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Sunless by Floating Room. Portland shoegaze that plays, as the best representatives of the genre do, with huge, hollow atmosphere against intimate observations. Century Plaza by Dan Sartain.

The Vampire Underground

Tenured punk Dan Sartain ditches the guitars in favor of midnight-blue synths and robotic rhythms on this album of minimalist synthpop. Depersonalisation by Nite Fields. Ten years may have passed since the last Bellini record, but the math rock group sound as fierce as ever. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jul 31, Purchasable with gift card. Tags electronic experimental indie punk rock Los Angeles. Plays The Music of Twin Peaks. If you like Xiu Xiu, you may also like: Alice Black go to album. Jon Manley go to album.

I can't wait to read the next series because of my three favorites, Brin, Paul and Ash.

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May 19, Jennifer Holzapfel rated it really liked it. This is definitely not Twilight, and even pokes fun at it. The story is grisly, just like the town the characters live in. If you have to make a movie for cinema class, do not go to Bowdie during the winter. Vampires, vampires everywhere, with nary a human to drink; until six students who can't stand each other arrive to film a western themed horror movie.

True life is much scarier than the script. I can hardly wait to read the next book, who cares if it is young adult? Feb 03, Abby Min rated it really liked it. There was a chill in the air. As late afternoon turned to early evening, the clouds multiplied, and light snow began to cover the desolate mountains. The RV appeared around the far corner, a mere speck in the distance, the first vehicle to show itself in these high altitudes for nearly two hours. It was forty feet long, dark brown and archaic, and t There was a chill in the air.

It was forty feet long, dark brown and archaic, and taking each sharp turn with an over-protective timidity that only a man in his seventies could have the patience for. Agitated, beads of sweat running down his forehead, he adroitly maneuvered the giant vehicle through the intensifying snowstorm. He had wanted to leave Los Angeles tomorrow, but his little sweetheart was feeling home sick and insisted they return from their little weeklong road trip a day early.

Eleven-year-old Grace stopped concentrating on her book at the back table and leapt to her feet. He just stared at her in terror as a warm red glow started to cover the left side of her face. Grace screamed and fell to the ground as Donald kneeled down and covered her body with his. Donald opened his mouth in horror as he felt the RV tipping, the force of ten elephants slamming against the side.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the back of the RV. Grace turned around, only once, to see the entrance door get ripped away from the vehicle. Do not make a sound. Do you hear me? Do not make a sound! All she could do was listen. The growling returned, just as Grace pressed her ear up against the door to hear her grandfather screaming in terror. She heard a few punches, then a groaning noise, and then an ominous cry. Grace took a step back.

She forgot to breathe as the low rumble of the growl returned, and the sounds of footsteps echoed through the motorhome. The footsteps came closer. Her breathing got heavier. She felt a tear roll down her cheek. Then the growling stopped. All Grace could hear now was the wind coming through the shattered windows.

She set her ear back up against the door. She screamed as the figure ripped the sliding door in two and grabbed her hair, pulling her out of the bathroom.

Minecraft Daycare - TINA THE VAMPIRE !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

When her body hit the snow, she looked up to see the pale white figure above her. Smiling big, blood on his lips, a chunk of flesh missing from his cheeks, he snickered. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was his sharp yellow teeth dashing for her throat. Now Breanna Skar Brin is made to go to the exact place that Grace and her grandpa died.

Will she suffer the same fate as they did and will her friends survive I loved this book but I have read better but to anyone who likes vampires I would recommend it May 01, Kelly rated it it was ok. The Vampire Underground reminded me of a b-movie horror flick, where you get moments of true fright, interlaced with moments of seemingly intentional comedy. It had twists and turns, not all of which seemed necessary, and provided me with a sometimes entertaining, if unusual, read. I absolutely loved all of the cult film references, though I did hate Ash's pretentious attitude towards modern-day remakes and his outright rage at seeing someone watching one of those remakes.

I loved how spooky Rowe The Vampire Underground reminded me of a b-movie horror flick, where you get moments of true fright, interlaced with moments of seemingly intentional comedy. I loved how spooky Rowe's vampires were, with their glowing red eyes and how they growled to introduce their presence, and I loved the atmosphere of Bodie Ghost Town - just the thought of a completely abandoned town was enough to give me the creeps Silent Hill, anyone?

