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After the war's end, in December , President Harry Truman sent Marshall to China as the special ambassador of the US in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent a civil war developing between nationalist and Communist forces there. In , Truman recalled Marshall to the US to serve as secretary of state. Marshall gave his name to the policy, officially entitled the European Recovery Programme ERP , to provide US aid for the economic revitalisation of war-devastated Europe.

Marshall was also influential in the negotiations and planning that culminated in in the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation NATO , which had twelve founder members.

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This mutual defence alliance, whereby an attack on any one of its members was deemed an attack upon them all, tied the security interests of Europe to those of the United States during the entire Cold War era. Marshall retired from his post in early and became president of the American Red Cross. He was recalled to government service when President Harry S Truman appointed him secretary of defence in , but he served only for a year.

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Please try again later. Mike Powers Top Contributor: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. General of the Army George Catlett Marshall dedicated his long life to serving the country he loved, and he served in many positions. First, he was a U. He was a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for developing the Marshall Plan for the economic recovery of Europe in the postwar years.

Marshall was unafraid to speak truth to power, as he spoke bluntly with Roosevelt, Truman, and Truman aide Clark Clifford on more than one occasion. Ed Cray does an absolutely masterful job of bringing George C. This is certainly a very favorable biography, but Cray is unafraid to criticize Marshall and show his faults.

George Marshall

As Cray points out, one reason for this is that Roosevelt felt he needed Marshall to remain as Chief of Staff instead of being appointed the commanding general of Overlord D-Day. Eisenhower got the D-Day command and eventually served two terms as President of the United States; both Patton and MacArthur saw their careers end on sour notes; and Marshall went on to serve quietly but brilliantly in the Truman Administration, where he made his mark on history with the plan named for him.

This is a very thorough and positive biography of George Marshall, who is one of the great soldiers and statesmen in the history of the United States.

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  7. This country was fortunate to have Marshall in the position he was in in preparation for and conduct of WWII. As a result, there was someone in charge who was a true patriot and who was able to dispassionately evaluate subordinate officer and assure that the best were promoted and placed in key positions, without regard to politics. Thus, Roosevelt, unlike Lincoln, did not have to go through a succession of leaders before finding the rights ones. Marshall gave up the command of the battle in Europe not necessarily voluntarily but he did not complain in order to remain in overall charge of the Army, which undoubtedly was more suitable service given his skills and the trust Roosevelt had in him.

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    No one could have "saved" China from take over by the Communists, given Chiang's incompetence and corruption, which has been well documented in many places. There is a great debate in history over the impact of the "Great Man" on events. Those who favor a view of history that says that many of the courses it takes reflect conscious decisions by the "Greats" both good and evil will surely see Ed Cray's biography of General George C. Marshall as buttressing that side of the argument.

    I've read a lot of books about World War II and while Marshall gets his due, he is always overshadowed by the commanders-in-the-field.

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    Understandable, since individuals other than the General-in-Chief had to actually fight at Midway, Normandy, Iwo Jima, etc. Those tactical victories were the result of a strategy of American war largely crafted by Marshall, and more importantly, held in place by him when other's dithered or tried to adjust to their fears or local opportunities for aggrandizement.

    Early life and military career

    Success in war did not spell relief for George Marshall. President Truman tapped him as Secretary of State where he fought as effectively for success in crafting the peace that existed between the expansionist Soviets and the West until the demise of the former. Cray gives a lot of coverage on how Marshall developed a minor military organization the American Army had less than a quarter of a million men two years prior to Pearl Harbor. Sixteen million would wear American uniforms over the course of the war-over 8 million in the Army into the colossus that would find itself astride much of the globe less than four years later.

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    That feat is often under-covered in histories, but the import of raising and equipping a large modern army from a very small base, finding and relieving commanders, providing substantial equipage to keep allies in the war, developing and deploying equipment that could meet the challenges of the modern battlefield, and learning lessons from early setbacks, fell on Marshall's shoulders to a large extent. Our success was in no small part his success.

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    No small part of his success was due to his effective management of Roosevelt and Churchill, both given to impulse thoughts, prejudices, and sometimes cold feet on how the war should be waged Cray also cover's Marshall's second significant public service in two cabinet slots, most significantly as Secretary of State for Harry Truman. The value of this biography is not only the record of Marshall's impact and achievements, but also a deep exploration of the character of the man and his methods of work. This would be an excellent book for anyone interested in leadership development or young people wondering how to craft themselves for success in the world of organizations.