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He then talked about himself again. Astarte, wish me well so that the earth will be soaked in the blood of my battles after my glorious victory! I, who am Horus and Ra will give happiness to the world when I govern the world, from here on now! O' my beloved Nefertari, you will bless the call of Ozymandias as Hathor! I, I will save everything far and wide, and burn every one of my enemies for the sake of ruling over them!

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Benjamin looked weirdly at Ozymandias as he kept talking about himself and sighed. He popped a stress pill while he thought "This guy talks way too much about himself, did he hit his head on something when he was summoned into this world? It took a few minutes for Ozymandias to stop talking about himself, he quickly noticed the other servants in the shadows were watching him and smiled at them. Chiron stepped out of the shadows first.

Ozymandias nodded his head and smiled, he has respect for the teacher and tutor due to his past life. This feeling reminded him of his friend Moses, a slave who was raised together with him like a real brother, who was found on the bank of the Nile by his mother, and who he recognized as his peerless equal. Atalanta walked in front of Ozymandias. Ozymandias pointed towards the basement door where Alice was hiding. The person who is hiding behind the door. Come out and introduce yourself to me, you do not want to keep the king waiting. Alice flinched at the loud voice from him and slowly walked downstairs.

She hid behind Benjamin's back and whispered loud enough for Ozymandias to hear her. She reminded him of his wife Nefertari, who was an ideal person the most beautiful among his people, that he could clearly remember her as such. He calls her a goddess, a manifestation of Hathor.

She was a quiet, lovely girl who was his companion and gave him love and affection as he raised his concubines, 6 mistresses, and 4 consorts. Benjamin slowly walked next to Chiron and whispered quietly to him, "Chiron, can you check his status and his class? I want to see how strong he is. Using clairvoyance, Chiron immediately checked Ozymandias's parameter date, only to be surprised.

Benjamin was shocked beyond belief.


That is an extremely powerful Rider and his Noble Phantasm status is off the scale. Rider Class generally has lower attributes compared to the Three Knight Classes, but the abilities of the mounts described in their legends compensate by granting them powerful Noble Phantasms or abilities. But Ozymandias possesses an EX-rank in the Noble Phantasm parameter, he may as well be just as capable of fighting three Knight classes or even multiple Servants at once. Ozymandias started to notice that there were Catalysts in the box and walked over towards it. He picked up the box and counted how many there were in the box.

There were 20 catalysts left in the box. He started to smile, he had an idea about his plan to rule the world.

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He needed to find more catalysts to summon and recruit them as subjects. It does not matter who they are, for they will bow to him, for he is destined to govern this world. Benjamin turned his head away from Chiron and looked to Ozymandias. But what do you want to know? The map of the city?


Benjamin blinked once, twice and thrice. But the art is beautiful. Norton knows his way around Snap City and Rich is lucky to have such a talented collaborator. Spider-Men 4 preaches to the choir, and the choir only. Almost purely exposition — but exposition we already know, it's all just for fictional characters' sake — this comic is the equivalent of your best friend showing off slideshows of their spring break vacation.

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    • It's purely continuity comparison here, with Peter basically just telling May and Gwen what's different in his world like Mary Jane Watson being a model instead of a budding journalist and what's the same Uncle Ben's still dead. Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales, meanwhile, adds almost nothing to the story, aside from a couple of panels with him playing around with some webshooters Peter left lying around.

      Gwen's death in the mainstream Marvel Universe doesn't even cause a blip in this script.

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      The art is the only thing that's truly memorable about this book, but that's pushing it. Sara Pichelli's self-inked artwork is often smooth, but her faces occasionally have a scratchy quality that reminds me of Billy Tan. When she's on, she's on, particularly a scene with Tony Stark that looks better than just about anything else here, and that final splash shows that she's committed to making Miles look like a spectacular Spider-Man. Yet there is a ton of room for solid acting and expressiveness, and that doesn't come across in this book.

      That said, Justin Ponsor's colors are a highlight here, giving that sort of realistic tone with his cooler palette. Manhattan is no stranger to bloodshed, giving Ozymandias cancer does seem kind of… petty. Manhattan who is now extremely into poking and prodding at the natural order of things, tweaking pieces of the DC Comics Universe to try and produce new outcomes. Ozymandias is, after all, probably the only person with the scientific knowhow to track down Dr. If people have known what Ozymandias did for some time now, that would certainly be more than enough time for the families of the people he afflicted with cancer — or maybe even the one of the victims themselves -- to seek revenge.

      Maybe Ozymandias contracted cancer from a vengeful vigilante. The series is all about vigilantes run amuck, good intentions that are slowly eroded by the realities of human nature. That the means of execution is the cancer he inflicted on so many others is all the more poetic.