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Shortly thereafter he was murdered by a follow prisoner himself. Did this wicked man really get saved? Only God can answer that. Many people scoffed and accused Dahmer of simply trying to get a lighter sentence, etc. If Dahmer was sincere, He is in heaven right now. What a blessed promise!

If Jeffrey Dahmer came to Jesus Christ as a wicked sinner seeking forgiveness, he found it. Never underestimate the power of the Gospel. S oul-winning works folks!!! Many people who will not come to church or read a tract will listen to someone whom they feel respects them. The Bible teaches that there is always someone who is ready to get saved. You may witness to many people who seem disinterested but in fact, you have sowed a seed in their heart that the Holy Spirit will use to lead them closer to salvation.

Eventually, hopefully, some soul-winner will have the joyous opportunity to win that person to Christ as Savior. My point here is that you may think your wasting your time witnessing to some people, but your not. Only God knows the countless number of sinners who were eventually reached for Christ because of all the failed witnessing attempts by other soul-winners. It is our duty to witness to others concerning Christ crucified, whether they listen or not is an entirely different matter between them and God.

Our job is to get the Gospel out to sinners. You never know which of those planted seeds may one day sprout into a born again believer. Sometimes we wait too long, looking for just the right time to invite someone to church or to share with them the message of the Gospel. There often comes a point when we must prayerfully introduce the subject and do our best to impress someone with their need for Christ.

Leave the results with God. We're responsible for sharing the Gospel, but only God can convert the soul. Having done your best, let Him do the rest. And if you ever feel you've botched the job, think of Edward Kimball. He was determined to win his Sunday school class to Christ, including a teenager named Dwight Moody who tended to fall asleep on Sundays. His heart pounding, Kimball entered the store where the young man worked.

I asked him to come to Christ. Moody, however, left the store that day a new person and eventually became the most prominent evangelist in America during his generation. Sunday, June 4, Is My Thought Life a Problem? Association of Biblical Counselors. He is such a good listener"? So often this happens-- you preachers know this is true. A lady comes into my office. I just don't know what to do. I felt like you could tell me what to do. She talks and talks for an hour or so. I say nothing but, "God bless you. That is all I say for an hour.

She gets up and says after an hour, "Brother Hyles, you always have the best advice. You always know just what to do. Well, I didn't advise anybody about anything. She just wanted somebody to unload on. That is one of the basic jobs of the pastor. Day after day they come through my office, as they do yours, wanting somebody to hear about their problems and burdens. Go to a home and say, "Where do you work, Mr. That's a beautiful state.

I've been down in the Cumberland Mountains in Tennessee. Talk to him about his interests, and let him talk to you. Ask him about his family, where he is from. Ask him where he works. Let him talk to you for a while. Personally, I'm not an advocate of quick witnessing. Some of the best soul winners I know are, but I differ with them here. I think it best to chit-chat for awhile and be folksy.

Let them present their problems, then after awhile talk to them. Not long ago my wife and I were going to Colorado where I was preaching in a conference near Pueblo. We were on a jet going to Denver. The wife was sitting next to the window, I was sitting in the middle, and a businessman was sitting by me. I started a conversation with him.

I have never heard so much talking in my life. I didn't have any idea what he was talking about. I just tried to act intelligent. There are a lot of basic answers, you know. He would say, "What do you thing about the geophysical problem in the United States? He would say, "How do you feel we are economically? Finally after he unloaded for about thirty minutes, I got to talk to him.

My wife punched me and grinned. She knew what I was doing. After we got off the plane she said, "You rascal! I knew the whole time you didn't understand a thing he was saying but you were waiting for the time when he would do the listening for awhile. You listen to them for awhile and you will get them to listen to you easier.

Be a good listener. I wish I could stress this more. When two go together and both want to talk, it is often because of trying to argue people into becoming Christians. You can't do that. The best thing to do is ask the dear Lord to help and lead and open doors, then with a kindly, gracious, Christian spirit, go into the homes and present the plan of God to the people, giving them a chance to accept or reject.

Only one do the talking. The one who has the inroad should do the talking. Rice, that you and I are going soul winning and we meet a fellow who is mowing his yard. I walk up and start talking to him. You've got you yard looking mighty nice.

Soul-Winning Explained

Suppose we meet a man who is working on his car. Be folksy and get his attention. Then the person who has the inroad can do the talking. Rice has written some books. If the fellow says he is an author, then I say, "Dr. Rice here has written scores of books.

