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Urquhart blackmails O'Neill into leaking information on budget cuts that humiliates Collingridge during the Prime Minister's Questions. Later, he blames party chairman Lord "Teddy" Billsborough Nicholas Selby for leaking an internal poll showing a drop in Tory numbers, leading Collingridge to sack him. Urquhart also poses as Collingridge's alcoholic brother Charles James Villiers , to trade shares in a chemical company about to benefit from advance information confidential to the government.

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Consequently, Collingridge becomes falsely accused of insider trading and is forced to resign. In the ensuing leadership race, Urquhart initially feigns unwillingness to stand before announcing his candidacy.

The House of Cards Trilogy by Barbara Metzger

With the help of his underling, Tim Stamper Colin Jeavons , Urquhart goes about making sure his competitors drop out of the race: Health Secretary Peter MacKenzie Christopher Owen accidentally runs his car over a disabled protester at a demonstration staged by Urquhart and is forced by the public outcry to withdraw, while Education Secretary Harold Earle Kenneth Gilbert is blackmailed into withdrawing when Urquhart anonymously sends pictures of him in the company of a rent boy whom Earle had paid for sex. Urquhart eliminates Woolton by a prolonged scheme: When the tape is sent to Woolton, he is led to assume that Samuels is behind the scheme and backs Urquhart in the contest.

Urquhart also receives support from Collingridge, who is unaware of Urquhart's role in his own downfall. Samuels is forced out of the running when the tabloids reveal that he backed leftist causes as a student at University of Cambridge. Stumbling across contradictions in the allegations against Collingridge and his brother, Mattie begins to dig deeper. On Urquhart's orders, O'Neill arranges for her car and flat to be vandalised in a show of intimidation. However, O'Neill becomes increasingly uneasy with what he is being asked to do, and his cocaine addiction adds to his instability.

Urquhart mixes O'Neill's cocaine with rat poison, causing him to kill himself when taking the cocaine in a motorway lavatory. Though initially blind to the truth of matters thanks to her relations with Urquhart, Mattie eventually deduces that Urquhart is responsible for O'Neill's death and is behind the unfortunate downfalls of Collingridge and all of Urquhart's rivals.

Mattie looks for Urquhart at the point when it seems his victory is certain. She eventually finds him on the roof garden of the Houses of Parliament , where she confronts him.

House of Cards (1990) - Ian Richardson - Chief Whip

He admits to O'Neill's murder and everything else he has done. He then asks whether he can trust Mattie, and, though she answers in the affirmative, he does not believe her and throws her off the roof onto a van parked below. An unseen person picks up Mattie's tape recorder, which she had been using to secretly record her conversations with Urquhart.

Jack of Clubs

The series ends with Urquhart defeating Samuels in the second leadership ballot and being driven to Buckingham Palace to be invited to form a government by Elizabeth II. Before the series was reissued in to coincide with the release of the US version of House of Cards , Dobbs rewrote portions of the novel to bring the series in line with the television mini-series and restore continuity among the three novels.

The first installment of the TV series coincidentally aired two days before the Conservative Party leadership election. The series, produced and financed by independent studio Media Rights Capital, is one of Netflix 's first forays into original programming.

Series one was made available online on 1 February It also earned nine Primetime Emmy Award nominations, winning three, and was the first show to earn nominations that was broadcast solely via an internet streaming service. The drama introduced and popularised [4] the phrase: It was a non-confirmation confirmative statement, used by Urquhart whenever he could not be seen to agree with a leading statement, with the emphasis on either the "I" or the "possibly", depending on the situation.

A variation on the phrase was written into the TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett 's Hogfather for the character Death , as an in-joke on the fact that he was voiced by Richardson. During the first Gulf War, a British reporter speaking from Baghdad, conscious of the possibility of censorship, used the code phrase "You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment" to answer a BBC presenter's question.

A further variation was used by Nicola Murray, a fictional government minister, in the third series finale of The Thick of It.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. House of Cards U. With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Get all three books in the series that inspired the hit Netflix series House of Cards "This blood-and-thunder tale, lifelike and thoroughly cynical, certainly carries the ring of authenticity Here is a political thriller writer with a marvelous inside track knowledge of government. House of Cards is fast-moving, revelatory and brilliant. Here are the three books in the trilogy for one low price: About the Books in This Bundle 1.

House of Cards A dark tale of greed, corruption, and unquenchable ambition, House of Cards reveals that no matter the country, politics, intrigue and passion reign in the corridors of power. Francis Urquhart has his hand on every secret in politics — and is willing to betray them all to become prime minister. Mattie Storin is a tenacious young reporter who has a knack for finding the real stories hidden behind the spin. When she stumbles upon a scandalous web of intrigue and financial corruption at the very highest levels, she vows to reveal the truth.

But to do so she must battle her own demons and risk everything, even her life.

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