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The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Please try again later. We all had our moments! This book is a wonderful view of teen angst at its finest. I like the idea of reading words that are strait from the heart of the writer. Because most of these are diary or journal entries, you get the total scope of what a person is feeling in the truest sense because these words were never written to be read by any other person but the writer.

The only problem i have is that some of the stories just end with no warning or even a adult update on what eventually happened. I enjoyed reading "Love is a Battlefield," but it lacked a certain something compared to the first Mortified volume.

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With one or two exceptions, the majority of the pieces in the second collection are a bit flat and, well, un-mortifying. This collection has the distinct feel of being a selection of Nadelberg's bestest friends' journals, rather than the no-holds-barred, all-comers-considered, hilariously embarrassing content found in the first book. Reading it, I got the feeling that most of the contributors must know Nadelberg in some way, and that this book was more of a clique effort, rife with inside jokes that are funnier to the friends who know them, than a true dissection of the best teen journaling to be found, appealing to all readers.

Many of the journal entries barely stuck to the theme of teen love. Many more were just There was nothing particularly mortifying within them, unless it was rather blase' descriptions of Bon Jovi t-shirts. I found myself less than impressed with several of the contributions. I still enjoyed this one, but I doubt I'll re-read it as I do the original volume. And I certainly never laughed out loud reading this one, and never had to read just one more entry to my husband.

This volume lacks much of the blushing shame of its predecessor, but is still worth reading once. Baby Boomers will mostly identify as these stories are in the time frame of their youth. David Nadelberg has a knack for taking us back there and making us remember how it wasthe good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly.

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Even now, as it was then, it is bittersweet. I look forward to more from David Nadelberg. I like his style and his tenacity, taking us back where we were so vulnerable yet so sureour youth.

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Love Is a Battlefield does one better than the first book, bringing forth universal stories of adolescent pain and humiliation and mining them for catharsis, understanding, and, yes, humor. Is emotional excavation a thing? If it is, then surely the profession has found its Copernicus or maybe Oppenheimer in David Nadelberg. These clearly carefully selected diary entries, poems, letters and other artifacts of adolescence can be, well, mortifying.

Certainly this collection is darker than the first, but that's also what makes it great, in that same way that Freaks and Geeks made the specific universal and made us flinch while laughing along with the characters. Because we've all been there. Sean Sweeney's "screenplay" written for no less than Al Pacino, Debra Winger, Roy Scheider and Phoebe Cates, as well as a character named "Shawn" is hilarious for its innocence and aggressive egotism. Leonard Hyman's story of growing up in American Samoa seems at first completely unrelatable--until he begins talking about his desperate crush on the new girl and his fickle attentions that follow.

The new book is laid out beautifully, with not just the photos of the first book but scraps of the actual source material and some hilarious doodles and illustrations. Also, check out the Mortified web-thingies on iTunes; it's free and it opens up the world of the book so well. From the first kiss to the first rejection to all the thrills that fall between, the following entries chronicle our early awkward attempts to understand the one word that we never quite master anyway: Through delusional displays of celebrity obsession, prudish outbursts of hand-holding, and disturbing sexual awakenings, whatever we discover about romance during our adolescent expeditions is what we carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Growing up in American Samoa, I was the smartest kid in my school. So I became a star student. Along with my best friend, Josh, I enjoyed life at the head of the class. Her name was Mele, and I have no idea where she came from or how or why. All I knew was that she bested me in every regard—she was instantly popular, devastatingly cute, and worst of all totally brilliant. With my status as resident child genius threatened, I began to follow the wisdom of ancient philosophers: Keep your allies close but your enemies closer.

Unfortunately, I took that to heart. August 30 I love the 7th grade. I just realized I never mentioned the geography bee! Anyway, back to the point. The newspaper is great! And the media instructor is cool!

Mortified : love is a battlefield

September 5 I think Mele Parker is a witch. So does Misa, Solip, Hes, Olita, and a few other people. So we are trying to come up with ways to make her feel bad. Any way, I just found out she likes me, I mean loves me. But what if this backfires? What if she kisses me or asks me out despite boys are supposed to ask girls. My life will be ruined!

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Misa and Solip are buttholes! They lied about Mele liking me and today they told Sani who told Mele that I like her! That is according to them. They lie so much. I may be worrying about nothing. But, what if they did tell Sani who told Mele. The scary part is the fact that everything is unknown. Mele is getting popular. I think Mele really does like me and I pray she does so I can embarrass her and Misa and Solip instead of visa-versa. I hope tomorrow never comes. Today I started daydreaming about the problem and Ms.

Willis said I was spacing out and Olita said I was daydreaming about my girlfriend. Willis told us to talk about personal affairs outside of class. Then they teased and said that I really had a girlfriend. September 7 The world hates me. The Misa, Solip, Mele incident is over and Mele hates me. And most of the class does, too. October 14 What if my life ends up like my childhood, a total zip? I need a friend or a girl or both. Would you believe I even liked Mele for about a half an hour?

Yes, the same Mele I called a witch. I love her, more than I loved Sala. I now realize that Sala was toying with me. But now I love Mele. Oh well, I love Mele Parker. She is just so missable. Josh, oohh, now Josh, I could, mmmph, him one or two. But if he is, man! January 8 Well I was right, I was disappointed about the new student. One mistake can ruin your life, and Liz has made that mistake. I think she likes me but then in my mind everyone does.

She kept staring at me during song practice. Oh, by the way yesterday Mele put her arms around my neck to reach the keyboard. Her chest was very close. January 16 Liz likes me still. Jun Wong thinks so too. She always seems to be looking at me too. I feel strange… as if nothing matters, life goes on, life seems so pointless. What if I end up a squat? I feel alone… alone. January 18 Despite what it sounds like, I still love Mele. I love her, though. I hope she does. I just wish something would happen in my life, you know? A date, a friend, something! My life just seems so… pointless!

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February 17 Dear Diary, My life sucks! However on the lighter side of my life, uh, uh, er, um, well, hmmmmmmm. Well there is one thing kind of. According to Sara and my intuition, she likes me. I also like her. It would never work.

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