration, insurance and applicable taxes are extra.

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Finance and lease offers are available on approved credit through Nissan Finance for a limited time, may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers except stackable trading dollars. Retailers are free to set individual prices. Vehicles and accessories are for illustration purposes only. Offers, prices and features subject to change without notice. Offers valid between April 17 — 30, ALG is the industry benchmark for residual values and depreciation data, www.

MY14 Versa Note v. Not responsible for errors in data on third party websites. Offers subject to change, continuation or cancellation without notice. Offers have no cash alternative value. See your participating Nissan retailer for complete details. You Can Ride Two!

It will supply parents with strategies for teaching the art of mastering the two-wheeler. The session is an adult-only workshop and free to all parents of children fiveyears-old and up. The first session on May 5 takes place from 7 to 8 p. Smith School at 17 Springfield Ave. For more information, contact Tracey at Some residents in Penhold, Innisfail, Lacombe and Blackfalds lost power early in the morning after one power pole near the Penhold multiplex caught fire and another power line insulator came off the line near Blackfalds.

Power for the majority of residents was restored by as early as 7: Fortis Alberta spokesperson Jennifer. It affected about 1, rural customers north and west of Blackfalds. Then at about 4 a. Penhold fire chief Jim Pendergast said the fire was on a pole near the intersection of Hwy 42 and Waskasoo Avenue in Penhold, just across the street from the multiplex. The pole was split in half, taking out. Because of what could happen mixing water with electricity, they had to wait for Fortis personnel to get on scene. A home about metres west from the power pole was evacuated as a precaution.

MacGowan said the combination of dirt, silt and rain caused the pole fire. They had to replace the pole, and that work was completed by Wednesday afternoon. There will be explosions and smoke at G. Dawe Community School on April 30, but it will be all in the name of some chemistry creativity and a lot of fun. Grant MacEwan University professor Lucio Gelmini will be at the school for the evening, doing everyday chemistry that promises to fascinate the young and old. It will get underway at 7 p. Lunch will be provided. There will also be a quilt display.

Journey Hiron, right and Jamie Debruijn and their classmates read during the school day on Wednesday this week. The board of Wolf Creek Public Schools voted four to two on Tuesday to close Satinwood School, a more than year-old institution in the open country east of the Joffre Nova Chemicals plant. Parents of students loved the school for its small class sizes and friendly atmosphere, but the dwindling enrolments that allowed for those traits ultimately led to the school being seen as untenable. This year, the kindergarten to Grade 6 school has had an enrolment of 39 students, down from 54 only two years ago.

For Lisa Stewart, who has a daughter in Grade 5 at the school, the decision came down only to money. Satinwood students have performed better than their peers at other division schools academically, and Stewart said they benefit from a school environment where everybody knows everybody else. Though the school division has been considering options to make Satinwood more viable for the last three years, Stewart criticized the formal school closure process — invoked last fall — for making too much of the real nitty gritty happen so late in the game. Wolf Creek superintendent Larry Jacobs said closing a school is not something a superintendent, or a school board, wants to do, but sometimes it is reality for small rural outfits.

The division also closed Mirror School in when it had similar enrolment issues. He said the closure process worked well, with trustees taking the time to make sure they understood every nuance. He added that trustees have long known the general situation facing Satinwood; the reason they. Now, current students will likely head to school in either Clive or Lacombe come September. Jacobs said that along with more money per student going into Satinwood than other division schools, split grades were a reality with teachers having to prepare multiple lesson plans every day.

That meant less time for extracurricular opportunities and less focused attention on each grade level. Stewart said some parents are quite upset with the decision and have spoken about appealing to the minister of Education. She said even if the school does close in June, she would like to see the closure process change to ensure proponents of other small schools have more time to make their case. One of four inmates arrested in connection with a riot inside the Red Deer Remand Centre will likely face deportation after pleading guilty to trafficking cocaine. Diing Geng, 22, was in remand and awaiting process on a drug trafficking charge when he and three other inmates were arrested by RCMP called to investigate an incident at the jail on March 5.

Police and corrections officials have released few details about the incident and Geng has pleaded not guilty to charges of mischief and participating in a riot. Huot asked for a sentence of three years, noting that is the starting point for similar offences. Kubanek suggested a sentence of two to two and a half years, stating that there had been only one buy and that Geng faces far more severe penalties as a result of his new conviction. We would like to hear from you if you see something worthy of coverage. And we would appreciate hearing from you if you see something inaccurate in our pages.

We strive for complete, accurate coverage of Central Alberta and are happy to correct any errors we may commit. Anyone who remembers having home school advantage for the annual River Glen Rodeo or simply attending the little school by the river is invited for a farewell hurrah on May River Glen School in Red Deer will cease to exist at the end of the school year after a five-decade run.

