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Fostering academic learning through self-reflection prompts via mobile devices. Self-paced learning from animations: An effect of reduced cognitive load or of self-regulation? Fostering and assessing self-regulatory processes with technology rich learning environments. When disfluency leads to better monitoring and performance.

Awarded as 2nd best poster at JURE The development of a cognitive skills training to support driver education — comparing performance of experienced and trained learner drivers. Process mining techniques for analysing patterns and strategies in students' self-regulated learning. Scaffolding hypermedia learning through student's self-created metacognitive prompts. Research students and early career presentations.

Prompting AD H D students during hypermedia learning. Examining metacognitive processes using process data collected during learning with computerized environments. Vortrag bei der Der Einfluss von individuellen Merkmalen und der Bildschirmgestaltung auf die kognitive Belastung beim Lernen mit Multimedia. Instruktionspsychologie und Neue Medien. Kongress der DGPs, Bremen.

Improving driver education with multimedia applications.

Lehren und Lernen mit digitalen Medien

Aspects of dynamics in motivation. A re pictures more motivating than texts? Effects of presentation codality on interest. Eingeladener Vortrag bei der Tagung "The challenge of demographic change - Sustainable life-long learning and digital media", im Japanisch-Deutschen Zentrum Berlin.

Diskussion der Arbeitsgruppe bei der Self Regulation in Virtual Learning Groups. Exploring group regulation during a CSCL task. Motivation in computer-supported collaborative learning - aspects of dynamics and possible interventions.

Disruptive or seamless scaffolding: How could we support self-regulated eLearning? Effects of orientation prompts when learning with hypermedia.

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Symposium presented at AERA Analysing and supporting orientation activities in hypermedia learning. Metacognitive support for hypermedia learning. Supporting self-regulated elearning through prompts. Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong, Australia. Design and effects of metacognitive prompting measures. Design and effects of metacognitive support for hypermedia learning.

Motivation in a computer supported collaborative learning scenario and its impact on learning activities. Motivation and knowledge acquisition during computer supported collaborative learning. Stability in the learning process and predictive validity on learning outcome.

Design and effects of metacognitive prompting when learning with hypermedia. Students' use of metacognitive prompting during hypermedia learning. AERA 08 - Symposium on learners challenging instructional design: Unobtrusive views on the use of instructional interventions in computer-based learning environments. Design and effects when learning with hypermedia. AERA 08 - Symposium on metacognition, self-regulated learning and computer-based learning environments.

Design und Wirksamkeit beim Lernen mit Neuen Medien. Diskussion der Arbeitsgruppe, Effects of metacognitive strategy training and accuracy of monitoring on learning outcome. Attention deficits, motivational self-regulation and computer-based instruction. Effects of computer assisted metacognitive instruction on learning performance. Eingeladener Vortrag, Fachrichtung 5. Designing metacognitive support for web-based learning. Attention deficits, self-efficacy and new learning technology in everyday life. Influence of motivation on computer supported collaborative learning activities.

Neue Lern- medien aus der Sicht von Lernern mit Aufmerksamkeitsdefiziten: Searching for factors influencing their validity. Design and evaluation of metacognitive support for hypermedia learning. Effekte und Implikationen der kognitiven Belastung beim Wissenserwerb mit Hypermedia. Effects of reflection prompts when learning with hypermedia. Analyzing self- monitoring in computer assisted learning. Cognitive Load in reading comprehension: Influence of text type and linearity. Welche Effekte haben unterschiedliche metakognitive Erfassungsmethoden auf die Lernleistung?

Die Last beim Lernen: Effekte metakognitiver Intervention beim Lernen mit Neuen Medien. Effekte metakognitiver Intervention beim netzbasierten Lernen. Assessment of metacognitive skills by means of thinking-aloud instruction and reflection prompts. Does the method affect the learning performance? Metakognitive Strategien beim Lernen mit Neuen Medien. S trategisches Lernen in der Schule. Vortrag und Seminar an der PH Weingarten. Designing metacognitive support for hypermedia learning. Effekte metakognitiver Lernhilfen auf den Wissenserwerb in vernetzten Lernumgebungen.

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Poster bei der 8. Effects of metacognitive help when learning with hypermedia. Eine explorative Studie zur spontanen Lernwegplanung und -gestaltung in vernetzten Lernumgebungen. Self-Regulation activities during web-based learning.


Vortrag im Rahmen eines Workshops mit Prof. Effects of training wheels and self-learning materials in software training. Support and interference effects in learning from multiple representations. Forschungskolloquium des Fachbereichs 8: Empirische Studien im Kontext manueller Arbeitsprozesse.

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Values Education in Germany. Collaborative Learning in Virtual Groups. Lehren und Lernen mit digitalen Medien. This article presents an outline of a script theory of guidance for computer-supported collaborative learning CSCL. With its 4 types of components of internal and external scripts play, scene, role, and scriptlet and 7 principles, this theory addresses the question of how CSCL practices are shaped by dynamically reconfigured internal collaboration scripts of the participating learners Collaborative argumentation and cognitive elaboration in a computer-supported collaborative learning This study explores the relation between argumentation in online discussions, cognitive elaboration, and individual knowledge acquisition.

In a one-factorial experimental design with 48 participants we investigated the effect of an argumentative computer-supported collaboration script with vs. Collaborative argumentation and cognitive processing - An empirical study in a computer-supported co It has been assumed that deep cognitive processing is associated with better understanding. Better understanding of the content is supposed to improve the quality of argumentation in the discussions. Although plausible, empirical tests of these assumptions are sparse.

Therefore, the goals of this study are to examine these assumptions and to provide analyses of cognitive processes during