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Max finds her story intriguing, and he likewise finds himself curious about the odd habits of his staff — and growing strangely fond of them — particularly the prickly Annie. As Max starts to find his way out of bitterness and also tries to unravel the many mysteries of Cadgwyck, he faces new struggles. Given that the viewpoint switches back and forth between Max and Anne, readers quickly figure out that more goes on in Cadgwyck Manor than Max suspects. The fun instead lies in seeing how each new twist and revelation affects Max and Anne, drawing them ever closer.

The Temptation of Your Touch (Burke Brothers, Book 2)

They start the book almost completely at odds, the embittered aristocrat and the stiff, overly proper housekeeper. First comes respect, then a common ground and friendship of sorts, then the realization of affection and so on. The various staff members at Cadgwyck have stories of their own and they really do function as a family, as we see the frail elderly looked after, maids covering for each other like mischievous siblings and so on.

The romance in the book essentially works, but it does build rather slowly — a little too slowly for me. Not so the friendships and camaraderie of the household. The readers needs a few chapters to get to know them, but the genuine affection of their relationships comes through very quickly and provides some humor to the slightly gothic-tinged romance. The supporting cast also make this book a delight. Usually, a gaggle of urchins and random eccentrics would make me roll my eyes, but Medeiros has created a family of sorts in the occupants of Cadgwyck.

Their antics are over the top and completely unbelievable, but they have a certain charm to them that makes me smile. As completely improbable as it is, this story has a poignant, emotional heart and characters who have a certain likability amidst their eccentricities. It helps as well that the hero notices the complete craziness of his situation upon arriving in Cadgwyck, but he finds himself happy enough there to just roll with it. I have been on a 2 month bender of YA and contemporary adult romances. What brought me back to historicals? I have been waiting for this novel for a whole year since I read the first book of this series.

My wait was not in vain. I pre-ordered this from Amazon and when it came on my Kindle…. I will fully disclose that I am biased when it comes to Teresa Medeiros as I own all of her books. So, reviewing her latest book will be like a soccer mom watching her I have been on a 2 month bender of YA and contemporary adult romances. So, reviewing her latest book will be like a soccer mom watching her first born play. That child can do NO wrong. But I will try not to drool. First off, Maximillian current Earl of Dravenwood and future Duke of Dryden… Stoic, take charge male Yum , now heart broken and tortured double-Yum , former-boyscout-turned-scoundrel triple He then runs off to a remote corner in Cornwall to molder away in an equally moldering manor his family recently required.

Wait… Max has let one woman rule his heart for over half his life and now a second woman a dead one is trying to the same thing. The music ceased abruptly, almost as if spectral hands had slammed the lid of the music box. He stood there for a long time but there was no repeat performance, no sound at all except for the muted roar of the wind and the distant crash of the waves against the rocks. The White Lady was a young girl who killed herself for putting her love and virtue in the wrong man with disastrous consequences not only to herself but others as well.

She has kept many away from Cadgwyck Manor and Annie Spencer, the housekeeper, prefers it that way. Annie is like a well made baguette. Crust on the outside and soft on the inside. Annie has her own reasons for moldering away at the mansion. Although all the previous owners disappeared at the first sign of the White Lady, Max is sticking around much to her dismay.

The longer the new owner stays at the manor, the longer Annie and Max are drawn to each other despite emotional turmoil and social difference. I have need of you. That bold confession made Anne wonder what it would be like to be truly needed by such a man. Each have deep wounds that need attending that for some reason the other has the ability to mend. This is how a true romance novel is written. Medeiros wrote a beautiful love story that evoked not only emotions but the imagination. You can really feel being inside an old haunted castle surrounded by memories, dust, and a spirit.

How the author set the scene invoked the senses and help stage the scene for romance, humor, and the supernatural. Not boredom I have read plenty of books that went on and on about the fabric of the bladily-blah-blah-blah.