To mark the finality, a homecoming day is being planned for May 17 at the school, open to all alumni and former school staff. Hundreds are expected, includ-. Fellow alum Naheed Nenshi, mayor of Calgary, has also been invited. The school site once served as military barracks, and the first school at the location was housed in an army hut.

The River Glen building was constructed in and named after a nearby dairy farm. River Glen has never been part of a city-based school divi-. With its kindergarten to Grade 12 orientation and smaller size, some city residents have been attracted to the school in recent years as well, said Mathias. Because of its rural flavour, the school held its own rodeo for many years, regularly thrashing its urban competition. And nestled as it was between the river, Gaetz Lakes, and the nature sanctuary, the location was ideal for the forestry, wildlife and biology lessons that Mathias taught.

Today, enrolment is barely above students and split. Enrolments have fallen sharply over the last 10 years, as students have headed to larger local high schools where opportunities are more plentiful. Older River Glen students and some teachers will mostly head to a new secondary school in Penhold in September, and others will be dispersed among schools in Red Deer and outside the city. The homecoming day will start at noon with a barbecue, followed by remarks, tours and an appearance by the Red Deer Royals band.

RSVPs are encouraged before May 1 via email to dmathias chinooksedge. A submission contest calls on Rocky-area artists to design a piece of art, in any two-dimensional medium, for a chance to have it used in promotional material and souvenirs of the event. It is a fundraiser for the Confluence Heritage Society, which promotes the site.

On top of getting their artwork chosen for the promotional material and souvenirs, the winning artist will get two free tickets to Fright Night and a Parks Canada Family Discovery Pass. For more information, email frightnight confluencehs. The Calling All Drums Pow Wow Committee made a presentation at the April 1 council meeting asking the town to help support the planned July 11 to 13 event. The weekend, the fourth annual pow wow at the site, includes a full competitive pow wow, interpretive demonstrations and family friendly programs.

Tax notices going out in Rocky Mountain House Tax and assessment notices for Rocky Mountain House are expected to start going out in early May after town council approved slight increases to what the people will pay. A nearly three per cent increase in property assessments, the first in a few years, and a 0. Town council voted five to one in favour of the 0. He supported a larger split of one per cent, which was defeated. As a result, the mill rate for for residential properties will be 8.

For commercial, it will be 8. Online dementia gather place set up A new online gathering place for people with dementia and their care partners was recently unveiled. Serious nature He explained that, because of the serious nature of the offence, his client will be deported to South Sudan, where he lived as a small child. Geng was 11 years old when his family immigrated to Canada and he has no ties in South Sudan, said Kubanek.

Secret Avengers: Run The Mission, Don't Get Seen, Save The World

Invited to address the court, Geng apologized for his actions, saying he. This time, though, the fire was out before crews arrived. Fire personnel responded to an address on Mann Drive at The garage owner and a neighbour were able to extinguish the fire. Afterwards, fire crews used water and foam to ensure there would be no more spread. In a release, the Penhold Fire Department said it is essential that people call when there is a fire, even if they believe it has been extinguished.

Civic yards demolition bid deadline May 2 The deadline to bid on the project to demolish former Red Deer civic yards buildings is on May 2. Once the tenders are received, the city will likely take two to four weeks to analyze the proposals before awarding the project. Demolition is expected to get underway this year. The demolition will include the Public Works building 47th St. In , Red Deer city council approved the Riverlands Area Redevelopment Project, which essentially transforms the downtown industrial area into a vibrant new community.

The city has also approved the burying of metres of transmission lines in Riverlands to open up the area for development this year. Judge Bert Skinner sentenced Geng to two and a half years in prison, with 1. Geng was also ordered to provide a sample of his DNA and will be prohibited from having firearms for 10 years, upon release.

Outside of the courtroom, Kubanek said he has no idea if Canada Border Services Agency will begin the deportation process right away or if Geng will serve his sentence before he is removed from the country. Red Deer city Coun. Lynne Mulder and Dustin Sundby, regional managing partner at MNP, an accounting, consulting and tax company, will lead the four-month long campaign cabinet.

Mulder, who led the campaign in , has a long history with United Way. She served for six years on the board of directors, two of them as chairperson. She also served on the national board of directors for the United Way of Canada for six years. Sundby was a co-chair for the first time last year with Buck Buchanan, also a city councillor. The United Way campaign cabinet is a group of senior volunteers recruited from various sectors of the community to lead the fundraising initiative.

The co-chair announcement was. About 62 per cent of the student population participated and around people took in the showcasing of stylish attire and silent auction. Mail or Drop photos off at: T4R 1M9 or Email to: Across the country, schools were shutting out the lights and all unnecessary electronics to conserve energy and raise awareness to environmental issues. The project is funded by Alberta Health and is part of the way the society is striving to change the face of dementia in Alberta and improve the quality of life for those with the disease.

