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I want to show you from the Bible how one man practiced a life of revival. In His fore-knowledge, God saw this man and decided that he would be the man, thirty years before this man was born. He was referring to David. God kept looking for a man. What was the qualification God was looking for? He was looking for a man who had a heart after Him. He could have found Samuel who was a beautiful man of God.

But God chose a teenager. Why did He choose this teenager? You will find out in these pages. Read on and you will see that this teenager knew how to fellowship with God. He knew how to get to know God. He knew how to be trained by God, how to trust God — how to go after God. David was a man after God with his point of reference and with his frame of reference.

According to the Bible, David was that man.

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Many years before David was born, God was searching for a man after His own heart. I do not know. But He was searching for a man after His own heart. One day, the Philistines came against the army of Israel, boasting and bragging. The nine-foot giant Goliath was taunting the army of Israel, and he had the feeling that a victory was just around the corner.

He was a teenager in training for a great task ahead.

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This is a beautiful picture. Here was a little boy back home, taking care of the sheep, but he was fellowshipping with God. When God told him how to rescue the lamb from the mouth of the bear and from the mouth of the lion, he agreed with God on how to do it. When God told him to humble himself, he agreed with God. As a teenager and as a young man, he was learning how to agree with God.

David was not even the most desired one of his family. His three elder brothers did not particularly respect him because of his humility and his favor with God. This young man accepted his training in the field with the sheep.

A Prayer for a Heart After God

One day, David was told by his father to take food to his brothers who were on the front lines where Goliath was. All would see that David had developed into a man whose knowledge became filled with compassion; whose faith became courageous and bold; whose truth turned into love, mercy, and grace; whose point of reference and frame of reference, no matter what would happen in his life, was like Christ.

As he arrived on the scene, the Philistine was screaming and hollering. The soldiers were afraid. Just as God delivered that lion and that bear into my hand, so He will deliver this Philistine. He had courage, he was bold, and he was faithful to the Word of God. David did not fear as Saul feared.

His trust was solely in God. He was not occupied with his enemies. His elder brothers mocked him. They told him that he was arrogant and proud and that he should go home and take care of the sheep.

A Man After My Own Heart - Bayless Conley

But the situation was desperate. No one else was there to do the job. There is always someone who is willing to take on the enemies of this world. Reading this very booklet, there are special men and special women who are willing to take on the Philistines of the world. They are willing to let God train them, and they are willing to be occupied with Christ. The armor I want to use is armor I have already proven. When the Word of God is the means of our obedience, then our testing ground is with the Word.

He was tested by the Word, and he proved the Word. God says the battle is His, and David agreed with Him.

10 Reasons David is Called “A Man After God’s Own Heart” - Ron Edmondson

He knew everything about David before the foundation of the world. Nothing David ever did was a surprise to God. He chose him because He knew He had a man after His heart. David took a little stone. The streams of the living water had shaped that stone and fashioned it over the years, making it smooth. He was a teenager going up against the world in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. He went against all the mocking voices and all the temptations that came into their path.

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Here was a teenager who talked with his God in the wilderness, who had been with his God. The battle was going on in the valley of Elah, and it was a valley. Judah had been invaded. Israel was being terribly threatened and was often humiliated by the Philistine army. Here was an enemy upon whom was the wrath of God because Goliath was alienated from God. A problem for many people today is that they lack strength in the valleys.

They fear the valleys.

A Heart After God

There is no job, no proper apartment, and no security in sight. Business is going poorly. They get discouraged after two months when God might want to train them for forty years.

It is a training period, but they are not happy. It is the trial of their faith. We face the job that we have to do with multitudes of enemies in our midst: We live in the midst of these enemies, but greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world 1 John 4: This valley is a valley of strength. My God is a God of the valleys. The Assyrians found that out in 1 Kings They mocked Israel and said: You ought to be ashamed, and in humility you ought to repent. The valley is to reveal that God is the God of the valleys — that Jesus Christ gives victory, life, and power in any valley situation.

He converts the knowledge into life.

A Prayer For a Heart After God

He takes the truth and turns it into love, mercy, and grace. He takes patience and turns it into contentment. He takes kindness and turns it into meekness. David took the stone. It speaks of the Chief Cornerstone of 1 Peter 2: The enemy fell to the ground, and David ran over with his sword and cut off his head. The head that was mocking David was now dissembled. The Philistines were running, and the Israelites went after them. They were a foe defeated. Jesus Christ was crucified, buried, and resurrected.

Some of you act as if life is so difficult. The devil is defeated. David revealed what happens when a man has a heart after God. Saul was very fearful. No longer was he fearful of the Philistines, but he was jealous of David. So, Saul sought to kill him. Acts 12 Acts Enrich your faith and grow in spiritual maturity with the incredible Bible study and devotional books listed below.

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