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I loved this book and its going to be one of those that I will pick up more than once. Oh, if you have not read the first of this series pick it up. You won't get lost by reading it out of order but you will understand Max more because of it. View all 18 comments. La historia me ha gustado mucho, sobre todo el misterio que la envuelve, pero Cadgwick Manor es una casona con un espeluznante pasado. I had a guess and felt pretty confident that I was right. But I needed to know. So before I had time to finish the book, I combed through reviews after reviews, hoping to find someone who was kind enough to "spoil the book" for me.

People hinted at "the mystery", and nobody wrote any details.

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I was going nuts!! So I said to myself, I would do it, for all the Ms. I still love Teresa Medeiros. One of her books is my all time favorite. Even when I am not crazy about her stories, I still enjoy reading them. I just like her way to telling a story and I like how subtle she is with her words. This book is her latest historical I think. It was published back in so it's been a while since she put out any historical, which I think is a shame because, well, I Iove reading her books. He was the responsible older brother, who had loved the same girl, Clarinda, as his younger brother Ash did for as long as he could remember.

But he knew the girl loved Ash and Ash loved her. He had no chance. His only hope was that Ash was the second son, the irresponsible one, who left to make his fortunes in the world to be deserving of the girl. And he never returned.

Burke Brothers Series

Ash and Clarinda's story is the first one in the series. Max spent the next 9 years trying to convince the girl to marry him. She finally agreed but the first book happened so Max ended up heartbroken and abandoned at the alter.

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  • Apparently he did something to keep Ash and Clarinda separated. And now he was nursing a broken heart with enormous guilt. He decided to leave London, for what purpose, he did not know. He just knew he wanted to go. He chose a family estate in Cornwall, remote and deserted, hoping for peace. The heroine Anne Spencer, was the housekeeper at the estate. The estate had a history, its former lady of the house Angelica Cadgewyck, created a scandal by falling in love with an artist who did her portrait 10 years ago.

    The scandal destroyed the Cadgewyck, Lord Cadgewyck went mad, his son deported for killing the artist and Angelica threw herself over the cliffs and died. The estate is rumored to be haunted by Angelica. Other than the staff, no one would get close to the manor. He arrived at the estate and met the so-called staff, who was meager in size and inadequate in skills.

    The only thing that held everything together, was the widow housekeeper, Mrs. He also "met" Angelica, in the form of her portrait, which still hung in the manor. Spencer intriguing and the gap between her teeth charming this is where I went what????? What happened then was Max and Anne getting to know each other, with the occasional appearance of the ghost, Angelica. Suffice it to say that Max grew to like Anne but was dreaming about Angelica.

    And Anne would carry on with talking to the portrait of Angelica. The staff behaved most peculiarly. But there is a reason for that.

    See a Problem?

    So the big spoiler: Anne Spencer was Ms. She was no one's widow but a virgin. Cadgewyck, whose "scandal" with the artist was nothing but a kiss. Her family was destroyed nonetheless. The portrait was a beautified version of her, without showing the gap in her teeth, by the hand of a con artist who aimed to seduce and please. The butler was Angelica's father who was delussional. And they were looking for treasure in the house. Teresa Medeiros still writes beautifully. But the story, the mystery, the treasure, and lack of passion, made the book a rather bland one.

    I didn't feel that there is a pull between Max and Anne. I didn't buy the attraction, and therefore, could not understand their need to be with each other. The "great reveal" came late and was rather rushed. I have always thought that for a book to be great, the book needs excellent writing and a good story. In this book, we have only Teresa Medeiros's beautiful writing but not a good story. If you like Medeiros' style like I do, you might enjoy it just for the lyrical proses.

    This review was originally posted on Book's Minion En conjunto la lectura me ha gustado. View all 5 comments. The wait was definitely worth it because I loved every moment. It had everything I want from a romance; an intriguing plot, unforgettable characters, delicious sensuality and wonderful humour. Teresa Medeiros's writing is so evocative, emotive and passionate A pale splinter of a moon materialised from behind a a wisp of cloud, and there it was, perched at the ed The Pleasure of Your Kiss was one of my top reads of and I couldn't wait to read Max's story in The Temptation of Your Touch.

    A pale splinter of a moon materialised from behind a a wisp of cloud, and there it was, perched at the edge of the towering cliffs like some great hulking dragon.