To join the conversation, visit asantcafe. Will they hit any turbulence? Sequels are now developed by the bushel. The steady drumbeat of high-decibel drama will. This summer, Favreau takes a break from tentpoles with Chef May 9 , an independent film he wrote and directed about a big-name restaurant chef who loses his job and opens a food truck. Whereas some studios have been pulling back on their production schedules, focusing on fewer but bigger movies, Warner Bros. This summer, the studio will release a leading eight movies.

This summer, two anticipated films — X-Men and Magic in the Moonlight July 25 — will have to navigate recent sexual abuse allegations of its directors, Bryan Singer and Woody Allen, respectively. Both have denied the allegations. There are few non-superhero certainties in the movies right now, but Melissa McCarthy is one of them.

The star of The Heat and Identity Thief is virtually unparalleled in her ability to almost singlehandedly open a movie. The Hub on Ross on May 2. Hamilton and Wilson played with the Ian Tyson Band in the early s. The Hamiltone Trio performs at 7 p. Their special guest is Elvin Berthiaume. Chris Pratt, the Parks and Recreation actor, transforms to big-budget action movie star. Alysha Brilla is a singer, songwriter and producer. She brings her eclectic mix of jazz, African, pop, blues and Swahili native tongue to Fratters Speakeasy at 48th St. No facsimiles will be accepted.

Red Deer T4R 1M9. Brilla visits Red Deer halfway through her city Canadian tour, which starts in Winnipeg on April 30 and ends in Waterloo on June Focus on a lifestyle that will last forever. Your life is right now. And so should be your health. The funny thing about our indulgences is they are really unnecessary. We could really step up our game if we wanted. When you break free from cravings, your body feels better and life can start to feel a whole lot better too! Follow these steps to really enjoy your health journey: The more you read, the more.

For example — hydrogenated oils found in our cereals, crackers, cookies, snacks and packaged foods are found to increase cancer rates, heart disease and cause inflammation in the body. Why would you want that in your body? Choose the crackers without. If people could understand where their cravings were coming from — unhealthy environments created from unhealthy choices.

Get someone who knows what they are doing to coach you through that!

Detalhes do produto

Most people forget how good feeling good feels. Once you hit the gym and build a regimen, it feels good! Once you get out for a walk in nature, it feels good! Find a health food store or an organic market that you like and look forward to going every week to stock up on the foods that nourish you.

Keep your mindset positive — even through the tough times. Often sic maintenance manual. What For most of us through you should be afraid of our mids to our midis the ingredient list. Your body is the most perfect Inversely, exercise is also about thing on this planet, and your most using resistance through a repeat. The point is we hurt, gain weight or break down because we place more stress and strain on our bodies without ensuring it meets the necessary specifications. We work longer hours, we eat poorer quality food.

This winter many people were concerned about the weight of the snow on their roof. The roof of your home is built to support snow, arguably maybe not as much snow as we had this year. But we could build a better roof or we can hope for less snow, or remove the buildup. Cabel McElderry is a local personal trainer and nutrition coach.

Secret Avengers: Run the Mission, Don't Get Seen, Save the World

Get out of your to-do list head and just take care of yourself in ways you think you might enjoy. In fact it should be simple. Get on the journey and watch the weight shed, the energy skyrocket, the clarity come back and the real fun begin.

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Kristin Fraser, BSc, is a holistic nutritionist and local freelance writer. Her column appears every second Thursday. She can be reached at kristin somethingtochewon. The data paint the first nationwide picture of the prevalence of child abuse experienced by Canadian adults, lead author Tracie Afifi said of the study, published Tuesday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Respondents were asked questions about whether they were hit or subjected to other forms of physical or sexual abuse in childhood, or whether they were exposed to violence between the adults in their homes. O Embark on a cleansing regime. O Get excited about feeling good! O Calendar in the important stuff: Surprising ways to boost your health — through your marriage Marriage is back!

After a three-year decline, more North Americans are tying the knot, according to a new report. How do you build and maintain yours? Long-married spouses who support each other most of the time had fewer calcium deposits in arteries within the heart, a new report says. In contrast, spouses who gave and received loving attention only some of the time and felt snubbed frequently had more signs of these dangerous deposits, which can lead to narrow, stiff arteries and a higher risk for a heart attack. That may be why people who are happily pairedup at midlife are two to three times more likely to live long enough to enjoy their later years compared with folks who are unmarried, widowed or divorced during their 40s and 50s, says a Duke University study.

The benefits to you and your partner continue for as long as you both shall live. Married people in their 80s, 90s and beyond have a lower risk for mem-. O Talk about the big stuff. Watching five popular movies and then discussing key questions cut the divorce rate in half for couples in one recent three-year study. That may lower inflammation and blood pressure. Spouses willing to work as a team, even when it means making individual sacrifices, boost their chance of enjoying a long and happy marriage. A study that tracked couples for a decade found the secret of their success: So take time to work on your relationship with your main squeeze.

