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Because the growth of the nonwhite population is driven more by fertility than by immigration, researchers believe this racial shift will occur even if the federal government enacts new immigration restrictions. Although the Trump administration is setting itself up to crack down on undocumented immigration, anti-immigrant sentiment tends not to depress legal immigration—as long as jobs remain available. Research from states that passed recent laws targeting undocumented people, like Arizona and Georgia, finds the laws had no significant real-world effect on the number of immigrants living in a state.

But that would create a fight with the business community, which relies on access to legal immigrant labor at all levels. Alongside these ethnic and racial changes, the growth in the population over 85, those most likely to be ill or disabled, will be especially stark. Currently, there are approximately 33 working adults for each American 85 and up ; by , that ratio will fall to 13 workers per American over What all of this means for politics depends on factors that are more difficult to predict — and on battles that might be fought in unfamiliar places.

With rapidly diversifying populations, the swing states of the future may be Oklahoma, Georgia and Texas, rather than Ohio or Pennsylvania, which will, even in , remain majority white. Will the cities that have recently exploded in population, mostly in the Sun Belt, remain economically vibrant, or will new growth cities emerge, in other parts of the country?

How will climate change impact where and how people live? Many of those questions are unanswerable for now; they depend on the course of policies not yet formulated. Below, we take a look at three of them: These regions offer hope for a newer America that works smoothly, showing that diversity can drive economic growth. But they also offer cautionary tales about just how hard it may be to craft a shared American identity in an increasingly multicultural country.

Stephen Klineberg gets excited when he talks about Houston. Then—all of a sudden!

Madeline In America And Other Holiday Tales by Ludwig Bemelmans

Like lots of other Houstonians, he is a transplant from the Northeast. He has spent the past three decades tracking the economic and demographic transformation of his adopted home. There is no racial majority in the Houston metro area. Forty-two percent of Harris County residents are Hispanic; 31 percent are non-Hispanic white; 20 percent are black; and 7 percent are Asian.

Between and , the Hispanic, black, and Asian share of the population grew, while the proportion of whites shrank.

The Oranging of America and Other Stories

Eight years ago, Barack Obama became the first Democratic presidential nominee to win Harris County in over four decades, by just 2 points. According to a survey of Houstonians conducted by Klineberg and colleagues, only about 20 percent of area residents believe undocumented immigration is a major problem, down from 50 percent in Feelings about the poor and Muslim-Americans seem to be more complicated. During the Great Migration of the 20th century, Southern black families moved to Northern cities looking for economic opportunity. Today, many of their middle- and working-class descendants are remigrating to Sun Belt hot spots like Houston and Atlanta, drawn to abundant jobs and affordable housing.

Immigrant African doctors and Filipina nurses have flocked to the city, as have Mexicans and Salvadorans who work in the oil fields. Houston is also known for its lack of zoning regulations , making it easy for developers to construct new housing at a variety of price points, whether in glass apartment towers or single-family subdivisions.

6 Misconceptions About Native American People

It has a hot climate, lacks mass transit and is vulnerable to hurricanes. Forty percent of its jobs are in the energy sector, which has contracted since Like the rest of the Sun Belt, Houston will be heavily affected by global warming. We have big, open spaces. Houston is also at the forefront of another big demographic change: Nationally, about one-quarter of Asians and Latinos, 17 percent of blacks, and 9 percent of whites marry someone from outside their own group.

As the demographer Richard Alba has pointed out , some of the descendants of multiracial unions will inevitably identify as white. Already, 16 percent of Hispanics nationwide consider themselves white, according to the U. Whiteness is an inherently flexible category. Less than years ago, few considered Jewish or Italian Americans to be white; decades from now, it is conceivable that whiteness could expand further.

People with Asian and Latino heritage could one day be receptive to conservative political appeals that are currently attractive mostly to mono-racial whites. African-Americans may not benefit equally from the collapsing of racial boundaries. While black-white intermarriage is also becoming more common , historically, the category of whiteness has not expanded to include the children of one white and one black parent.

The durability of the white-black hierarchy in terms of income, wealth, education and access to safe neighborhoods is one of the enduring features of American life, and one that will likely remain a fault line in our politics. In Houston, a vibrant economy has helped unify a diverse population. Donald Trump spun a specific narrative about immigration: The data tell a different story. Unauthorized immigration peaked in , when George W. The slowdown was due to several factors: Only six states have experienced net growth in their undocumented populations in recent years: Currently, three-quarters of the immigrants in the United States are here lawfully.

And while 52 percent of all foreign-born residents hail from Latin America, among the newest arrivals, South and East Asians outnumber Latinos. Many have created jobs, not stolen them. It has 70 employees, the majority of them white. Taqbeem has worked in the neighborhood to register immigrants to vote and ensure they have access to Bengali ballots. The area has become known as BanglaTown, and is bustling with new businesses. This is a destination community created on the theme of South Asian hospitality.

