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But, she shook her head. He set about mixing cornmeal with water for tortillas. The witch sat back and watched him, patting her hungry belly. He grated cheese, sliced tomatoes, and kneaded dough.

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He wore oven mitts to keep his little chocolate hands from melting over the frying pan. The witch was practically starving by now, and she threw rice and beans into her mouth with both hands.

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She ate with so much gusto that she even jumped onto the table! Before the witch could snatch him, he darted to the stove and cooked some more.

He cooked and cooked and cooked, giving the witch plate after plate full of tacos and fajitas. The witch ate and ate and ate, eating so much that she began to puff up like a balloon! He checked for beans and meat and eggs and anything else, but the cupboard was completely empty.

He had cooked all the food in the house!

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Now while the desert in the daytime is very hot and sizzling, at night it gets nice and cool. He ran and ran and ran until he disappeared in the darkness. The witch jumped up from her chair and tried to chase after him, but she got stuck in the door.

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All she could do was wash them up and then go to bed with a severe tummy ache from eating too much food. That night, the mean, ugly, nasty, old witch decided that cooking children was too much trouble, even if they did taste good. Instead, she lived out her days eating Brussels sprouts, goose eggs, and mushrooms. Back to the Stories Page. Translators work best when there are no errors or typos. If words are different , search our dictionary to understand why and pick the right word. If phrases are different , try searching our examples to help pick the right phrase.


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