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Illustrated by Frederick Remington, A. Beard, Henry Sandham, and C. Harry Eaton; Full title-Wilderness Hunter: Travel and Adventure in South-East Africa. Longmans Green and Co: Pollock, Arthur John Osborne. Sporting days in southern India. Full title-Sporting days in southern India; being reminiscences of twenty trips in pursuit of big game, chiefly in the Madras Presidency Copies for Sale. Five Months' Sport in Somali Land. Illustrated by Colonal Paget Copies for Sale. Discovery of Lakes Rudolph and Stefanie. Author pseudonym of Henry Bailey Copies for Sale. From to A Breath from the Veldt.

A Hunter's Wanderings in Africa. Selous Copies for Sale. Scientific Duck Shooting in Eastern Waters. In Haunts of Wild Game. Hunting and Fishing in Florida. First Lessons in the Art of Wildfowling. Illustrated by Charles Whymper and the author Copies for Sale. British Deer and their Horns.

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  • Hunting and Field Sports Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books!
  • Gennaro Gattuso Tells Story About Gazza Shitt*ng In His Socks - SPORTbible.
  • Alan Marchant (Author of Aqa Gcse Humanities).
  • Gennaro Gattuso Tells Story About Gazza Shitt*ng In His Socks;

Illustrations Mostly by the Author, 8 from Drawings by Mr. Sidney Steel, 2 by E. Short Stalks Second Series. Hunting Trips in the Caucasus. Sport in the Highlands of Kashmir. Full title-Sport in the Highlands of Kashmir: Exploration in Hunting in Central Africa.

The Countryman's Bedside Book by BB published by Merlin Unwin Books

Elephant Hunting in East Equatorial Africa. Lodge Copies for Sale. Signed Limited Edition; copies Copies for Sale. Sport in East Central Africa. The Quorn Hunt and its Masters. Great and Small Game of Africa. After Big Game in Central Africa. From the Cape to Cairo. Sharp Copies for Sale.

Sport and Travel East and West. A Sportswoman In India. Jorrocks' Jaunts And Jollities. A Patrick's Day Hunt. Somerville Copies for Sale. A Sporting Trip Through Abyssinia. Bird Hunting on the White Nile: A Naturalist's Experience in the Soudan. The Office Of Knowledge: Van Dyke Copies for Sale. Vinton and Co Ltd.: Longmans, Green and Co.: Ibex Shooting on the Himalayas. Sampson Low, Marston and Company: The Analysis of The Hunting Field.

Illustrated by Peter Newell Copies for Sale. Summer and Fall in Western Alaska. Full title-Summer and Fall in Western Alaska: Marshall Copies for Sale. Musk-Ox, Bison, Sheep and Goat. York, Edward, Second Duke of.

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The Master of Game: The Oldest English Book on Hunting. Ballantyne, Hanson and Co: Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter. Longman's, Green and Co: Illustrated by John M. Phillips Copies for Sale. Caldwell Copies for Sale. Illustrated by Gordon Wilson Copies for Sale. Two Dianas in Somaliland: The Record of a Shooting Trip. The Game Animals of Africa. Hunting in British Africa. British Sport Past and Present. The Game of British East Africa. Central African Game and Its Spoor. Lyell Copies for Sale. In the Grip of the Nyika.

The Countryman's Bedside Book

Hunting Trips in Northern Rhodesia. With Boat and Gun in the Yangtze Valley. Hunting with the Eskimos. First british edition; Full title-Hunting with the Eskimos: The unique record of a sportsman's year among the northernmost tribe - the big game hunting, the native life, and the battle for existence through the long Arctic night Copies for Sale.

Man and Beast in Eastern Ethiopia. Full title-Man and Beast in Eastern Ethiopia: Sport on the Nilgiris and in Wynaad. Adventure Sport and Travel on the Tibetan Steppes. Constable and Company LTD: The Gun at Home and Abroad. London and Countries Press Assn: British Sports and Sportsmen.

British Sports and Sportsmen: Nyasaland for Hunter and Settler. The Adventures of an Elephant Hunter. The Book of the Lion.

Wild Life in Central Africa. The Field and Queen: Stigand, Capt C H. Hunting the Elephant in Africa. London and Counties Press Association: Coape, Maurice Portal, and T. Fremantle Copies for Sale. De Baca, Trinidad C. Department of Game and Fish New Mexico: Santa Fe, New Mexico Tiger Slayer By Order. Tales of Duck and Goose Shooting. Showers and Ross Kiner Copies for Sale.

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  4. Animal Kingdom Tour for Adults: A Self-guided Walking Tour (Visual Travel Tours Book 161).
  5. Micro-Distilleries in the U.S. and Canada, 2nd Edition;
  6. Ivory and the Elephant in Art, Archaeology, and Science. Doubleday, Page and Co: Come Duck Shooting with Me. Modern Whaling and Bear-Hunting. Seeley, Service and Co. Full title-Modern Whaling and Bear-Hunting: Tales of Lonely Trails. John Lane Bodley Head: The Story of a Lion Hunt. Introduction by Humphrey Wienholt Copies for Sale. Brininstool; Full title-The Bozeman Trail: The Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter. Sport and Adventure in Africa.