There was constant reference to the weather, and how it was snowing quite heavily, but somehow through all of the snow, the characters were able to distinguish between when a road turn from pavement to dirt. There are also several mentions of someone hitting the dirt, or dropping something in the dirt, or wiping the dirt of their clothing - and with each dirt reference, I was pulled out of the story as I wondered what had happened to all of the snow?

I want to know how Ash made it past the barrier, when it took four people to move it in order for the van to squeak by. I also want to know how he managed to fend off four vampires on his own - but it's never touched on. I wanted Paul to explain something - anything! And for the entire book, the character's are constantly mentioning how cold it is - but once they make it out of the underground, stark naked, not one of them complains about facing the elements in their birthday suits.

I didn't like any of the characters, as I found almost all of the actions were over-the-top. And that's why I'm getting the feeling that this had to be written like a parody of old horror flicks. For example, after watching their only vehicle burst in to flames, burning one of their classmates alive, Anaya's response is not to feel sorrow for her lost companion, or fear for their safety after being stranded in the middle of winter, but an overwhelming responsibility to finish their film for class.

And this was a continuing theme! Instead of fearing for their lives, everyone was constantly worrying about getting a failing grade! Anaya's outbursts towards Brin had been annoying up until this point, but after her insistence that they finish what they started, I decided that it had to be an intentional ploy to lessen the horror of the vampires' attack. Adding to the character's embellished reactions was the fact that several horror flick cliches were used: The ending served to cement my rational, as upon return to their hometown, no one mentions going to the police and reporting the deaths of their classmates.

In fact, they fear they'll be committed of perjury for their blatant lies about the events they managed to survive. So instead, they ignore all responsibility and simply head home to worry about what other homework was due the next day. I'm not even going to get started on Brin and Paul's If seems that the ending foreshadowed a sequel, in which Brin would come to realize how important Paul was to her but after all of the Twilight trashing the book did, to even hint that it might try to do a human-vampire relationship is hypocritical at best. Had I read The Vampire Underground with the understanding that it was going to be like a b-movie, I might have enjoyed some of it's cornier moments.

And I can see lots of people enjoying it, for those same moments. But I was expecting a dark and twisted horror story and instead, I got dark and twisted horror-like elements, with a side of cheese. Aug 12, Lauren rated it really liked it. When her teacher divides the class into groups to make short horror films, Brin decides to use the opportunity to try her hand at directing. Reading the premise, I am caught up in the idea Rowe weaves of a horror film shooting actually turning into a horror story. The ideas portrayed in the summary are all very intriguing, and I really hope, when it all comes together, that it unfolds in a believable way.

Rowe successfully meshed drama, vampires, a little bit of horror not so much I had to put the book down , and romance in a tasteful way. The story moved at a good pace, and I never got bored or felt like it was rushing. Brin is a very unique character. Throughout The Vampire Underground I really see how she holds her ground and really pushes herself to become the best she can be.

Her relationship with her best friend, Ash, is totally platonic and very relatable. We all have that one person whom we talk to everyday and would trust with our life. For Brin, that person is Ash. One thing that I am not very happy with is the level of violence between the members of the film group. Overall, The Vampire Underground is entertaining and action packed, and some of the scenarios definitely set my heart racing!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: No Future for You

Using the ghost town is a great way to include a creepy setting for the story and really adds to the realism of the plot. Quite honestly, this cover does nothing for me. The story is great and has a really serious feel to it that this cover just seems to mock. I mean, it looks like a cartoon figure holding a banana. Now, once I read the book and enlarged the image, I understand that it is indeed NOT a banana and the picture makes more sense. But when I first see it, I think that this book is going to be a comedy or at least have comedic aspects.

I give The Vampire Underground 4 out of 5 hearts: May 13, Novels On The Run rated it liked it. If a writer wrote it, if a director filmed it, everyone would call it fiction. But I was there I do not mean this in a bad way. Brian just has a crazy time with his writing. I do wonder sometimes at the strength of his male characters as they do tend to cry in his books.

I would like to see them stronger figures, especially for their age. I am all for the guy that can get in touch with his inner emotions, but I do laugh at his writing, it puts a smile on my face and sometimes that is the medicine the doctor ordered. I can at the same time feel a tendency to get frustrated when things are left way open or how blase' he can be about some of his plot and the flaws you can fall into.

