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As Seeker, he needs a better broom than the ones provided by the school, so he receives a Nimbus , then one of the best brooms available. There is also a publication devoted to the merits of the various broomsticks. From the descriptions of flying in the series, it appears that the key to using a broom is balance. The way you balance on the broom controls the direction in which it will fly, shifting your weight forward will bring the handle down and so make it descend. It seems that shifting your weight closer to the broom makes it speed up.

Presumably shifting your weight left and right makes it turn. However, it is possible to spin one's body around the broom, and still have it continue traveling in more or less a straight line; this is apparently called a "sloth grip roll", and is mentioned in passing in book 5. One question which is never satisfactorily answered is, who pays for Harry's Nimbus , and why?

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We learn that his Firebolt was bought by Sirius , and was quite expensive "eleven years of missed birthdays and Christmases" ; the Nimbus brooms which the Slytherin team uses in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets were purchased by Lucius Malfoy; Ron flies on a broom that was bought for him by his mother. Before he receives his Firebolt, Harry must practice on the school brooms, which are slow and wobbly. Everyone else uses brooms that they buy themselves; Harry receives the Nimbus for free.

The only clue we have is Oliver Wood and Professor McGonagall discussing what kind of broom he needs, immediately after his first, spectacular flying lesson.

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McGonagall's comments at that point hint at the idea that she and Wood between them would buy the broom. Wood, as a student, likely has little money, so we have to assume that the Nimbus was, in fact, a gift from Professor McGonagall, possibly with help from Professor Dumbledore.

There's a small stand you attach to the broom to display. It shows signs of wear with marks and paint loss.

Part of it looks like it was chewed. I tested it and it lights up.

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I don't know if it is supposed to do anything. Very cool hard to find non- electric. This one was the first to come out by Warner Brothers before the Electronic version. Bristle part can unscrew from the handle for easy storage. Made of very durab Production dates age estimates, grading or values are based on my research, I am not a profes Brand new in factory sealed packaging.

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At that time, the Nimbus was the best broom available. Harry used this broom until it blew into the Whomping Willow during a match against Hufflepuff in his third year and was destroyed PA9.

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The word nimbus most commonly refers to clouds that precede rain and is Latin for "dark cloud". The Nimbus racing brooms may also take their name from two racehorses, one of which won the Epsom Derby in Wikipedia. Did Harry's Nimbus belong to the school? First years, after all, weren't allowed to bring their own brooms with them to Hogwarts. An exception for Harry was made for him to join the team due to "special circumstances", but this probably means that the broom destroyed by the Whomping Willow PA9 was a school broom.

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It is no wonder Harry had to look for a new broom PA10 , PA12 to buy when his Nimbus was destroyed, as there was no way he could have played Quidditch on a old, slow school broom. Lexicon list of Broom Manufacturers.