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E'er the thieves will out with their booty, And to all give a happier lot. Each at his forge must do their duty, And we'll strike the iron while it's hot. Stand up, all victims of oppression, For the tyrants fear your might! Don't cling so hard to your possessions, For you have nothing if you have no rights! Let racist ignorance be ended, For respect makes the empires fall!

Freedom is merely privilege extended, Unless enjoyed by one and all. Chorus So come brothers and sisters, For the struggle carries on. The Internationale Unites the world in song. So comrades, come rally, For this is the time and place! The international ideal Unites the human race. Let no one build walls to divide us, Walls of hatred nor walls of stone. Come greet the dawn and stand beside us, We'll live together or we'll die alone. In our world poisoned by exploitation, Those who have taken, now they must give!

French parole prisoners, Ashbourne

And end the vanity of nations, We've but one Earth on which to live. Chorus And so begins the final drama, In the streets and in the fields. We stand unbowed before their armour, We defy their guns and shields!

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When we fight, provoked by their aggression, Let us be inspired by life and love. For though they offer us concessions, Change will not come from above! Arise, ye prisoners of starvation! Arise, ye wretched of the earth! For justice thunders condemnation: A better world's in birth! No more tradition's chains shall bind us; Arise, ye slaves, no more in thrall! The earth shall rise on new foundations: We have been nought, we shall be all!

Chorus 'Tis the final conflict; Let each stand in his place.

The International working class Shall be the human race! We want no condescending saviors To rule us from a judgment hall; We workers ask not for their favors; Let us consult for all. To make the thief disgorge his booty To free the spirit from its cell, We must ourselves decide our duty, We must decide, and do it well. Chorus Toilers from shops and fields united, The union we of all who work: The earth belongs to us, the workers, No room here for the shirk. How many on our flesh have fattened! But if the noisome birds of prey Shall vanish from the sky some morning, The blessed sunlight still will stay.

As he was executed by the Kuomintang in , his Chinese translation is in the public domain wherever the duration of copyright is an author's lifetime plus up to 70 years, including Chinese-speaking Mainland China , Hong Kong , Macau , Taiwan lifetime plus 50 years in these places , and Singapore lifetime plus 70 years.

The third, fourth and fifth stanzas of the French original are not used in this version. The most common, and official Chinese version is the de facto anthem of the Communist Party of China. When the Chinese Soviet Republic was established in , it was decided to be its national anthem. The song was a rallying anthem of the demonstrators at the Tiananmen Square protests of , and was repeatedly sung both while marching to the Square and within the Square. They ran after the trucks and shouted protest slogans.

A few stones were thrown.

Lyrics: The International

The soldiers opened fire with live ammunition. The crowd threw themselves on the ground, but quickly followed the convoy again. The more shots were fired, the more the crowd got determined and outraged. Suddenly they started singing "The Internationale"; they armed themselves with stones and threw them towards the soldiers. There were also a few Molotov cocktails and the last truck was set on fire. Arise, slaves afflicted by hunger and cold, Arise, suffering people all over the world! The blood which fills our chest has boiled over, We must struggle for truth!

The old world shall be destroyed Arise, slaves, arise! Do not say that we have nothing, We shall be the masters of the world! Chorus This is the final struggle, Unite together towards tomorrow, The Internationale Shall certainly be realised.

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There has never been any saviour of the world, Nor deities, nor emperors on which to depend. To create Humankind's happiness We must entirely depend on ourselves! We shall retake the fruits of our labour, And let the mind burst free from its prison cell. Let the flames in the furnace burn red-hot, For only when the iron is hot will we succeed in forging it!

Chorus Who is it that created the world of humankind? It is us, the masses. Everything is for workers, How can parasites be accommodated! The most detestable are those poisonous snakes and savage beasts Eating up our flesh and blood. Exterminate them all at once, The red sun will shine all over the globe! Arise, slaves afflicted by hunger and cold, Arise, persecuted all over the world!

The blood which fills my chest has boiled over, Make one last war! The old world, it shall be destroyed. Do not say that we are worth nothing, We shall be the masters of the world! Refrain This is the final struggle, Unite together towards tomorrow, The Internationale Shall certainly be realised. There has never been any saviour of the world, Nor deities, nor emperors. Not even those heroes, Entirely depend on ourselves to save ourselves! To fully kill those bandits' crestless lives Requires sacrificing spirit. Quickly, while this furnace burns red-hot, For only when the iron is fired will we succeed in forging it!

