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This album is so refreshing and refined. Jazzy, groovy, housey—exactly the kind of vibe for a chill morning at home with the sun shining through your window as you nurse a coffee. Big Luxury by Potatohead People. Stylin' by Various Artists presented by Ennio Styles. Self Titled by rkls. Purchasable with gift card.

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Melo B Jones Hours Go By feat. To make matters even more confusing, both the self-titled album and Americana Deluxe contain many of the same songs. David Bowie has two different self-titled albums; the first is virtually forgotten, and the second is better known by its rerelease title, " Space Oddity. And a self-titled song, as seen below. Hardcore punk and alternative rock band The Bronx have released four albums under that name, each of which has been titled The Bronx.

They also put out some mariachi music under the side project Mariachi El Bronx, and all of those albums are named Mariachi El Bronx.

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Cheap Trick 's debut Cheap Trick and the band's thirteenth album of the same name. The entirety of Chicago 's discography, with only a few exceptions, in the form of Chicago and a Roman numeral. The Chicago Transit Authority , Chicago's debut, was also a self-titled release prior to a change of name due to legal trouble with the actual CTA. Duran Duran released two self-titled albums, one in and another in The second is often referred to as The Wedding Album due to its wedding-themed cover art.

Their second album was ELO 2.

a car, a torch, a death - twenty one pilots // lyrics

Said second album should not be confused with Electric Light Orchestra Part II , which is the self-titled debut for the spin-off band of the same name. Peter Gabriel 's first four albums, all literally titled Peter Gabriel — though due to Executive Meddling , the fourth was released in the U. The first three are often listed as "Car," "Scratch," and "Melt," after their album covers.

The Hollies released an album called Hollies in , and then another with that title in after reuniting with original lead singer Allan Clarke. Some sources list the second album as Hollies '74 to avoid confusion, but its official title is simply Hollies. Country Music band The Mavericks released two self-titled albums. One was their first; the other, their last until a reunion.

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Tim McGraw 's first album was self-titled. He later released an effectively self-titled album in Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors. Queen 's first two albums, Queen and Queen II. Diana Ross has two solo albums named Diana Ross , one released in and retitled Ain't No Mountain High Enough when that single became a hit and one released in Also the artwork for one of her nearly-eponymous albums Ross has Diana Ross on the front.

Played for laughs by Ten Masked Men hey, they are a death metal group that does covers of pop songs , who inject a Star Wars theme: The Traveling Wilburys , as Vol. There is no Vol. Often put down to ' George being George'. The Velvet Underground A posthumous album of unreleased studio material was titled VU.

Weezer 's color albums " blue ", "green", "red", and "white". Starflyer 59 's first two albums were officially self-titled, but almost universally referred to as Silver and Gold after the color of each album's monochromatic cover —ten years later, these nicknames were used for the rereleased versions. Killswitch Engage 's debut album and their latest as of , both featuring a different vocalist. Doctor Steel 's albums Dr. Eclectic Boogaloo , The Dr. Steel Collection and the Dr. Also extends to his video series, The Dr.

And his songs, Dr. Steel and The Dr. The Spits, a punk band, have released four full-length LPs all entitled "The Spits" although the fourth one is unofficially titled "Volume 4". One theory says that they're all one album that they just can't stop writing. Franz Ferdinand planned to do this, with each album being distinguished by its cover especially the colour schemes rather than its name. They did this with their first album, Franz Ferdinand.

Fleetwood Mac had two eponymous albums, one in the true debut album and one in the first album with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks , which some fans call The White Album not to be confused with The Beatles' self-titled album. Tokyo Blade's debut album and one of their compilations were self-titled. Their fourth album Ain't Misbehavin ' was reissued as a self-titled album at one point.

Red House Painters released two in the same year. The two albums were later retitled based on their artwork Rollercoaster and Bridge.

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This is one of those few times the band was actually deliberately trying to confuse people. Leatherwolf's debut EP and first two albums were all self-titled. The EP and the first album even shared the same cover art. Killing Joke has two self-titled albums: Their debut and a album. After several nearly-eponymous albums including Earth Vs The Wildhearts and The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed, their self-titled album was their fifth or sixth depending how you count during , but marked a reformation, a new line-up and a partial return towards what most fans regard as their classic sound.

Contrarian indie band Ro C 's debut was self-titled; they reportedly wanted their second album and major-label debut to be self-titled as well, but when this was refused, they named it after their record label instead, Virgin. Orbital 's debut was named Orbital , and its followup was named Orbital 2. They're generally referred to instead as Green Album and Brown Album , respectively. Days Of The New have three albums, all of which are self-titled. Their long-awaited fourth album is going to break the pattern by only being nearly -eponymous: Kylie Minogue has two, her Debut and her fifth album Eric Carmen has two of these: The first one, released in and the last one, in at least for sixteen years, until he released a new studio album in Both are titled simply "Eric Carmen".

Jimmy Eat World briefly had two self-titled releases: The first was a self-titled EP, and the second was a album that ended up temporarily becoming self-titled when its original title, Bleed American , was considered Too Soon after September 11th. After enough time passed, Bleed American went back to its original title. Collective Soul's first album was self-titled, ten years later they released another self-titled album although the latter is usually known as "Rabbit" due to the rabbit on the cover.

Retrieved 8 September Archived from the original on June 3, Retrieved 7 June Archived from the original on 24 June Archived from the original on February 12, Retrieved 21 June Retrieved 3 June From the trip-hop nuances of its self-titled album in to the bleak math metal tendencies of 's Saturday Night Wrist to the goth-rock tinged shoegaze of 's Diamond Eyes to the prog-rock flirting of 's Koi No Yokan, Deftones' catalogue reads like a case study in how a band can translate influences into a sound that's definitively their own.

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Archived from the original on Die Offizielle Schweizer Hitparade. Asher D — Dyverse". Canadian Recording Industry Association. Recording Industry Association of America. Live Back to School Mini Maggit. Music in High Places: Retrieved from " https: Deftones albums albums Maverick Records albums Albums produced by Terry Date Experimental rock albums by American artists Alternative metal albums by American artists. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 29 July , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Alternative metal experimental rock shoegazing.