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Then I had better go water the beans; Dr. Rice is going to talk to him. So, I'm going to keep my mouth shut. The best thing for me to do is to be quiet, prayerful and helpful, then if he fails, I may try. Again I say, only one do the talking. I went soul winning with a man one time, a wonderful Christian and a great fellow, but he didn't know a thing about soul winning.

We went to a lady's house. I said, "How do you do. You have a nice home," etc. We talked awhile, then I asked, "Lady, have you ever become a Christian? I had a meeting down there. Do you know Zeb Peabody who runs the feed store there? I said, "Now lady, have you ever received the Lord and been converted? She said, "Well, one time I thought I did down in Jacksonville. Well, I had to send him home. He just couldn't be quiet. You just let one person do the talking. The one who gets the inroad should follow right on through and present the plan while the other on keeps the way clear.

Now, the place the Devil will ruin more soul winners than most any other place is here. I sometimes think that knowing too much hurts soul winners. If we could just keep it simple and stay on the simple plan of salvation, we would do a lot better. I spent many days in school learning to handle a Mormon; I haven't seen but two since I got out of college.

I memorized Scripture after Scripture on how to handle special cases. A Mormon will often handle just like a Jehovah's Witness. A Catholic will often handle just like a Seventh-Day Adventist. To learn how to win an unbeliever in the big thing. And the simple plan of salvation is the answer. Just stay on the subject. Suppose the old question is asked-- "Where did Cain get his wife? I would say, "That's a good question, and I will tell you what we will do.

I'll make a note of it and we will discuss it when we get through. Now, down here in Romans 3: Just stay right on the subject. You say, "Brother Hyles, what if he asks you a question about Heaven or Hell? Tell them the same thing: Don't spend your time answering his questions or he will be governing the conversation. You govern the conversation.

How can I become more motivated for soul winning?

You carry the ball. Stay on the subject. Often I've gone out to win souls and asked, "Are you a Christian? But some people will answer yes to "Are you a Christian? To do this, we must get to a verse like Romans 3: I've got to figure some way to get to Romans 3: Do you see what I mean? A family comes to talk to me and I know they are lost. Do you know any Bible verses that would help our home? There is a verse in the Bible that will help anybody's home. Turn to Romans 3: Somebody comes in, "Brother Hyles, my business is going bankrupt.

What does the Bible say about business? The best Scriptures about business in the Bible begin at Romans 3: He will solve any problem. Now, let me give you an illustration that will prove what I am trying to say. This is the only time that it has ever happened but it is a most vivid illustration to explain this point.

I went to visit a family. Let's call the name Hill. It was up on the second floor of an apartment building. They had three lovely children. I walked in and said, "How do you do, Mr. Well, I didn't know what to say. Then I asked Mrs. Hill, "Are you a Christian? Well, now I didn't think they were saved. If they had said they weren't Christians, I could have showed them Romans 3: So I asked, "Have you been born again? Oh, yes; both of them were born again. He was born again when he was three; she was born again when she was a baby. Well, I didn't know what to do. I wanted to get to Romans 3: So I said, "Well, let me ask you this: Do you ever wish you knew how to pray?

If I could show you some Scriptures on prayer, would you be willing to learn how to pray better? I was going to show them a good Scripture about prayer-- Romans 3: If they had said, "No, we don't study the Bible much," I was going to say, "Listen, there are some Scriptures that will unlock the entire Bible and the first one is Romans 3: But she said, "Oh, yes; we are taking a Bible course right now, a correspondence course.

I tried every way I could to get to Romans 3: I said, "Well, is your home what it ought to be? Would you love to have some Scriptures on the home-- how to have a better home and a good Christian home? I couldn't do it, so I prayed, "Lord, help me. You have been born again; you are converted; you have been saved; you pray and you are taking Bible study courses. You know, there is one thing that a home like this ought to have. Now that sounded good to them, and Mr. Hill said, "Honey, that sounds real good. When could we schedule that?

I said, "It so happens that I have one of the services with me right now. Listen, she went in and changed clothes, combed her hair, put clean little dresses and shirts on the children. They came in like a group going to Sunday School. I said, "Now, then, we're going to read some Scriptures on home dedication.

It says in Romans 3: I went through the same old Scriptures, Romans 3: Now would you like to pray a prayer of home dedication? They said that would be real nice. So we all got on our knees. I prayed and then said, "Mr. Hill, you want to pray a prayer of dedication for you home, don't you? Hill, this is the prayer to say: I do now repent of my sins and trust Jesus to save me. We got off our knees and they were both crying.

