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Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? Zoe Saldana and Oded Fehr. Both of them have a bit of darkness about them that I love.

Good morning readers, fans, friends, and authors! Shyla Colt with newest book: Please leave a comment with email if you want to be entered into the giveaway! I tried my hand at flash fiction and found that I really loved it and will be trying it again. Given a picture as a prompt this story was born.

Yes Sir She looked at the rose on her hip. It was a beautiful fiery orange color such a contrast to her peaches and cream skin color. Master had given it to her and said if she was good he'd reward her with the right to wear his collar. She peered over at him as he stood at his easel painting what she assumed to be her. This is my first go at Horny Hump Day Meri and Ronan are having a bit of fun with some chocolate. She felt the chocolate syrup sliding over her clit and in between her lips, adding to her creamy wetness.

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Hi Nikki, let me just start by saying how thrilled I am to be here on your blog today. I love your visuals and the John Lennon quote is one of my personal favorites. I write under the pen name Ashlynne Laynne. I live in North Carolina with my husband of nine ye. Just like any wedding, a lot of creative energy and love went into writing A Threesome Wedding Adven The Protector by Ambrielle Kirk.

Evernight Publishing Release Date: Mona luckily was trained by her guardian be. Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance Let me first start out by giving kudos to whoever designed the cover. The characters look exactly how the writer describes them. For me, the first thing I look at when getting romance books is the cover. And nothing is more irritating than getting a cover that has characters that look n. Two Hot by Delilah Devlin. Delilah Devlin Release Date: March Book Genre: I have read Delilah Devlin's books before and I have to tell you she never disappoints.

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Morningwood by Neven Iliev

So please comment and leave your email address for your chance to win! There are better bars around here to hang out in, but people liked Ben.

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Could be old pictures from our Army days or something. Who do you suppose I should see about that? You planning to hang around? Cooper gave a shrug. I want to pay my respects, just want people to know—he had good friends. And since I came all this way, I want to hear about him—about how people got on with him. The place is locked up—no one would care if you sat here for a while, while you look around at other possibilities. Sarah walked with Hamlet, her Great Dane, down the street to the diner. She looped his leash around the lamppost and went inside, pulling off her gloves.

This was one of the things she loved about this little town, that there was always somewhere to stop and chat for a few minutes. Gina James was behind the counter; Gina took care of almost everything at the diner except the cooking. There was another waitress at night and a couple of part time girls, but it was a pretty small shop. Two of the said kids were in a booth eating fries and drinking colas, an after school treat. They like weekends off as much as anyone. He was built like a brick you know what—worn jeans, torn in all the right places, plain old T-shirt under a leather jacket.

One of those flying jackets, you know, Sarah. Driving one of those testosterone trucks, pulling a trailer.

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Handsome face, maybe a dimple, scratchy little growth on his cheeks and chin. He was talking to Mac.

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It was like an ad for Calvin Klein. I was checking on a rental up the hill two blocks. You know—that old Maxwell place. Ray Anne dipped a manicured hand into her over-sized purse and pulled out her binoculars. She smiled conspiratorially and gave her head a toss. How old is this hunk of burning love? I heard Ben had no next of kin. No, no, that would be cruel. Ray Anne stiffened slightly. If I can get past the dog! Gets him all pissy. I should tell you what kind of pants Ms Realtor of the Year has. Betcha I get more out of him that Busy Pants does.

Once home, Sarah Dupre hung her red slicker on the peg in the mud room just in time to see her younger brother, Landon, coming toward the back door with his duffle full of football gear. He bent to pet the dog. And when he straightened, heavy duffle over one shoulder, she gasped. There was a bruise on his cheekbone. A couple of us went out to run some plays, some passes, and I got nailed. It was an accident. Are you going to the game?

He grinned at her, that handsome grin that had once belonged to their deceased father. She took a breath.

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He had her there. She flew Search and Rescue with the Coast Guard. There were those occasions that were risky. And admittedly, that was part of what she loved best about it. She suppressed the urge to beg him to be careful. He was a big kid, already six feet and muscled at sixteen; he was a beautiful specimen. She was his guardian and family. It was just the two of them. She sometimes wanted to just enfold him in her arms and keep him safe, yet when she watched him play, the thrill made her scream.

For the millionth time she hoped bringing him here had been a good decision. She put out her arms as if to hug him. Not now that he was a man. Her arms lifted toward him of their own accord and she held back. She wrapped her arms around him; he gave her a one-armed hug back. Then he grinned at her again. He had absolutely no idea how handsome he was, which made him even more attractive. So, if you go out, midnight would be nice.

No later than one, for sure. Are we on the same page here? Originally published April in mass market paprback and eBook. You know where it is?

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