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Refrain Who is the creator of the world? Only us, hard working labours and farmers. Everything is for producers only, Where can parasites be accommodated! How much hot blood of ours have bled, Only to handle that cruel and evil monster. If it is someday fully killed, A red sun will shine all over the five continents!

The third, fourth, and fifth French stanzas are not sung in Chinese in the above two versions of Qu and the National Revolutionary Army. Chinese translator Shen Baoji simplified Chinese: As the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China grants individuals copyright for their lifetime plus 50 years, Shen's translation is expected to remain copyrighted there until the end of The word "Internationale" is not translated in either version.

There were 3 versions of the song, 1st one was composed by Juan Feleo of the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas under the title "Pandaigdigang Awit ng Manggagawa" The International Worker's Anthem which was translated from the English version. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Billy Bragg album, see The Internationale album. The Internationale Pottier, French. The Internationale Pottier, English. Radical Nostalgia or Activist Inspiration? Archived from the original on 4 July Le Monde in French.

Retrieved December 7, Dick Gaughan's Song Archive.

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A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine: Archived from the original on Archived from the original on 12 June Retrieved 12 June Archived from the original on 18 January Retrieved 18 January Retrieved 25th October, Check date values in: The Internationale at Wikipedia's sister projects. Links to related articles. Marxist philosophy Marxian economics Historical materialism Dialectical materialism Surplus value Communist society From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs Class struggle Dictatorship of the proletariat Classless society Collective leadership Common ownership Class consciousness Gift economy Commune Workers' self-management Proletarian internationalism World revolution.

Communist state Communist party Communist revolution Communist symbolism Communism and religion History of communism. Buddhist Christian Islamic Jewish left. History of socialism Economics State Criticism. It was only then that the song began its conquest of the world. This is the song as Pottier wrote it. Arise, prisoners of hunger!

There are no supreme saviors, Neither God, nor Caesar nor tribune; Producers, let us save ourselves, We decree common salvation! The state represses, the law cheats, Taxes bleed the poor; No duties are imposed on the rich, The rights of the poor are empty words, We have languished long enough under domination, Equality wants other laws: In the safes of that gang What is created is smelted, By decreeing that they turn it over The people only want what is their due.

Kings intoxicated us with smoke, Peace among us, war on tyrants! Workers, farmers, we are The great party of the workers, The earth belongs only to men, Idlers can go someplace else. How many on our flesh eat their fill? But if the ravens, the vultures One morning disappeared The sun would shine still! The Weekly People , April 26th, Labor Day , Olive M.

Marching Song of the Revolutionary Proletariat ; Source: Ye galley-slaves of want. Close the ranks, each in place, The staunch old International Shall be the Human race. Say, how many on our flesh have feasted? But if all this vampire flight Should vanish from the sky some morning, The sun will still shine on us as bright! Helen Keller to Eugene V. Le monde va changer de base Nous ne sommes rien, soyons tout! Paix entre nous, guerre aux tyrans! Combien de nos chairs se repaissent!

Mais si les corbeaux, les vautours, Un de ces matins disparaissent, Le soleil brillera toujours!

The Internationale

Vstavaj prokliatem zaklejmennyj, Ves mir golodnykh i rabov! Kipit nash razum vozmushchionnyj I v smertnyj boj vesti gotov. Ves mir nasilia my razrushim Do osnovania, a zatem My nash my novyj mir postroim, Kto byl nikem tot stanet vsem! Ehto est nash poslednij I reshitelnyj boj S Internatsionalom Vosprianet rod liudskoj Nikto ne dast nam izbavlenia: Ni bog, ni tsar i ne geroj Dobiomsia my osvobozhdenia Svoeiu sobstvennoj rukoj. Chtob svergnut gniot rukoj umeloj, Otvoevat svoio dobro, Vzduvajte gorn i kujte smelo, Poka zhelezo goriacho!

Dovolno krov sosat vampiry, Tiurmoj , nalogom nishchetoj!