I said, "That's wonderful! Now you said you were saved when you were three, didn't you? Hill looked at me and said, "No, I just got saved a minute ago. That is a long way around to get the Gospel to them without them wanting it if you don't think they are saved. Let me say this also. If you can't get it to them, I have what I call a long plan and a short plan. In the long plan I read the Scriptures; in the short plan I quote them.

Basics of Soul Winning

For example, I say, "Would you like to be a Christian? I say, "If I were to show you in the Bible, would you be willing to look at it? Do you realize that Romans 3: He thinks, "Boy, I sure got him off the subject; he is not going to show me how to get saved. So if you can't use the long method, use the short method.

Just back up and take another path and go at him from another direction, but get the plan to him. Then you can go to him with the short method where you quote the same Scriptures but do not read them. Use the same book all the way through. Some books in the Bible you could use for the plan of salvation are: Definitely it is best to stay in the same book in the Bible and not to jump around too much. Here is the way I do it and I think this is a good suggestion.

Bible Living

When I start talking to a person I say, "Now, Mr. Jones, the Bible is composed of 66 books and each book has a different immediate purpose. For example, the book of Genesis explains the creation of man. The book of Revelation explains the end time. There is one book in the Bible that is given especially to tell about the power of the Gospel of Christ and how to go to Heaven.

That is the book of Romans. This book clearly explains how to go to Heaven. What you are doing is this: You are saying to him, "Now, I'm taking you to that part of the book that specializes in telling you how to go to Heaven. One thing I always try to do in a town where I pastor; I always try to make folks think of me as a specialist.

All pastors should be specialists on soul winning, but I try to make folks think of me as a specialist. Folks call me all the time and say, "Brother Hyles, would you go to the hospital and see my lost loved one or send your assistant pastor to see him? I don't say a word about it. I just want to create the attitude in town that my church is primarily a place to get folks converted.

It is important to build that kind of atmosphere. You would be surprised how many people who maybe wouldn't like you personally and wouldn't want to join your church, but they know you try to get folks converted. For example, here is a lady who has an unsaved husband. He is a drunkard and won't go to church with her. One night he says to her, "Honey, I think I'll go to church with you tonight. She says, "Let's don't go to my church tonight; let's go somewhere new. Let's go to First Baptist and hear Brother Hyles.

Would you like to do that? She knows we will try to get him saved. They might be having a special activity at her church, but she knows at our church we will try to get him converted. I'm saying that if you will build that reputation, you will get a lot of folks converted who may not stay in your church, but you will develop the reputation as the evangelistic headquarters in town. So, I would suggest you try to lead the folks to know that you know what you are talking about and that you have found the book.

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  6. Only use the one book. I contend that you can be a soul winner if you don't know a single verse of Scripture, if you can draw a map in your Bible to tell yourself where to go. All you need do is find Romans 3: Right beside Romans 3: Actually what you do is draw yourself a little road map in your Bible to explain where to go next. First, turn to Romans 3: That is all you have to remember. Beside it write 3: After you have read Romans 3: Now turn to Romans 3: Underline that verse and beside that write 5: Now that is a map for you.

    You don't have to know a single verse of Scripture to be a soul winner if you draw a map in your Bible. You follow the map until you learn the Scriptures. Of course, as you go along, you will learn many other Scriptures that will help, but these are the basic ones. I think that is the best question that I have ever used. Some use, "Do you know Jesus? Are you born again? Are you a child of God? Many don't know that kind of terminology. Basically there are only two religions in the world.

    One is the belief that salvation is all of God, and Jesus did it all on the cross; the other is that we have to do something to get converted. In this second you have combined all of the false religions. That is the old mystery of Babylon, mother of harlots in Revelation Many religions are wrapped up in this one thing-- that you have to do something to go to Heaven.

    Anybody who says you have to do something to go to Heaven, doesn't know if he is going or not. He usually says he thinks so or has a good chance or may go to purgatory. The only person who will tell you he knows that if he dies he will go to Heaven is the fellow who has trusted Jesus completely to save him.

    That is why I ask, "Do you know if you died you would go to Heaven? Do you know it? I think that the best question is, "Do you know that if you died you would go to Heaven? It may be done thusly. Doe, let me ask you a question: Do you know that if you died this minute you would go to heaven? Would you like to know? Don't you think it would be fine if you could know that if you died you would go to Heaven? If I could take this Bible and explain to you how you could know beyond any shadow of a doubt, that you could know right now, and you could see it and you could understand it, would you believe it?

