Guide Embedded Systems Security: Practical Methods for Safe and Secure Software and Systems Development

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There is a very minor nit in that when I read the book in the amazon previewer it was in color - the actual book in paper form is rather less than flattering black and white with grey scale which really ruins the reading experience. I do like the illustrations and they were done with some obvious love and care and are worth looking at during the reading experience in color - they enhance the experience in my humble opinion.

Holdings: Embedded systems security

Attackers aren't so narrow-minded, though, and demonstrated by Mirai and Stuxnet. This book does an outstanding job of widening the focus of computing security.

Software security - Memory Safety

It emphasizes the safety-criticality of some embedded systems, like the ones in an insulin pump or anti-lock brake system - the kind of systems that can kill people if they misbehave or are maliciously directed to misbehave. Although this book stresses resistance to attack, authorization, and information release, a very large part of this discussion talks about program correctness. That certainly makes sense, because A so many attacks enter systems through buggy software, like buffer over-run vulnerabilities, and B if a bug is when a program behaves in ways that violate specifications even implicit ones , behavior of a compromised system is certainly a bug.

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I've found a few things to disagree with, except for one blooper below. Admittedly, many embedded developers will find material here outside of their needs. Well, "embedded systems" cover a very large range, so that's hardly a surprise. I recommend this for its breadth, and for its attention to details of RTOS behavior that other books skip over. Truly, a valuable resource.

The only conspicuous blooper I found was on p.


I think the usual name for this circuit is a 'latch'. Outside of that, and outside of material beyond my current interests, it's all good. I usually don't like to buy books that have not been heavily rated yet, but with security books you don't want a 10 year old book unless maybe it is cryptography! That is why I am taking the time to rate this book.

I encourage anyone considering this book to buy it right now. The issues and technologies are relevant and the authors have done a great job putting this together.

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I am very experienced in this area, but I think it is a pretty easy read I finished this book about a week ago and I still recommend it. However I will say it is a bit slanted toward Green Hills I'll let you look it up. So read with that in mind.

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  4. I would say read the content and get out the security concepts without taking too much stock in how it may reflect on a competiting vendor products. I also want to add that as far as the "Embedded Cryptography" section of the book This book isn't meant to just be a source for crypto so it makes sense but just want to make the readers aware. Some suggestions for a starter book that is "Applied Cryptography" by Schenier.

    Another great book that includes the mathematical basis is "Understanding Cryptorgraphy" by Paar and Pelzl. The nice thing about "Understanding Cryptorgraphy" is it doesn't require you to delve into the math but makes it available. So it is suitable for a novice and the experienced.

    There are also follow on books like "Practical Cryptography" by Ferguson and Scheneir that are really good, but I would suggest reading this one after one of the other two mentioned above. If you like a bit of history which I don't generally, but really liked this book anyway I also suggest "The Code Book" which is different from the former two in that it reads more like a story of crypto and its evolution with interesting insight on how ciphers have been broken and how new ciphers have been developed as opposed to just a focus on explanation of modern types of ciphers and specific cipher algorithms.

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    I didn't get too far into "The Codebreakers" before I gave it away! See all 10 reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The Kleidermachers are experts in their field.

    Embedded systems security : practical methods for safe and secure software and systems development

    As the Internet of things becomes reality, this book helps business and technology management as well as engineers understand the importance of "security from scratch. Security of embedded systems is more important than ever. The growth in networking is just one reason. However, many embedded systems developers have insufficient knowledge of how to achieve security in their systems. David Kleidermacher, a world-renowned expert in this field, shares in this book his knowledge and long experience with other engineers.

    A very important book at the right time. A broad understanding of security principles, concerns, and technologies Proven techniques for the efficient development of safe and secure embedded software A study of the system architectures, David Kleidermacher , Mike Kleidermacher. The ultimate resource for making embedded systems reliable, safe, and secure Embedded Systems Security provides: This book is indispensable for embedded systems and security professionals, new and experienced. Matthias Sturm, Leipzig University of Applied Sciences; Chairman, Embedded World Conference steering board Gain an understanding of the operating systems, microprocessors, and network security critical issues that must be considered when designing secure embedded systems Contains nuggets of practical and simple advice on critical issues highlighted throughout the text Short and to -the- point real case studies included to demonstrate embedded systems security in practice.