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Hal had this horrible new recurring dream where he was losing his teeth, where his teeth had become like shale and splintered when he tried to chew, and fragmented and melted into grit in his mouth…. I close the mirror and sure enough, behind me is a man in a wheelchair holding a pistol pointed directly at my back. I wake with a start. My jaw hurts, and there are tears running down my cheeks and onto the pillow.

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  • Rain is falling in cold heavy droplets; my feet are heavy with caked mud. I sidestep a tackler and watch him slip and fall, his hands just barely grazing my left leg. Open space in front of me, but suddenly I stop.

    An Old-Fashioned 'Infinite Jest' Invades Berlin | WBUR News

    I turn to my left and confirm that everyone else is moving at regular speed. The Salisbury player—the last defender—is rising to his feet with vengeance in his eyes. I wonder briefly if the lack of blurbs is standard in German publishing or if this is their way of proclaiming the signal importance of this particular novel.

    Either way, its 2. I release the book from my grip, and immediately take on speed as it splashes down into the mud at my feet.

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    I burst away from the last defender and reach the try line. Behind me, both teams are wrestling over the Kultroman , which, glossy cover now wet and slippery, continues to elude their grasp. Wallace's mark on arts and letters is indelible and enduring. It wasn't until August that Infinite Jest found its way into the German-translation canon—a staggering achievement given the book's non-normative narrative complexity.

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    German intellectual culture has an historical penchant for esoteric, even labyrinthine, literature, and it's only fitting that Berlin, as one of the world's leading creative capitals, is the source-origin for ratcheting up the textual gamut even further. Hardly a shy flower enslaved to the proscenium stage, Lilienthal broke through every trapping of conventional theater.

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    • In consultation with Berlin architectural art historian Thomas Steigenberger, eight futuristic Late Modern buildings constructed during the East-West race to out develop and out design the other were selected as immersive performance sites. Twelve different international theater groups both German and native English-speaking offered audiences brave, spatially inventive stagings of scenes from Infinite Jest.

      On eight separate occasions throughout the month, approximately theatergoers gathered at 10 am at the Steffi-Graf-Stadion, and over the course of 24 were shuttled on two double-decker buses throughout Berlin—including Teufelsberg, which is the highest point in the city and actually a man-made hill formed from 25 million cubic meters of debris from the bombed-out, post-WWII metropolis. Five radar domes distinguish the site, constructed by avant-garde American architect R.

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      The selected architectural landmarks all give expression to a German society still reeling from two world wars and the unique, isolating effects of the Berlin Wall. At the same time, these buildings usher into existence an optimistic, forward-looking cityscape that shrugs off its collective 20th-century trauma with a version of the future that is as poetically defiant as it is impractical and unrealistic.

      David Foster Wallace interview (11/2003)

      How art history will ultimately regard these grandiose late modern structures remains unclear, but their appropriateness as backdrops for Wallace's fictional world of social fatigue and delusions of grandeur is unquestionable: In the same way, the impressive although aesthetically questionable architecture of 's and 70's Berlin lays bare an historically unique utopia, the imprints of which directly, physically shape the contemporary experience of the city. Skip to main content.