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The outcome

Behold, the songs were allowed to live, but I disappeared. Whilst merging with its surroundings, it nevertheless remains somewhat distanced; indeed the tree which is still growing conveys the panel ever higher.

Finlay too was a poet, known in the s as a representative of concrete poetry, which he ultimately developed into one-word poems that were attached to trees, columns and panels on the ground. In Little Sparta , a two hectare garden near Edinburgh, he assembled of his own works of art.

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Virtually incomprehensible in isolation, they require their surroundings as a point of reference and are thus determined by their site-specific nature. Since John and I joined this church a year ago, John has made new friends adults and kids and was even asked to join the music group.

Ian Hamilton Finlay

He plays the conga drums, and occasionally plays the trap drums when the regular drummer is not there. John is valued and accepted by church members as a regular person. But of course, his meds are working, he has finally matured emotionally somewhat, and I am with him at all times. That's the only way it would work. The benefit for me is that I have new friends too, and we have activities that are not related to FAS - a new experience for me. John and I teach a bible class for first graders on Wednesday evenings, and this has been lots of fun.

This has provided a chance for John to learn at a level that is comfortable for him, and he can get some extra religious education that he missed in his earlier years, and he is learning what Christian Community is about. And there are about 1, people who are getting a first hand education about what FAS is all about. The one drawback is that spirituality is an abstract concept, something folks with FASD may have difficulty with. God is hard enough for us regular people to understand, probably impossible for us actually, but we strive for understanding, and that is part of the spiritual journey.

I'm not sure of what John's idea of God is - except that he can give back to me what I have fed him - my own ideas, and ideas that he has heard in church.

Marion Tymms

Just because he cannot grasp spirituality at the same depth that you or I can does not mean that he cannot benefit from it. Also, John is very vulnerable, so he could be persuaded to believe in just about anything.

I could pick a religion out of the phone book, and take him and teach him, and he would embrace it with open mind and heart. This is scary, because he could just as easily be drawn into a cult or gang. It wouldn't matter who would do the leading, if he thought they knew what they were talking about, he would follow.

Where is God?

There are several reasons that spirituality would be helpful for individuals with FASD, regardless of their level of understanding or ability to function, or their IQ. Here are a few benefits that I can think of:. As I read these reasons, I see that they are more related to the religious community than to spirituality itself. I think that if left to their own, most adults with FASD would not seek spiritual growth.

But I think that if they are encouraged to find it and are given the opportunity with a mentor or family member, and become part of a church community, this could be a protective factor against the serious secondary disabilities, and could add a very positive dimension to the individual's life.

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I know one adult with FAE who has a very strong religious conviction that has been a great comfort to him in his stormy life journey. I asked my son John one day if he ever prays, and he gave me a blank look.