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The two principals are both engineers with MBAs and 20 years of senior experience in Indian companies. Brian is the founder and host of The Money Guy Show, which is both a podcast and a blog. The Money Guy site features the podcast episodes, a blog filled with actionable advice, and the Smart Money Club: Journal , and other publications. It was the sudden onset of a health issue — bouts of dizziness — that led Jason Rivera to seek a new way to support his family.

He decided to revisit his fascination with investing and became a successful self-taught value investor. The Value Investing Journey blog seeks to simplify learning to value invest. It offers more than just blog posts. The Recommended Resources section offers a reading list covering topics like behavioral finance, mental models, and competitive advantage. Their answers provide clarity on what goes into the creation — and development — of a successful blog. Sophia Bera, Gen Y Planning.

Miller, Dash of Insight. As a former professor, I come from a tradition of sharing knowledge. I had a message, and I hoped people would find it helpful. Shailesh Kumar, Value Stock Guide. Over time I realized I have much value to add to other investors who are looking for new ideas and guidance to invest profitably. The investment world is full of bad advice and anything I can do to make a difference is worthwhile.

Oliver Hauschke , Invest Like the Best. I started blogging because I love investing in companies and I thought I could tell people something about my experience of over 25 years as a private investor. Jason Rivera, Value Investing Journey. Wanted to educate others on the awesomeness of smart financial decisions. Felt that there was an empty void of good objective financial advice. Making money was not the initial intent of my content. It was not until three years into the process that it started generating revenue.

I viewed this as a positive side effect of a great passion project. Be consistent and ask for help. I have a content manager who helps with the blog and a virtual marketing assistant who schedules my social media and helps with my newsletter. Value Stock Guide has been profitable since month number 3. A lot of bloggers start blogging their passions, which is great, but the passion needs a fuel to keep it going. I am passionate about helping people invest better. This passion has been validated in the marketplace as something of great value to other investors, and something that they will pay for.

In addition to the monetary income from the site, the other thing that drives me is the emails and calls from my readers and members telling me how much difference I have made in their financial life. I enjoy writing, and I still have a long list of topics. Sometimes I might not feel like it, but reader response by comments and by email is a big source of encouragement. By focusing on the long-term and not worrying about how many people view the site on a daily basis. When I first started the blog it was for my personal benefit only. I would journal my thoughts on my investment analysis, learning, etc, get feedback, make the necessary changes, improve, and then repeat this process.

The blog has now evolved to me working towards helping others learn these same skills almost exclusively now. Digital resources play an important role that allows consumers to engage with music after it is bought, but online resources do not play a large role in the music people choose or how they consume it. Music buyers seek out a wide range of resources as they think through the music they may want to purchase, but offline sources dominate. People are more likely to find out about music from traditional media or families, friends, or co-workers than from the internet.

Music buyers report that offline sources are more influential than the internet in shaping their choice of music purchases. When internet-using music buyers who used the internet for research were asked to think about the impact online resources had on their most recent music purchase:. Various media resources also play key roles in how people engage with music after they buy it:. Post-purchase online activity can encourage additional buying.

The cell phone-purchasing experience: Online information is influential for cell phone buyers as they do comparison shopping. In addition to consulting websites of vendors, they also go to stores and consult salespeople as they sort through options. Among those who have purchased a cell phone in the prior year, here is how they did their research before the purchase:. When asked to think about the impact online resources had on their cell phone purchase, here is what cell buyers who used the internet in their research said:.

Even with the importance of online information, actual purchasing is an offline affair:. For cell phone buyers who use the internet for research, it had a variety of impacts. On balance, users are generally satisfied with the cell phones they buy. People looking for a new place to live — especially those moving to a new city — rely very much on the internet for their real estate searching, but not to the exclusion of other means.

Although half of real estate searchers start out by using the internet to get information, roughly the same share uses the newspaper or real estate agents. For those moving to new cities, the internet is more heavily relied upon than it is for in-town movers, but so too is a real estate agent. Here are the means people use when beginning the process of finding a new place to live:. Most internet users who use online resources in their housing search say that search has some influence the choice they eventually make. After they have moved, the internet is not widely used as a means to get acquainted with a new place:.

About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts.

For cell phone purchasers: For people looking for a place to live: This enables analysis of consumer choice for the three products along four dimensions: How much people rely on the internet in product research and to what extent online information smoothes the path to a purchase decision. Whether internet users get involved in online chatter or take other steps after purchase to engage with what they bought. Whether the internet serves as a way to go around traditional means e. Among those who used the internet in product research: Online resources augment the shopping experience in tactical ways for users.

When internet-using music buyers who used the internet for research were asked to think about the impact online resources had on their most recent music purchase: The biggest thing is whether you want to risk any conflicts of interest if you blog and have a FT job, which most people start off do. If your topic is about helping starving children during your weekends, then it probably is good to have your name out there.

The other consideration is how much attention you desire. Are you a constant selfie picture taker who then posts her picture on social media to get reaffirmation? Some people believe they are beautiful, and believe their beauty will serve as a good marketing tool, whereas in reality, they are mistaken. I like the privacy route. It becomes a great challenge! I speak to and meet with people all the time in the offline world.

It took me about 6 months to start seeing any income. I find it interesting that you mention offering consulting because I just started doing that last week! Comparing a blog to the amount of capital needed to generate the same income is an interesting idea.