You two will boost your levels of feel-good brain chemicals especially if you hug — and more! For more information, go to www. Great Value is a comparison between the and the Chrysler Canada product lineups. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption may vary based on driving habits and other factors. Ask your dealer for the EnerGuide information. Wise customers read the fine print: Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice.

Dealer may sell for less. See your dealer for complete details. Upgrades available for additional cost. Finance Pull-Ahead Bonus Cash will be deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. See dealer for complete details and exclusions. Strong correlation found between abuse in childhood, mental health disorders in adulthood They were also asked whether they suffered from a variety of mental health disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, alcohol or drug abuse as well as whether they thought about or had attempted suicide.

The researchers found a strong correlation between experiencing abuse in childhood and having mental health disorders in adulthood. For this study, people were not asked directly if they were abused. Instead, the questions asked whether respondents were slapped on the face or head, spanked with a hard object or were pushed, grabbed, shoved or had something thrown at them to hurt them.

For both those questions, respondents were asked to say yes only if the behaviour had happened a minimum of three times. Another question asked if respondents were kicked, bit, punched, choked, burned or physically attacked at least once. Sexual abuse questions were designed to determine whether respondents were forced into unwanted sexual activity. And the questions related to having witnessed intimate partner violence asked whether as children they had seen their parents, step-parents or guardians hit each other or other adults in the home three or more times.

One in three adults reported experiences that met the criteria for at least one of the types of abuse, with physical abuse the most common of the three; 26 per cent of respondents said they had experienced physical abuse. Ten per cent of respondents said they had experienced sexual abuse and nearly eight per cent witnessed intimate partner violence. Men were more likely than women to have. But women were more likely to have experienced sexual abuse, 14 per cent versus nearly six per cent.

There was little difference in the rates of people who reported seeing intimate partner violence — nine per cent of women, seven per cent of men. When the researchers looked to see if people who had experienced abuse were more likely to suffer from mental health disorders in adulthood, they found strong evidence of a link. This type of study cannot prove cause-and-effect; it can only point to possible associations. People who reported experiencing all three types of abuse were 27 times more likely to have attempted suicide, 17 times more likely to have post-traumatic stress disorder and nearly 11 per cent more likely to have a drug dependency or an eating disorder.

Even those who had experienced only one type of abuse were between nearly two and four times more likely to have one or some of the various disorders. The authors said it is critical to raise awareness of the issue so that prevention strategies can be devised and implemented. She said just as salt intake affects the risk of high blood pressure, exposure to trauma raises the risk of mental health disorders.

Ideas include federal funding for special washing facilities at key points across Canada to properly clean biohazards out of big trucks used to transport livestock. It would help raise the bar across the country. Department of Agriculture reports that since last May the porcine epidemic diarrhea PED virus has swept through more than 5, farms in 30 states.

Red Deer Advocate, April 24, by Black Press - Issuu

The highly contagious virus has been found in recent months on farms and livestock facilities in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and Prince Edward Island. PED is unique to pigs and is not a threat to human health. But it could be ruinous for an industry that has been looking to earn some profits after five years of struggling with low prices. Andrew Dickson, general manager of Manitoba Pork, said special truck washes would be a practical way of reducing the threat of the virus spreading across the border and across the country.

Producers have asked the federal government to change regulations so that trailers coming back from U. We would like some help financially on this thing. Department of Agriculture said the diseases have had a devastating effect on swine health. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said the moves will help identify gaps in biosecurity and help stop a disease and the damage it is causing to producers, industry and, ultimately, consumers. That was the climax of the campaign, which urges farmers to share photos and messages about their industry. She also estimated that more then half of the messages received came from outside of Canada, most notably from the United Kingdom and Australia.

At least five of the tankers exploded, levelling about 30 buildings, including a popular bar that was filled with revelers. Since then, trains carrying oil also have exploded and burned in Alabama, North Dakota and New Brunswick. The DOT tank car is considered the staple of the North American fleet and makes up about 70 per cent of all tankers on the rails. But the concerns surrounding the tanks are not new, and the U. National Transportation Safety Board has been urging replacing or retrofitting the tank cars since Raitt said the least crash-resistant of the older DOT tank cars, about 5, of them, must be removed from the rails immediately.

Located at Parkwood Rd. Tim Hortons is seeking to open an outlet in Bower Plaza at No. The restaurant would have seating for 50 and no drive-through service. Inspections and Licensing Department staff recommended to the commission on April 9 that the development be approved. But they also suggested a condition requiring a 1. Add us to yourfavourites list.

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