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Palmistry is the art of characterizing or foretelling the future through the reading of palm lines. Though there are certainly many variations and techniques when it comes to interpreting the meaning of palm lines, you can brush up on Palmistry by getting acquainted with your four major palm lines: Once you've identified the four major palm lines on each of your hands palm line shapes and positioning tend to differ from one hand to another , you can get started on interpreting their different meanings. Any palm readers out there? Or people who've participated in very uncanny palm-reading sessions?

Detailed Palm Reading Guide

Share with us in the comments below! Not trying to de-bunk anything here.. What do they believe causes the lines to appear or change length? D Its a legitimate question though.

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Want 2 learn abt hw lines in the palm affect ones destiny. I need details abt chiromancy and palm reading. I need several examples of different type of lines and hw they affect ones destiny and life in general. Nearly all hands have a heart, a head and a life line on them somewhere. Some hands include additional lines, but these three, plus the fate line, are the ones that you should examine first.

Sometimes also referred to as the love line , the heart line runs along the top of the palm just below the knuckles.

You can read the heart line from the little finger to the index finger or in the reverse direction. The heart line is believed to demonstrate your romantic perspectives , your cardiac health, and your innate emotional stability. Most palmists look at this line to get a strong insight into your emotional side to understand how you have acted and how you will continue to act throughout your lifetime.

It begins from the edge of the palm between the forefinger and the thumb, and it extends across the palm between the love line and the life line. Practical individuals typically have a straight head line while more creative and spontaneous people feature a curved line. A thin and deeply cut head line indicates intelligence and strong thinking skills, but there are many other possibilities of length and appearance for this line. The life line begins near the thumb and arcs toward the wrist. This line is responsible for showing the physical health and general well-being of a person, including potentially major life changes.

The final major palm line is the fate line ; however, not everyone has one , so this may not be applicable to all of your palm readings. The marriage line is just above the heart line, and it indicates the state of your love relationships and marriage. The children lines are vertical lines just above your marriage line that indicate your number of children and the lives of those children. Bracelet lines , located at the base of your wrist, reveal your general health-state. If they are solid and unbroken it means that the person in question has a good chance for a long, prosperous and healthy life.

Palmistry - Art of Reading Hands

If, however, you happen to find more breaks, chains or gaps, it means you could have some problems with your physical wellbeing. The sun line , also called the Apollo line , indicates your popularity and talents that will affect your future successes. When I first bring up the idea of looking at the mounts of the hands, many people have no idea what they are until I point directly to the fleshy areas at the base of the fingers. The size of the mounts has some effect on the different aspects of the personality.

If the Venus mount is the largest, that person more likely interested in instant gratification , energy and perhaps even promiscuity. On the other hand, a nearly non-existent mount of this type indicates that he or she has l ittle interest in family issues or even love. A well-developed mount under the index finger indicates a dominant, perhaps aggressive, personality that may veer from ambitious into being self-centered.

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A missing Jupiter mount typically shows a lack of self-confidence and maybe even dishonesty. The Saturn mount is directly under the middle finger. An impressive Saturn mount appears on a stubborn but sincere person who is independent and patient. However, a low mount in this location means an innate disorganization and superficiality that can lead to depression. Under the ring finger is the sun mount , also called the Apollo mount.

Those with large sun mounts are prideful, quick-tempered and interested in arts and literature, but a missing mount here indicates a lack of imagination.

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The final mount under the little finger is the Mercury mount. A large Mercury mount means the person probably talks too much because he or she is quick-witted and full of energy; a non-existent one means the person is very shy and unwilling to work hard.

Of course, no detailed palm reading guide can be complete without a thorough look at the fingers attached to those palms. A thick and solid thumb indicates a person who is very practical with money, who has very simple demands and who keeps his or her promises. However, a flat, thin or uneven thumb demonstrates a more impatient person who makes decisions based on pleasure and excitement. People with shorter thumbs often need to be self-sufficient to be successful, especially in their younger days, but those with longer thumbs are more confident and have a smoother path to happiness, wealth, and success.

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  6. Shorter index fingers belong to jealous people who suffer work hardships but who are very approachable personally. The middle finger is typically the longest of the four fingers, and the longer it is, the more a person will have a favorable life. A short middle finger suggests that a person will be more persistent in work, and an uneven or curvy finger means that the person needs to control his or her emotions. A middle finger that is equal in length to the other fingers indicates a person who is impatient and who often changes jobs.

    The ring finger is the home of the wedding band, and it represents love and family ties. A ring finger that leans into the middle finger demonstrates a person who is responsible to the family structure and who pays attention to the spouse and children. If the ring finger is as long as the middle finger, the person has a love for gambling and taking high financial risks.

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    Shorter ring fingers indicate people who are down-to-earth and more cautious.