    Would you do what the Bible says? Do you see what I'm trying to say? It is good to get him committed that he will do it; then you have gone a long way toward getting him saved before you ever present the plan. So these three questions: I always use the following: Doe, there are only four things you must know to be saved. First, you must know that you are a sinner. For example, Romans 3: If there is none righteous, that means I'm not righteous, doesn't it?

    Notice, I didn't get him unrighteous first; I got me unrighteous. Never put the sinner below you. You always let him know that but for the grace of God you would be in the fix he is in. You get yourself lost first.

    Charisma Magazine

    So if there is none righteous, I'm not righteous. If there is none righteous, then Mr. Doe, you are not righteous. Also, it says, 'For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. That means your wife has sinned, and that means you have sinned. If he still acts like he is not a sinner, you just list a few sins and you will catch him. A lot of times I say this: For example, the Bible mentions some sins such as evil thinking, bad literature, ugly disposition, etc. Show him that he is a sinner. Second, show him the price on sin. All death, both spiritual and physical death, the sum total of death.

    What is that price? What kind of death? That includes the second death of Revelation So ultimately a person who is a sinner must pay for it by going to Hell. That is the basic price on sin. Third, the next thing we must do is show that Jesus paid the price. So I say this: Doe, God looked down from Heaven and saw that you were a sinner.

    He saw that you were in debt. He saw that you and I deserved to go to Hell. He wanted to save us and made a plan to do it. He came to the world Himself. His name was Jesus. He was God in a human body. For thirty-three years He lived here in this world. He did not commit one single sin. Doe, suppose that Jesus Christ had sinned one time only. The price on sin being death or Hell, where would Jesus have had to go when He died? The answer is Hell, but He did not sin. He did not commit one sin, but He went to the cross, and on the cross He suffered spiritual death when He said, 'My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

    I'll go farther than that. I believe that He suffered as much in that moment on Calvary as the sum total eternal suffering of all the lost people who will ever go to Hell to stay forever. Actually He was paying our price for our sins. He was becoming our substitute. Fourth, "If we will receive that price as our hope for Heaven and receive Him as our Saviour from sin, He will make us His children and take us to Heaven when we die.

    You explain it to them first, then you review. Let me review it with you now. Do you realize that you are a sinner? If a sinner knows he is going to Hell, say, "Do you realize that if you died right now, you would go to Hell? You have to stay with him. If we knelt here together and had prayer and you sincerely received Christ as your Saviour, do you believe God would make you His child? That is the review. I have explained to him how to get saved, then I have reviewed and asked these questions. There are several ways to do this, but you must try to get them to pray.

    If he is really ready, say, "Could I pray for you, and while I pray, would you pray and ask God to save you today? Maybe you don't know. You could say, "Could I pray that you will get saved? Then you say, "Could I have a word of prayer with you before I go? If you are talking to him, he might interrupt, but if you are talking to the Lord, he won't. You can preach him a little sermon in the prayer. If you can't win a fellow to Christ, and if he won't let you present the plan to him, the best way to tell him how to be saved is to tell the Lord and let the sinner hear you.

    I go into a home and say, "Sir, would you like to know how to be saved? The wife's sick and I'm busy. With his wife lying there sick, a man would be a fool not to let the preacher pray for her. He says, "Well, O. I pray, "Dear Lord, bless this wife and make her well, and help this man to know that Romans 3: Pray him the plan.

    He won't interrupt you. You can get by with a lot of things talking to the Lord that you wouldn't talking to him. After you review, get to pray some way or another. If he will consider getting saved, good. If you can't get by with that, just get him to let you pray. I stop abruptly in my prayer. I pray a simple prayer. Never pray a big prayer. You must pray a prayer so simple that he won't mind his prayer following yours. But you can pray this, "Dear Lord, here is a fellow who needs to get converted.

    I pray You will help him get saved. May he receive Christ. You love him, dear Lord I always stop in the middle of my prayer. I say, "Dear Lord, lead this man to be saved. You led me here and I pray that he will be saved today. May his wife have a Christian husband and the little children a Christian daddy. Make this be the day of his salvation. Now while our heads are bowed in prayer, Mr.

    Doe, would you be willing today to ask God to forgive you and tell Him you want to get saved? See, you stop in the middle of your prayer and lead him to pray. Let me say this: Fifty per cent of the time when you get this far the lost person is going to pray. Now, I would suggest you tell him what to pray but not the words. I've heard some of the sweetest prayers. A lot of times he won't pray.