    Seeley, Service and Co.: Full title-Sport and Adventure in Africa: Tales of Southern Rivers. Pigsticking or Hog Hunting. The African Elephant and its Hunters. Ducks and Duck Shooting. Illustrated by William Schmedtgen Copies for Sale. Days Off in Dixie.

    Curtis Jr, Charles P. Hunting in Africa East and West. New Haven, CT Sabretache, Albert Steward Barrow. The Happy Hunting Ground. Dollman Copies for Sale. The Riddle of The Tsangpo Gorges.

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    Edward Arnold and Co.: East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Illustrated by Kermit Roosevelt Copies for Sale. Gee Copies for Sale. Children of Swamp and Wood. Garden City, NY Across Asia's Snows and Deserts. A Game Ranger on Safari. Cuming Copies for Sale. My Hunting Sketch Book. Signed Limited Edition; copies; 2 volumes Copies for Sale. Edition; copies Copies for Sale. Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man.

    Faber and Gwyer LTD: Tales of Fresh Water Fishing. Hounds and Hunting Through the Ages. Waterlow and Sons Limited: Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game. Skeffington and Son Ltd.: Full title-Where Lion Reign: Abyssinia Copies for Sale. In African Game Tracks. F and G Whitherby: Trailing the Giant Panda. Other author-Kermit Roosevelt Copies for Sale. Huntsmen Past and Present. Faber and Faber, Limited: Shooting-Stands of Eastern Massachusetts. The Gun Room Guide.

    Hart Merriam Copies for Sale. The Wild Grizzlies of Alaska. Eddy , John W. Hunting the Alaska Brown Bear. Grand Nationals Past and Present. Big Game Hunting in Central Africa. Upland Game Bird Shooting in America. Thompson Copies for Sale. Pollard, Hugh Bertie Campbell. The gun room guide. Illustrated by Philip Rickman and H. Frank Wallace Copies for Sale. Full title-Hunting the Alaska Brown Bear: A Panorama of the Progress of Human Life.

    The Art of Shooting-Flying. Hunting Trails on Three Continents. Redmond Cross, and Prentiss N. Gray Copies for Sale.

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    Sheep and Bear Trails: Introduction by Robert A. Bartlett Copies for Sale. Signed Limited Edition; 55 copies Copies for Sale. Sheldon Copies for Sale. A Book of Big-Game Hunting. Other author-Norah Burke Copies for Sale. Green Hills of Africa. First English Edition Copies for Sale. Narrative of the Texan Santa Fe Expedition. An Artist's Game Bag. Signed Edition Copies for Sale. Tales of Sport with the Gun. Boyer Copies for Sale. Curtis Copies for Sale. Signed Edition; copies; Illustrated by J. Harrison Copies for Sale.

    Foreword by William T. Hornaday Copies for Sale. Moose Hunting in the Laurentian. After Big Game in the Upper Yukon. Tales from a Gun Room. Ripley Copies for Sale. Schwerdt, Charles Francis G. Signed Edition; copies; Foreword by Eugene V. Connett Copies for Sale. Tales of a Big Game Guide. Game Trails from Alaska to Africa. Preface by Captain Robert A. San Antonio, TX The Penn Publishing Company: Signed Limited Edition; 74 copies Copies for Sale.

    Game in the Desert. Harter Copies for Sale. The Bird, The Gun and the Dog. Signed Edition; copies Copies for Sale. British and American Game Birds.

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    Signed Edition; copies; Illustrated by A. Lassell Ripley Copies for Sale. We Knapps Thought it was Nice. Privately Printed by the author: Edited by William C. Hazelton Copies for Sale. Thacker, Spink and Co.: Saga of the Rockies. Shotgunning in the Uplands. West Hartford, VT Special Edition; copies; Introduction by J. Holman Copies for Sale. Shotgunning in the Lowlands.

    Carl Rungius, Big Game Painter: Keith's Rifles for Large Game. Pen And Camera Flight Studies. Bishop Copies for Sale. Alaska's Mammoth Brown Bears. Kansas City, MO Cross Copies for Sale. Their well-produced range of rural, wildlife, fieldsports and fishing books never fail to inform and entertain. This re-issue of BB's classic memoir will be enjoyed by all who appreciate fine country writing, and who believe passionately in the resilience of Mother Nature, despite the follies of mankind.

    Denys Watkins-Pitchford better known as BB wrote these wonderful essays on the English countryside in the s - a time of peace and renewal between two world wars. The book was finally published in when, as BB puts it, England was 'in the darkest hour of our history. BB captures here in words and sensitive wood engravings the wonders of English wildlife and countryside.