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Its aftershocks are still felt in many current conflicts. OK, technically the bulk of this movie is set directly after war is over. A close-knit group of Japanese soldiers fighting in Burma surrender to the British when armistice is declared. When a platoon of Japanese holdouts atop a mountain continue fighting, Pte Mizushima, something of a mascot, volunteers to convince them to put down their weapons. What follows is a long walk through grief toward healing, as Mizushima and his comrades eye each other from opposite sides of a prison fence.

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While hardly a traditional musical, The Burmese Harp has some of the most heartbreaking scenes of group singing in all of world cinema. Quite lauded at its time, this gem from the Soviet Union is a bit overshadowed these days by the steamier home front film The Cranes Are Flying. After knocking out two German tanks, a year-old private is offered a commendation.

He asks, instead, for a brief furlough to visit his mother and help repair a leaky roof. Along the way, a number of small tasks occupy him, including falling in love. John Frankenheimer somehow turned art preservation into a white-knuckle actioner, as train saboteurs conspire to prevent Germany from looting artifacts as they bug out of Paris. A German-Jewish theater impresario is hiding beneath his own stage, as his wife Catherine Deneuve tries to keep the lights on. Recognizable moments of everyday life or, at least, everyday showbiz life collide with the grander tragedy of the war.

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Framed as a bedtime story from contemporary suburbia, The Night of the Shooting Stars seesaws between brutal realism and whimsical fairytale. I know that sounds really annoying, but back in this sort of thing was much more novel in cinema, and the Taviani brothers knew they were breaking ground. A small Italian town cracks apart as it tries to survive the death throes of the war. Mind games and tragedies await, as well as lighter moments of humanism and humor. One of the few films to focus on Nazi persecution of homosexuals, Bent began as a play and, as such, has many theatrical flourishes beyond Mick Jagger in drag singing about boys in Berlin.

At its root, Bent shows how love can find a way, even in the worst of all possible settings.

Clive Owen, in one of his earliest major roles, works alongside Lothaire Bluteau in a concentration camp, and the two form a bond despite being unable to touch. Bent is a heavily stylized film a low-budget indie with that lates Channel Four sheen but the writing is sharp, as are the performances.

After the initial shock of the setting, the film settles on a seldom-told story of concentration camp insurrection.

This exceptional book focuses specifically on the genre of parade flags, with particular attention given to the historical context surrounding each flag. Jeffrey Kenneth Kohn Dr. Kohn is one of the most prolific and knowledgeable collectors of American Flags. This book provides a look at some exceptional flags of the Mastai Collection prepared for auction at Sothebys in under the direction of Dr.

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Long May She Wave: From toys to every day objects to flags themselves, the motif of the flag as a graphic theme is documented and explored in this large coffee table book. D'Ambrosio Although not specifically devoted to American Flags, the patriotic folk art featured in Deborah Harding's exceptional book is both beautiful and fascinating.

This book is an excellent resource for collectors looking to extend their knowledge of exceptional patriotic Americana. Here are some excellent online resources for learning more about the American Flag, and for finding other collectors in the community. It provides great historical insight and close up shots of the flags from this historic sale.

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Richard Pierce Collection of U. Richard Pierce, describes the history of the American flag and the development, in particular, of the creation and use of parade flags. The video shows many of the fantastic flags in Mr. Pierce's collection, which is the finest collection of American Parade Flags every assembled.