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Best TV Detective Crime Mystery Whodunnit Shows

My 7yr old daughter loved it! This is a recent addition to The Whodunit Detective Agency series. The Complete Sherlock Holmes. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Slippery red herrings meet smug little grey cells in this ingenious, rule-breaking country house murder mystery. The Madman of Bergerac. A childlike young woman with lank hair marries a mysterious and dominating older man and becomes dangerously obsessed with his charismatic — but deceased — first wife. Buy Rebecca from the Telegraph Bookshop. The clues take her to Greenland via what must be one of the most peculiar sex scenes in detective history.

Based on interviews with the appalled community and the killers, the book reinvented reportage.

TV series based on crime novels

The Name of the Rose. The New York Trilogy. Sly postmodernist sleuthing in this profound, literary quest that sends its author on a search for the meaning of self and the origins of language. The real fear though is that of every novelist: Buy Misery from the Telegraph Bookshop. Meanwhile, a detective in Berlin examines a corpse that stinks of conspiracy, but that is only the beginning of the truths waiting to be unearthed.

Buy Fatherland from the Telegraph Bookshop. True History of the Kelly Gang. Never flinching from the extreme violence, Carey gives a rich emotional life to a national legend. Buy Fingersmith from the Telegraph Bookshop. It begins with a baffling problem—an eerie situation, seemingly inexplicable by any rational means.

Then Holmes begins sifting through it—questioning, observing, connecting the dots, and emerging finally with a perfectly rational solution.

A friend told me that that she found the novels of Ross Macdonald so similar to one another she had a hard time telling them apart. They do, in fact, delve into similar forms of duplicity and disorder in similar Southern California families. But personally I have never grown tired of this apparent repetition.

Because Macdonald is a marvellous writer. His sense of place is vivid, his plots ingenious, his insights acute, his empathy touching, his voice addictive.

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And few crime writers can match his ability to nail a moment, a character, a mood in one perfect phrase. His unfailing literary grace is the icing on the cake. Many of his characters are cynical, sophisticated Brits with Oxbridge pedigrees. His depictions of their ambitions, alliances, and rivalries are subtle yet vivid, edgy, and always believable.

A lively sense of place captivates me. Insert into that twisted environment an honest, relentless detective pursuing against all odds a truth that seemingly no one in power wants him to discover, and the result is a deeply absorbing thriller.

TV series based on crime novels - IMDb

Hannibal Lecter, the iconic Harris monster, first appears. In the Scandinavian crime fiction I like best there is a grim understatement in the process of detection, as well as a refusal to exaggerate the strengths or minimize the defects of the detective. His detective-protagonist, Erlendur, is a morose, guilt-ridden man whose memories, preoccupations, and family problems are as much a part of this series as the troubled lives he investigates and the crimes he solves.

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  5. Harry Bosch is a complex protagonist with a sound moral compass, plenty of smarts, and a ton of determination. But Connelly never glamorizes him, never makes him anything other than a very believable human being doing a dangerous job and leading a sometimes difficult life. All in all, quite a feast.