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Roberts' team was squeezing votes out of inner Portland, mostly on the east side. It's a swath of the city known for its hard-left orientation—so far left that Kaufman and Scholes started calling it "the Kremlin. The Kremlin's unifying issue has been public schools. That's why kids edge out bicycle helmets as the prop of choice in campaign literature. After the economy, two of the top issues for Portlanders in the PBA poll were "ensuring equal rights for all Portlanders" and "having a sustainable environment in the city.

In other words, even these bleak economic times have not changed liberal Portland's outlook. What the Kremlin voter wants is the most progressive candidate in just about any race.

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In , Steve Novick lost to then-Rep. But Novick's appeal to the Kremlin meant he beat Merkley by 13 percentage points in Portland, even though Novick had never run for office before and Merkley was House Speaker. In a city race between any two credible candidates, the more liberal of the two almost always wins. Hales might have trouble with these voters. Brady's New Seasons connections are appealing to the Kremlin, where she'll compete mostly with Smith. He grew up in the Irvington neighborhood—the epicenter of the Kremlin—and racked up a pretty liberal voting record in two Salem sessions.

The Sustainabilitistas and the Rail Mafia When you hear candidates talking about bikes and bioswales, they're trying to sway voters who identify with the city's sustainability movement. Brady has hit this message hard, branding herself with her ties to New Seasons, Ecotrust where she used to work and Chinook Book she's on the board. Her flip-flop on the CRC ceded turf to Smith. Evan Manvel, a longtime environmental advocate and CRC critic, says in a race where the candidates mostly agree, the CRC offers a point of distinction.

But streetcar and light-rail extensions and sustainable development also have powerful backers. No candidate code words speak more clearly to a specific constituency than "multimodal transportation. The planning and sustainability crowd wants Portlanders out of cars and on buses, trains, trolleys, trams and bikes—hence multimodal.

Members of this tribe, led by U. Earl Blumenauer D-Portland , favor designer eyewear and have advanced degrees in planning, architecture and public administration. The capos in the movement feature prominently on Hales' list of contributors. Hales was the driving force behind Portland's streetcar, and he quit office in to work for HDR.

Pearl District developers followed: The distinction between the PBA crowd and the transit-oriented developers who are solidly behind Hales, 55, is an important one: The latter group, which has built up the Pearl District and South Waterfront, depends heavily on city money and helps make Portland's projects work. The Red and the Gray Yes, Portland, there are conservatives here. It's true Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-to But conservatives have seethed as Adams' administration lavished money on bikes, streetcars, a soccer stadium and plans for the Oregon Sustainability Center, while jacking up water and sewer rates sky-high.

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Conservatives are angry and motivated—a prize ready for the taking. Older Portlanders may not drink, have nightly sex, or play kickball as often as younger residents, but they are much more likely to be conservative and vote.

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That is their power. Fewer than one in 10 Oregonians under 40 voted in last year's primary election. More than half of those 61 and older filled out a ballot. That means whoever appeals most to older voters is likely to survive the primary. Look for at least one candidate—probably Hales, a former Republican—to hit GOPers with a stealth mailer and to secure a last-minute endorsement from Vic Atiyeh, Oregon's last Republican governor. The show has won eight Regional Emmys.

The unfiltered and pure water of the Bull Run watershed, has been featured in two seasons. It was produced and written by Ed Jahn. The ultimate goal of the special was to serve as a wake-up call about invasive species and to inspire citizens to take action.

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The special won a silver baton level Alfred I. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Salem Statesman Journal. Elizabeth Madsen, former partner of Ecological Mysteries of Spirit Lake".

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