    Burke Brothers Series by Teresa Medeiros

    I love Max and Anne. They are both strong yet vulnerable. Both live with the burden of past mistakes and I enjoyed watching them gradually emerge from the shadows and fully embrace their love. I enjoyed their heated exchanges and the obvious attraction simmering just below the surface. Those fond of copious amounts of sex in their romances might be disappointed as there's only one love scene. But I found there was enough heat generated between them and lots of luscious kisses to satisfy me. What I love about Teresa Medeiros's books is the humour she brings to them. I adore the motley crew of servants; Hodges, the crazy butler, Dickon, the surly footman, the assorted, giggling housemaids and not forgetting Mr Fluffytoes and Piddles.

    All the schemes perpetrated to get Max to hightail it back to London provide some the funniest moments in the book. This is my favourite When the last time was that chimney was cleaned? I didn't find it too difficult to figure out the mystery surrounding the White Lady of Cadgwyck but I still wanted to know all the whys and wherefores. There were even a few surprises I hadn't anticipated. The Temptation of Your Touch is a wonderful, emotional, often funny book which I can definitely recommend. HOT This review is also posted on my blog: View all 10 comments.

    Jan 01, Jess rated it it was ok Shelves: Happily Ever After - Reads Blog rating: She leaves Max for his brother Ash and now Max is the talk of the town. To get away from gossip and to just wallow, he heads for Cadgwyck Manor, a rundown home that will give him some solitude to lick his wounds. Anne and her unique group have been searching for a treasure rumored to be hidden in the manor.

    I had a rough time with this one. The start is so incredibly slow. I almost stopped about pages in. All that did was make me annoyed at Anne and the things they were doing. Finally around the midway point the story picked up and the one thing that I did like was the author started ending chapters on small cliffhangers.

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    It did the trick because I was more engaged and curious about what was coming next. The pace picked up once the petty actions of Anne against Max stopped and they started being civil toward each other. There was something about her, her actions and attitude that was a turn off. Once more of her past came out and she started to soften towards Max, she became much more likable, just not enough for me to really enjoy her story.

    In fact, the romance felt very light — I needed more! More kisses, more nights spent together, something that made me believe this couple had some passion between them. I also liked the angst Max still dealt with regarding his relationship with his brother and now sister-in-law and their daughter. View all 3 comments. Es una historia muy bonita y como siempre con Medeiros, muy bien escrita.

    Feb 21, Lover of Romance rated it really liked it Shelves: Maximmilian Burke has always known who and what he was, and for years he was in love with a woman, who abandoned him at the altar to marry his brother. Ever since the relationship between himself and his brother has been strained to say the least. London has become tedious and needing a change in his life, he decides to head out the the countryside to Cadgewyck Manor, and when he first sees the manor, he think he may be going crazy, but he feels a kinship to the crumbling building.

    When he arriv Maximmilian Burke has always known who and what he was, and for years he was in love with a woman, who abandoned him at the altar to marry his brother. When he arrives, he doesn't get the welcome he expects or has become used to over the years due to his position. With rumors of ghosts and mystery and death, the estate appeals to him, but more than that, the stubborn and prideful housekeeper who has him on his wits end, amuses him and he finds himself attracted to a woman he normally wouldn't be attracted to.

    Max hasn't dallied with a servant for many years, but temptation is in every surrounding, and he can't help but wonder what passion he could find in her arms, despite the schemes she and the other servants are playing on him, Max is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery and gain every secret the manor and this tempting housekeeper has The Temptation Of Your Touch is the second in the series, and having loved every book this author has written, I had to wait quite a while for this book to become available at my local library, but once it did, I could hardly wait to pick it up.

    Even though the reviews and ratings for this story has been a bit lower than I expected, I wanted to try it out for myself, and even though the beginning of the story I had a hard time fully getting into, I was able to eventually get into it, and I found myself captivated by this author's amazing ability with her storytelling. After loving the first one, and seeing quite a bit of Max, I was very anxious to read his story. This book is quite different from the first one in the series. The story starts with Max hearing rumors of ghosts and mystery and intrigue surrounding the manor, and I for one am a fan of mysteries, so from the get go I was intrigued by the beginning of the plot.

