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The beams were constructed from marine grade plywood, fully sealed in 2 pack polyurethane to withstand exposure to the humid sea salt environ of the Bondi beachfront location. The installation included a custom suspension system that not only needed to support the weight of the beams but the weight of two servicemen to access the mechanical and lighting above the sound mesh via strategically placed gantries.

Buildcorp wanted to improve the acoustics in their main boardroom and very much liked the look of euroBLADE S3 in Western Red Cedar which suited the aesthetic of the warehouse feel in their office at Camperdown. The sound quality created by the initial installation led to them to remove the metal blade ceiling in the reception and waiting area with the same product, extending it through to lift lobby. The layout of the second installation was crucial as the boardroom could be opened up to the reception area and the join in the panels had to appear seamless.

A sample of the lineal slot pattern was created in our euroHUSH range, on a black MDF substrate with a polyurethane satin finish, was signed off then manufactured and installed in three different colours of black, white and red from the Dulux colour range. Not only did europanel meet the tight project program, they also included all the service cut outs during fabrication which assisted in the ease of onsite installation.

The product was also integrated into joinery items. A purpose made continuous steel bracket was manufactured and installed onto the wall framework prior to the plasterboard sheeting being applied for the base fixing points and an MDF top plate with slots that the beams would be inserted into also installed prior to the walls being set, sanded and painted prior to the Victorian Ash beams being installed. The wall cladding was prefabricated in panel form, completely sealed and finish coated to all faces, to prohibit any moisture loss that might occur from the pressurisation airflow from open elevator doors and elevator shaft leakage from the moving lifts, resulting in warping or bowing of solid timber.

ICC Sydney features a striking contemporary design with leading technology and multipurpose spaces and is a beacon of innovation, learning and entertainment, connecting and celebrating leaders of invention, business, governance and the arts. Comprising over 5, sqm of beautiful Natural Spotted Gum veneer panelling in both solid faced and acoustic, euroHUSH was supplied and installed by europanel to more than 25 meeting rooms, the Cockle Bay function room within the Convention Building and fully lined all of the double and single meeting pods in the Exhibition Building.

Projects - europanel accoustic solutions

By managing the complete supply and installation, europanel were able to deliver this iconic project within the strict timeframes enforced for each area which ensured the builder was able to meet the all-important construction program. The site measurements were supplied to europanel by the installation contractor, services drawings were coordinated into our shop drawings to incorporate all lighting and service cut outs to be done during manufacture which meant for a clean and easy installation of the ceiling panels when the time was right.

Installation was carried out at night in order for the centre to remain open during trading hours. Working closely with Geyer on the initial concepts, europanel developed a unique Customised Batten System to enable the integration of lighting and service requirements into the ceiling and meet the Fire Group Certification required by the Airport Corporation. To assist builders MPA Projects in achieving handover dates, europanel supplied full size templates for the onsite partitioners to utilise for their setout of all the bulkheads that intersected within the batten ceiling area.

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With a tight 12 week lead time for completion, europanel performed a large quantity of installation outside of standard business hours to minimise disruption to the client. As always all cut-outs were carried out during production in our factory, and also removable access panels were incorporated to the top face of the eurospline beams, which allowed for faster installation onsite by partitioners and electricians.

By utilising a system of 10 different ceiling frame types, we were able to meet the individual needs of shop owners food premises classifications, while still maintaining the original design feel of depth where required with open frame designs. Also while making every frame type accessible to services above for future maintenance.

Orthomolecularism for Prostate Cancer: No. 1: Volume 1

The greatest challenge faced, and successfully executed, was the framing and installation of our euroHUSH product off a 1m wide scaffold, 12 floors high. Using light veneers throughout the refurbishment, euroHUSH S2 design in a soft Rock Maple veneer finish was the specified europanel product which complimented the other joinery items, while giving the required acoustic treatment for the narrow office space created within the existing building confines.

Quintessential Equity approached europanel for our advice on a lobby ceiling in one of their existing buildings.

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By fabricating the ceiling to suit the space, this allowed Quintessential Equity to only need minor modifications to the existing bulkheads resulting in a lower budget cost for the lobby renovation. Again europanel delivered on time, within a four week programme on an interstate project.

Cushing/Whitney Medical Library

With over six colours from room to room, europanel manufactured and installed their Polyurethane finish product all during a school holiday period ready for the students arrival back to the college. With the floor of the restaurant level being split over three different levels, a staggered batten pattern was drawn up with the battens interlocking when a step in ceiling height was required, this created a seamless flow from one ceiling to the next. Creating a relaxing environment for club members and guests. When programmes are tight, great coordination is required from all trade and service providers on large projects.

Due to the triangular shape dimensions, very calculated millimetre was critical in order for the panelling to be installed and the edges of the intersecting triangles to meet precisely. Yet again europanel delivered on time, defect free! On a recent refurbishment of their newly aquired asset of 91 Phillip St Parramatta Fortius Fund Management commisioned Gray Puksand to design a fresh feel to the existing entrance and Ground Floor lift lobby of the existing Building. Europanel worked with Gray Puksand offering a complete service from samples and design concepts throught to out of hours installation in a single weekend.

There were two distinct areas; the retail space utilising the warmth and depth of Western Red Cedar in a clear finish and the harder working post box and parcel collection area utilising the tougher more robust finish of black coated aluminium battens in varying widths to highlight and follow the line of the existing curved wall structure.

Our euroHUSH S9 perforated panel in a natural white polyurethane finish was used to great effect by staggering the installation of the panels in the atrium space surrounding the open stairwell spanning the whole 5 levels. There were a few onsite challenges encountered and overcome; the installation of the ceiling panels within a minimal ceiling space, that housed multiple services, was achieved without any change to the original design or compromising the acoustic absorption.

The scope of works included a standard design slotted acoustic euroHUSH panel in Milan Oak veneer fitted to the lift lobby area walls in their reception area and as an aesthetic feature with acoustic functionality to the enclosing partition of their boardroom. This book begins by showing you how to implement your pathobiology, anatomy and physiology into practical simple approach to every client you meet Urology and Health Bolero Ozon. Urotext-UUTS is one volume of 3-volume set textbook of urology.

This book begins by showing you how to implement your pathobiology, anatomy and physiology into practical simple approach to every client you meet.

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  • This book was written for medical student, resident and professional in medicine and especially urology. The author had adapted his proven teaching strategies into a unique approach that makes urology accessible, and provides the foundations for understanding urology based upon the principles of structural pathobiology. Urotext-UUTS presents well-integrated and practical approach to most urological conditions.

    It is a versatile retrievable e-book.