Of course, cultural change creates tension.

Madeline In America And Other Holiday Tales

The majority-Muslim city council attracted spurious accusations of instituting Sharia law. Taqbeen recalled a homicide investigation 10 years ago, in which local police believed Bangladeshi female witnesses were not being truthful. Donald Trump built a movement around the idea that immigration threatens the American economy. But the example of BanglaTown suggests that resisting immigration may actually handicap cities.

Rust Belt cities that are attracting immigrants are in better shape than those, like Dayton, Ohio, with fewer foreign-born residents, according to Alan Mallach, an urban planner and a senior fellow at the Center for Community Progress. Barring drastic changes to immigration law, by , 18 percent of Americans will hail from another country.

Where these upwardly mobile families settle will help determine which regions thrive and which stagnate. North Carolina has become a magnet for affluent retirees moving to planned communities. Its rural areas are also aging rapidly, as younger, upwardly mobile families move closer to educational and job opportunities. North Carolina is a right-to-work state where it is difficult to form a union, making it attractive to industrial employers. Migrants are finding low-paid work in the agricultural and food industries. Person, north of Durham, and Chatham, south of Chapel Hill.

Grab a drink and get ready for one entertaining volume of stories. Visit dive bars, afterlife bars, filled with ghosts, orcs and adventurers. The Translocator Trilogy Books An Original Anthology Magazine Book Fifteen stories of super powerful young heroes and heroines demonstrate the humanity possible even among those possessed of great gifts.

If you like the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits, you will love this anthology! A comical trip through Insanity.

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Touchstone; Reissue edition September 11, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. A Collection of Horror Short Stories. A terrifying debut horror collection: Think of what late greats James Herbert and Richard Laymon may have given birth to had they ever collaborated.

An outstanding anthology of horror short stories, a collection from the very best new authors in the genre - along with their shopping lists Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. If I could I would award six stars to this Ring Lardner collection: I also read another short biography that criticized Ring as a vicious satirist. He has a unique style. He obviously enjoys writing in dialogue. He has a character in his story tell the story for him.

I like this technique. In a way it protects the author somewhat. In other words, it is not me, Ring Lardner, narrating this tale it is little Susie Nobody or Jake the small town barber. Lardner writes with a flare and a wit but, no doubt about it, he is a very critical individual. The majority of these stories are extremely sarcastic but written tongue in cheek. There are a few that are straight up, hard and biting. I like how the author uses his characters and their conversations to misdirect the reader.

Ring Lardner, in my opinion, is a very heady fellow. His stories are psychological and contain multiple lessons. He does not appear to be much of a lover of humankind. He is well balanced though.


Ring is no William Sidney Porter either. You will find no sad loveable Woolworth employees in these tales. I read that he was a famous sports writer. If this story is an example of the sports stories that he wrote, I would think that his career would have been a very short one. Some tough ball player would have shut him up very early on with a busted jaw and a broken nose. I would put Ring Lardner more in the Dorothy Parker category.

He can make you laugh but it will be with a grunt and some stomach cramps. No Huck Finns or Aunt Pollys to be found in these pages. The Scribner Library SL 53 This highly readable paperback contains ten short stories by legendary author and sportswriter Ring Lardner The stories are all aimed at bringing to light the quirks, foibles and idiosyncrasies of various types of Americans.

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  • A small town barber, a flighty teenage girl, a craven theatrical producer, a ditzy nurse, etc. One person found this helpful. Ring Lardner has the reputation of being one of America's funniest writers , ever. Going back and reading these stories I find myself amused and interested but not falling on the floor. The element of exposing cruelty and stupidity, provincial ignorance and narrowmindedness just does not make me fall down with laughter. The story in which I was however quite amused was the legendary 'Alibi Ike'.

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    His ability to make excuses for whatever he does , whether good or bad, might seem too much of a formula to surprise, but Lardner has the wit and wisdom to have Alibi Ike invent the most wonderfully improbable and absurd excuses. I enjoyed the story very much though I do not think it really ended in a credible way. The opening story, another famous one 'Haircut' has that kind of petty cruelty at its center the ridiculing of is not in my feeling , significant enough to make for a great story.

    Lardner's characters and world are thin and amusing , witty and funny at times but small- souled from beginning to end. I would have liked to like this work more than I did. There is a lot of really funny stuff. Consider the lines , "She looked at me like I was a side dish she hadn't ordered" Or another one in which a traveler is shown the Grand Canyon and says only , " What a hole". This guy was tremendously funny and had a real feel for the slang and colloquial of his time. Maybe he didn't like people very much but he made it clear in an amusing way.