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Knox, a staunch Protestant Reformer , opposed the Catholic queens on religious grounds, and used them as examples to argue against female rule over men generally. Building on his premise that, according to Knox's understanding of the Bible , "God, by the order of his creation, has [deprived] woman of authority and dominion" and from history that "man has seen, proved, and pronounced just causes why it should be", he argued the following with regard to the specific role of women bearing authority:.

For who can denie but it repugneth to nature, that the blind shal be appointed to leade and conduct such as do see? That the weake, the sicke, and impotent persones shall norishe and kepe the hole and strong, and finallie, that the foolishe, madde and phrenetike shal gouerne the discrete, and giue counsel to such as be sober of mind? And such be al women, compared vnto man in bearing of authoritie.

The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women

For their sight in ciuile regiment, is but blindnes: His polemic against female rulers had negative consequences for him when Elizabeth I succeeded her half-sister Mary I as Queen of England ; Elizabeth was a supporter of the Protestant cause, but took offence at Knox's words about female sovereigns.

Terry Pratchett 's satirical fantasy novel, Monstrous Regiment , is also named after Knox's screed but is deliberately funny. Single-parent households are described as dens of effeminacy. Scary pictures of so-called feminist icons are shown along with ominous background music. One woman claims that her former role in sex education had the intended purpose of increasing teenage pregnancy and abortion rates. Schlafly practices a form of neuro-linguistic programming ethics-free rhetoric hate-filled and hypocritical boosterism, but her hair looks nice firm and buttery.

The film was almost entirely ignored by critics.

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John Knox and the Monstrous Regiment of Women

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First blast of the trumpet against the monstruous regiment of women

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