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He turns to Danielle for help in recouping his losses. Danielle calls in two friends from her porn star days, and they agree to make a video for Hugo Posh on prom night using Matthew's classmates as actors.

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After the successful shoot, Danielle and Matthew have sex in their limousine. Despite Danielle's past, it is the first time she has truly made love. The next morning Eli calls Matthew, panicked because the prom night tape has been stolen, jeopardizing their hopes of financial recovery. Matthew enters his home to find Kelly and the stolen tape in his home, along with his parents and Principal Salinger.

Kelly, in private, tells Matthew that unless he is given half of all profits, he will play the tape immediately for Matthew's family. Matthew dares him to show the tape, asserting that he no longer cares about his "now-ruined future," and Kelly obliges. Surprising everyone, Matthew and his friends have made a progressive, comprehensive sex ed tape rather than a porn film.

With no more cards left to play, Kelly admits defeat as well as a grudging respect for Matthew. Hugo Posh and Matthew make millions from the video. Matthew's story ends with him getting the girl of his dreams and a chance at the future he has always wanted. The Girl Next Door received mixed reviews. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Kidman Donna Bullock as Mrs. The film uses recycled ideas, and adds those elements into a mediocre script. The ends result is a film that doesn't work, and is plagued with mostly unfunny gags that we've seen so many times before.

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A I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable the movie was B I got surprised by many plot points in the movie. More Top Movies Trailers.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Black Panther Dominates Honorees. Trending on RT Avengers: The Girl Next Door Post Share on Facebook. Movie Info Boy meets girl who's already met all sorts of boys and girls in this teen-slanted comedy. Matthew Kidman Emile Hirsch is a straight-laced and highly ambitious high school student who plans to study at Georgetown University and dreams of a career in politics.

While most of his classmates are in the throes of an epidemic of senioritis, Matthew is obsessed with schoolwork and has a hard time relaxing and having fun.

But he finds himself a bit less focused on his future career when Danielle Elisha Cuthbert , a beautiful year-old blonde, moves in next door. Danielle is playful, spontaneous, and doesn't always remember to draw her shades, and before long Matthew is head over heels in love. Danielle soon finds herself taken with Matthew as well, but their relationship takes an unusual turn when he discovers that, before she moved to town, Danielle had a successful career as a porn actress.

Matthew is able to convince Danielle that she's cut out for better things in life than appearing in porn videos, but his advice doesn't especially please Kelly Timothy Olyphant or Hugo James Remar , two porn moguls who figure Matthew owes them big-time after convincing their leading lady to drop out of the adult industry. Emile Hirsch as Matthew Kidman. Elisha Cuthbert as Danielle.

Timothy Olyphant as Kelly. James Remar as Hugo Posh.

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Paul Dano as Klitz. Timothy Bottoms as Mr. Donna Bullock as Mrs. Jacob Young as Hunter. Brian Kolodziej as Derek. Brandon Irons as Troy. Amanda Swisten as April.

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Sung Hi Lee as Ferrari. Ulysses Lee as Samnang. Harris Laskaway as Dr. Julie Osburn as Jeannie. Nicolas Downs as Bob. Laird Stuart as Mr. Dane Garretson as Ryan Wenger.

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Garretson as Ryan Winger. Richard Fancy as Mr. Catherine McGoohan as Mrs. Olivia Wade as Whitney Parker. Josh Henderson as Pep Rally Jock. Nicholas Thomas as Glen. John-Clay Scott as Rent-a-Cop. Matt Wiese as Mule.

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