I just find myself laughing and possibly doing a bit of a WT?!! Then we turn to Brin , Ash and the crew at Grisly High and their film projects. He is on another film group who are doing their thing during this story. The film projects are what gives this story its direction. Half of these kids wind up buck naked in some underground circus, weird, killing, lotto drawing crazy thing that DROZ is master of ceremonies over.

Then we have Paul Paul and the rest of the characters of Bodie Ghost Town He was a good guy and that is about it. He is a loyal guy bff, who has a bit of a crappy temper with remakes of the classic horrors. Not sure where that outburst came from? Very level headed until you mention a remake. Visually that whole crazy blood thirsty underground circus scene would look quite spectacular on the big screen , creepy and frightening and colourful. It is that crazy in parts. I would get my plot filler out and fill up those holes. Somebody on Goodreads has explained it perfectly and politely.

They gave two stars, I give this 3. This series has great potential if the plot flaws can be ironed out and some time spent on the characters development. This is just my personal opinion. May 27, Michelle novelsontherun rated it liked it. Apr 07, Book Whales rated it really liked it.

The Horror Genre, and much to her dismay, her film class is devoted to this genre. Well at least her best friend Ash is happy right? Then to make things worse for her, her teacher grouped them into six and they will be making their very own horror movie. Now how fun is that? Well apparently, it is a nightmare for our dear protagonist.

Anaya Frost volunteered—or rather desperately wanted—to be the director, and although Brin also wanted to do that part, she gave up and let Anaya do what she wants. For the movie, they travelled all the way to Bodie which seemed like the perfect place to shoot their scenes. The Vampire Underground is a really fun read for me. The story is more about survival, but there were a few hints of romance. It was a fast read and very, VERY thrilling that I find myself biting my nails in anticipation as I uncover the events. The characters are very interesting as well!

Brin, is a strong heroine, and although there were moments that she seemed too dependent on Paul, she still struggles to push back her fears just so she can save her friends from the blood-suckers. Ash is another awesome character! The ending was such a cliffhanger and I sooo cannot wait for book two! Jul 04, Bobbie rated it really liked it Shelves: A lot of the time this book feels like an antidote to Twilight.

The film-buff kids even ridicule poor Bella and Edward's story, favouring instead classics such as Nosferatu. Little do they realise they're going to end up in their own vampire horror film. Much of the book reads like a teen horror film. It would, indeed, make a great film. A bunch of kids go to an abandoned ghost town down a road that's been closed, no less to make a short movie for their film class, and get a whole lot more hor A lot of the time this book feels like an antidote to Twilight.

A bunch of kids go to an abandoned ghost town down a road that's been closed, no less to make a short movie for their film class, and get a whole lot more horror than they bargained for. In between there's the kooky tale of two best friends, and a fledgling romance that's not too far away from the Twilight the kids have such derision for.

What's not to love? Brin is your bog-standard protagonist, a girl who isn't the most popular, but she's pretty, smart and has her best boy friend Ash to rely on. Ash has two gay dads, but is most definitely into girls. Not Brin though - the pair have known each other forever and are more like brother and sister. They get split up in film class, assigned to different groups in the film-making project. Brin has to put up with poster-boy Chase, girly Lavender, and Anaya, a big, fat bitch not my words. Her saving grace is Dylan, one person she can actually stand to be around.

Anaya goes a little loco with the film project, taking over and giving it way more importance than it warrants. To the point of forcing her group to drive through thick snow and ice to a spooky ghost town to make the film. There's a lot of arguing and bickering, and then the proverbial hits the fan. Rowe's vampires are suitably scary. They are monsters who act in hunger, without remorse.

Our Culture Needs Better Monsters! An Interview with Brian McGreevy - The Awl

They have eyes that cast a terrifying red glow, and they can make the ground open up and swallow you. At this point the book gets scary in the style of the best horror films. There's a freaky underground lair, there's vampires dressed as clowns even more freaky! The book ends with the culmination of a very big, unwanted and horrifying adventure for Brin, but it's clear that there's so much more to come. Bring on book two! Copy provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Full review at http: Apr 25, Carmen Shaw rated it really liked it. I couldn't possibly summarize this book so the only thing I will say is: This book is an absolute roller coaster! My eyes stayed glued to it from start to finish. The Vampire Underground is about a girl named Brin Skar who begins taking a film class in high school where they're studying the horror genre, which is Brin's least favorite genre.

