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Oh, I'm fired up about Direct Mail 2. When any business owner mails out direct mail, the first thing that they think is, "I wonder when is this piece going to hit? So let me go over the three components really quickly. First, we add a mail tracking code and, that way, the business owner can log into a portal and they can see exactly when those postcards are going to hit mailboxes and they can also see the predicted delivery date and the actual delivery date. We also put on a phone number that's not your phone number — we call it a "call tracking phone number" — it goes through the cloud so it basically rings in your business but it's picked up in the cloud first where it's recorded.

So you can log in, you can see exactly how many phone calls came off of that specific direct mail piece, and you can also listen to the calls so you can quality control check your sales people and your receptionists, and also call people back that call at night, and hang up, and don't leave a message because those leads are very valuable and you're spending money on them.

The most exciting part, though, is that, every person that gets that card, if they're interested in what you have, they're going to go to your website first. That's what everybody does first before they pick up the phone and call a business. They do their own due diligence and 96 percent of the people that go to a website take no action when they get there.

So what happens, when somebody gets your postcard and they are interested, and they go to your website, we cookie them. That just means that we follow them around the internet so that, when they leave that website and do nothing — which is the most likely thing — they'll see ads that look like that postcard all over the internet, all over the Google network, thousands of times so you get that repeat message over and over and over again with that one mailing.

So that really fires me up because we've watched our clients that take advantage of Direct Mail 2. Fire, Nation, this is just something that we have to understand here in and beyond — we are going to have to be in front of our potential clients and customers multiple, multiple times to build the know, like, and trust it is going to take for them to take action and make a purchase to invest in us — critical stuff.

So, Fire Nation, invest your time in the upcoming lightning rounds after we thank our sponsors. I am an entrepreneur so I really didn't have anything specific holding me back. I wasn't at a job where I was making a lot of money so it was like, "Well, let me see if I can do this and, if I can't, I'll just get another crappy job.

About three years into my owning my business, a friend of mine that I used to work for told me that I should pay myself first. And this was completely contrary to everything that I'd ever heard but he said, "If you pay yourself first and you pay yourself well, you will have the necessity to make enough money to pay all those other things.

But, if you put yourself last, you'll always be last," kind of thing. And I was like, "Wow," and I just gave myself a big old raise and it's just been going great ever since. I would recommend backlinko. And, if you don't know anything about search engine optimization, I would probably say it's too advanced but I am in love with his blog and everything that he teaches.

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I would recommend a book by a guy called Steve Krug. It's called Don't Make Me Think and, basically, it's about websites, the way they look, and the user experience. It's a very easy read. Any business owner that has a website needs to read this book. Joy, I want to end it today on fire with a parting piece of guidance from you, the best way that we can connect with you, and then we'll say goodbye. So my parting piece of guidance would be this: They're always struggling with, "I need more, I need more," but they don't realize that they have to 10X in their mind whatever they think the proper amount of outflow is.

Does that make sense? And what I'd like to do is offer a copy of my book to any of your listeners. It's called Postcard Marketing in an Online World: Success Simplified and I break down how to do direct mail correctly and how to incorporate it into all the different online tactics as well. And you can download it for free at postcardmania. And is there any other place you want Fire Nation to learn more about you or your company?

Just go to postcardmania.

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We have about 5, readable pages on our website with tons of free information on marketing so make yourself at home there. And, Fire Nation, you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with and you've been hanging out with JG and JLD today. So keep up the heat and head over to eofire.

Just type "Joy" in the search bar. Her show notes page will pop up with everything that we've been talking about today.

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These are the best show notes in the biz — timestamps, links galore of everything that we've been talking about. Head over to postcardmania. And, of course, learn more about PostcardMania and just go over to postcardmania. And, Joy, thank you for sharing your journey with Fire Nation today. For that, we salute you and we'll catch you on the flip side.

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  • Direct mail is still going strong and is not being replaced with digital mail. Mailing out consistently to the same list and making sure they see your message is important. Joy funded her manufacturing equipment with an IRB. They went with Bank of America and in the banking and real estate industry went down. Banks were looking at how to get money fast. Joy got a phone call from Bank of America and was told that her loans would be due in 30 days. Joy realized small businesses were throwing away money for marketing, so she hired a results manager who goes through all their campaigns, compiles details and results per industry, and then shares the data with potential customers [ Success Simplified , to Fire Nation!

    Download your copy here! I'll talk about Dr. He's a dentist in Maryland. And, if you looked at all of my — and this was not just on my building and equipment, this was on all the real estate my husband and I bought over the years we — [Crosstalk] JLD: Was she calling from Nigeria? She was calling from North Carolina. What was holding you back from becoming an entrepreneur? What's the best advice you've ever received? What's a personal habit that contributes to your success? Staying positive, smiling a lot.

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    If you could recommend just one resource, Joy, what would it be and why? And, Joy, if you could recommend just one book, what would it be and why? Yeah, it makes total sense. Free Podcast Course Create, grow and monetize your Podcast in 15 days! Free Goals Course Accomplish a meaningful goal in 8 days! The Mastery Journal Master productivity, discipline and focus in days! Get the first 30 days FREE! Funnel On Fire Create a funnel that converts in 8 days!

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    This book will teach you how to: The first thing you think when you get this book is "Oh! And the author addresses that right away. Lots of full color samples of profitable postcard campaigns. The case histories of what works in different industries is worth the price of the book alone. The author said that the first few years of her postcard printing and mailing business, the only way she marketed was by using postcards.

    Get your copy of The Ultimate Postcard Success Manual today!

    She gave the best reason in the world to use postcards; You can't scan a postcard without getting the sales message. Everyone who gets your postcard will see your offer. Her chapter on mailing lists covered new territory. She explains how to use your own customer list to figure out your most profitable market segment, and how to market to them through postcard mailing. This is a thorough course in the subject. In fact, I do advertising seminars for small business people. This book convinced me to use postcards as the lead generation tool.

    Book is a good read but don't order the sample postcards from the authors website. They call you over and over.

    "How To Make Money With GDI" Mailing Postcards

    I know of a young man in the Dallas area who has built up and sold a pest control business three times. He has done it through postcard mailings. He says it is strictly a numbers game. This book confirms his method. I own an irrigation contracting business and am going to adopt this technique.