    The chemistry between Max and Ann isn't all at once in the beginning, its more of a gradual build up. You see how much they are attracted to each other, but with Anne trying to drive off another "ruler of the manor" she is a bit preoccupied, but Anne is startled that none of their trickery is working, its only making Max's stubbornness become more entrenched than she imagined. I enjoyed seeing the creativity of Anne and the fellow servants, it was quite entertaining at times, and honestly Max is a saint for dealing with it all in stride.

    The plot thickens even more gradually with more evidences coming to light pertaining to the mystery that is in play throughout the whole story. The characters in this story were very lively and easily like able. I couldn't help but loving the main and the side characters. Max has a strength of characters that is admirable, and his tenacity is to be commended. He doesn't let anyone bully him, even if that someone is a beautiful woman that captures his attention everywhere he goes. I enjoyed having him play the part of the Hero, he definitely deserved the part.

    Anne definitely surprised me by how much I grew to like her. At first she was a average like of a heroine character, the more I delved deeper into the story, I grew to find her a endearing characters, with a nature that was intoxicating. Seeing Max and Anne together was very satisfying especially toward the end. I loved how self aware the heroine is, and fights for what she wants, but Max is definitely her equal match, and its quite evident as you read the story. I couldn't help but find the deeply enriched emotion filling the pages enthralling, and the delightful mixture of mystery, drama, and passion.

    This author is stellar and I found her storytelling has still remained superb. Mar 24, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: Max has been running wild ever since his fiancee jilted him to marry his brother. He'd always been the good brother, but now he just doesn't care. When he finally goes a bit too far, he heads off to the furthest piece of property the family owns.

    All he wants is to be left alone to wallow in his misery. He arrives to find a manor in disrepair, rumors of a ghost that drives almost everyone away, the oddest group of staff he's ever seen, and a housekeeper he can't keep off his mind. Anne and her coworkers have had the manor almost entirely to themselves for years, which suits them just fine. There's something at the manor that they have been searching for, and others just get in their way. Anne will do whatever she needs to in order to keep it that way. But the new owner doesn't scare easily, and it isn't long before she doesn't want him to leave.

    Max wasn't very likable at the beginning. It had been a couple years since his fiancee had jilted him, but he was still feeling sorry for himself. He was drinking too much and doing stupid things, including the duel that was the final straw. I liked the fact that he knew getting away was the best thing for him, but his attitude was still bad.

    His arrival at Cadgwyck wasn't anything like he expected and it has soured his mood even more. But there's something about Anne that breaks through the wall of misery around his heart, and a mystery about the manor that gives him something else to think about. It was fun to see the things that Anne and the others did to make Max's stay as miserable as possible, and how he refused to let it affect him. The confrontations between them had sparks flying that both were determined to resist; Max because she's a servant, and Anne because mistakes from her past keep her from believing she deserves any happiness.

    I loved Max's refusal to be driven away, and how the mystery intrigued him enough to want to solve it. I liked his determination not to be driven away, and how he started to like the craziness around him. Anne was a bit frustrated by his fascination with the "White Lady", especially when he also seemed taken with her. Their verbal battles were fun to see, but also showed that they were getting to know each other very well. I liked the protectiveness that Max developed and how he showed it. Anne also came to understand Max well, which led her to say the things she did when his brother came to visit.

    Things got a bit intense when a fire was set that could have killed them all. The results of that fire had some interesting consequences, involving a search on the rainswept moor, an illness and a night time visit with the "White Lady". What happened next was pretty intense. I had suspected the truth about the mystery of the "White Lady" and was happy to see that I was right. There was one twist that I didn't expect.

    I really liked the epilogue and seeing the changes that had happened. The surprise that Max brought home for Anne was the perfect ending. Sep 25, Noura rated it it was amazing. There are books, that once you've finished reading, would either make you feel meh, or just sigh in satisfaction. This one, to me, is the latter.