Her teacher decides to give the entire class a group project which consists of the students creating a horror film. Brin gets a bit discouraged when she's not partnered up with her best friend, Ash, but is okay with her group until she's finds out that she has to work with a girl named Anaya, who's pretty much terrible. Each person in the group has a specific job to do i.

Anaya chooses herself as both director and writer, and decides that they should film their movie in Bodie Ghost Town, which is exactly what it sounds like. Not a soul wanders in Bodie, so the group sees it as the perfect setting! What they don't see is the clan of vampires lurking in wait to attack What I liked about this book: This book surprised the crap out of me!

I loved that the author used old school, ugly, gory vampires and not the Twilight-esque kind. Less sparkle, more gloom! This book was all about fighting to stay alive and survival. Just think about it: Six kids travel to a ghost town I read the summary and although it sounded interesting, I didn't think I'd love this book as much I did. It was an incredible page turn! It brought me to the edge of my seat even though I read it in bed, laying down! And it made me want to bite my nails right down to the nub Old habits die hard!

Even though Anaya was a terrible character in the beginning, the little nugget grew on me and I kept praying for her to survive with Brin and make it out alive. You will be totally shocked! Yes, I am excited. What I disliked about this book: Oh, and there was a very mean cliff-hanger at the end that made me want to pee my pants And no, I'm not 10 years old Verdict: Please read this book if you need an adrenaline rush!

Apr 23, Christine rated it really liked it. I somehow didn't expect this book to be as scary as it was. OR , more than likely I just figured this would be another "fluffy" vampire piece. Even ones that are, indeed, fluffy. But, there is a part of me that craves some good old-fashioned, scary, b I somehow didn't expect this book to be as scary as it was. But, there is a part of me that craves some good old-fashioned, scary, blood-thirsty, vampire horror.

I think I also figured a book geared to teens or young adults couldn't possibly be too scary. As soon as I read the first few pages, however, I knew that the book was going to be something great. While there may be some hints at a "romantic" element, the book focuses more on building up the characters and the deep, frightening world that lay underneath the ghost town of Brodie. And although I love a good romance, I really liked how this book was structured. This is a first in a series and we not only get a great story, and a quick understanding of the horrors of this fictional world, but we also get set up for future horrors and a POSSIBLE future not-so-platonic relationship.

There are some characters in this book that, when I was reading this story, I felt like I knew them. The girl at school that has something to prove, the popular girl that continues to surprise you, and the down-to-earth film-geek that ends up playing a bigger part in the story than you thought possible.

I also found myself laughing at some of the monologues by certain characters. There were moments of extreme humor, and then moments of extreme horror. Either way, Brian Rowe kept me entertained the entire time! Apr 05, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Brian Rowe knows how to captivate his readers. He develops characters and plot lines that are hard to resist. This read was like a roller coaster ride for me. The anticipation while getting buckled in and comfortable not knowing what to expect then you take off and there are twists and turns some slow moments then off and roaring.

Getting a little scared but then calming down. When the ride ends you know there is nothing like what you just experienced. Definitely nothing like it. That is how I felt about this book. I got comfortable on the couch and dug right in. At first Brian is building the story and developing the characters.

See a Problem?

Then the story takes off and there are thrills along the twists and turns of the plot. There was humor, horror, and action along this ride. At the end I thought I was going to just unbuckle and go about my business but oh no. Brian throws in something that has me chomping at the bit to get on this ride again.

Vampire Underground is something different in the vampire genre. I loved the idea of the underground world of the vampires. It was an underground scary circus. I kind of pictured in my mind the scene in the movie Interview with the Vampire where the vampires turned their killing into a show for an audience. It was brilliant and scary. By far the character that stole the show and my affections was Ash. OMG, he was the humor to the story. He was the comic relief to the seriousness of what was going on around him. This is a fantastic read for any fan of books with great story lines.

This is worth taking a chance on but hold on to your seat because you are in for a thrilling ride. Jan 19, Stacy Sabala rated it liked it Shelves: She is about to go back to school after her winter break. She is not thrilled. The only high point is her Intro to Film class. She has waited a year to take it. She and her best friend Ash are excited and ready to explore their favorite thing.

The first assignment is to make a horror movie with another genera twist. Brin wants to direct the movie but she clashes with Anaya, the big beast of a girl, who wants to direct also. She chooses to film at Bodie Ghost down on a Saturday. Once at Bodie everything goes wrong. The road is closed but Anaya pushes forward anyway. The van gets stuck and they have to walk the rest of the way.