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I always thought of it as a great way to learn the skills necessary to start other online businesses. I highly recommend everyone starts a website and sticks with it for at least a year. This is such perfect timing, I feel like I have to say something. I found your site in August shortly after entering the workforce post-grad. Coincidentally enough, my site went live today shortly before I noticed this post. I visit FS almost every day and it helps me keep my motivations and goals in focus.

I look forward to reading about your experiences and sage advice as I continue pursuing those goals! Nice job taking action in ! Too many folks sit around waiting for something good to happen to them. The more action one takes, the higher the chance something surprisingly special might happen. Your consistency in content creation is remarkable.

You have obviously been inspirational to many bloggers. Might be hard to determine, but can you provide even a guess as to how many new blogs have been spawned through your efforts? This might be like the 3rd or 4th post out of 1, or so. But maybe from the Yakezie Network a good handful I supposed! It makes sense for a blogger to occasionally blog about blogging. Where do you suppose the first comment on my guest post came from? I certainly plan on online business in the future. Thanks for the great tips yet again, Sam: I love how responsive you are to your readers and commenters.

My business partners and I run an offline personal finance education business with an online presence. I recently decided to shift to an online business. We have lots of great content but not enough people get to read it! I will be starting the Yakezie challenge very soon. Thanks so much for your info. Another really nice post Sam — I think it may be time for me to get off my butt and get a website going! What do you think?

Not sure about the fashion and beauty bloggers. Maybe they are spending too much money on trying to make themselves look beautiful? For me, the most beautiful person is someone who has no makeup on, who is happy, and wears simple clothes on a relatively fit body. I do like your approach for affiliate products you use and recommend.

But how do you find the contacts Eg: Affiliate managers actually find you. And given the blogging is very sharing, you can ask anybody for references or contacts. There are conferences you can attend as well. Thanks for sharing Sam. I work in tech and run an e-commerce business on the side with my wife. Have you ever thought about selling physical products yourself? Like, Financial Samurai t-shirts and yoga pants?

I should put up a t-shirt store. Great Post Sam, and definitely agree about bringing ones on perspective and interest for a subject topic into the process. I have found part of the desire to write comes from wanting to add value for others as well as myself. The value of taking the time to increasing ones financial literacy is vitally important. Another benefit of blogging, is it truly allows one to be a life long learner as you get to interact and engage within communities.

A lot of the saving and investing is to improve well being down the line, one of the best ways to maintain a sharp mind it reading and writing in addition to maintaining a active healthy lifestyle. Having just moved into my second year of blogging, I can safely say blogging is my favourite job, ever! I am a long time reader of your posts, and I appreciate your perspective on things, although, sometimes I disagree with some of your opinions. Your constant drum beat of multiple income streams has become a personal goal.

And your constant insistence that everyone should have a website has finally made me just go out and do it. Maybe it was this last post, anyway I made a blogging website and posted to it. And I also find your Uber driving incredibly interesting. An interesting read that will be returned to multiple times I believe. Having just put Google Adsense on my blog easy to sign up , I was surprised to see that I earned anything after the first few days. We will see how I measure you to your examples after I have been going for 1 or two real years.

Great post — I started a site about 3 months ago and am trying to find the right balance between my day job and working on the site. One questions I have for you — early on did you actively promote your site with your friends, family or anyone else you ran into along the way? It seems like that is a good way to get people to your site, but I am not sure I would want it getting to some of my co-workers I work with some long time friends and you know how stuff gets around.

The internet finds a way to direct traffic to your site if you write something compelling. The second half of is when we really started seriously monetizing it. We grossed about 30k and netted 21k. That included a trip to Hawaii! Partnered with the travel bureau to feature local cuisine. For we are super excited because we feel like we have really gotten good at pitching partnership ideas to companies. Overall, I think we will hit 50k in revenue for , net around 40k.

Top 50 Personal Finance Blogs of 2019

She always says she would do it even if there was no money. Regarding the different types of blogs and their ability to generate cash, finance blogs may be at the top. I would put food blogs further down the spectrum, but certainly higher than a blog about cats! How cool is that? I like the idea of one spouse with a stable job and benefits and another spouse with a more entrepreneurial activity. The ability to take risks, write of some business trip expenses, and be mentally stimulated with one spouse at home is great!

Thanks for the response! It is so satisfying to have this creative, entrepreneurial outlet. I started my own personal finance blog really motivated — I created lots of what I thought was quality content. As a blogger myself, the price points you highlighted are great. So obviously I have a bit to go, but hopefully at the precipice starting my financial blog career. I mix blogging with internet marketing, developing content rich niche sites and monetizing through various CPM and CPA options. I can tell you from experience that it is a long, harsh road to glory.

Tell me about the harshness! I love writing already published a couple books! This post is definitely helpful and makes me think that this might be more of a reality than a dream! You point about traffic and, in particular, content, is spot on. I had a site that at its peak was getting over , pageviews per months from about , unique visitors. I had some killer content because it was totally in my wheelhouse and based on what I still do today for a career.

The problem was, the site had a readership of teens and college kids. The Google cost-per-click on pretty much everything was tiny, and the RPM was very low. I gave up the passive revenue and tore the site down. The only ads are for me. It gets tiny traffic, but it leads to paid trips all over the world to speak, workshop requests, and consulting gigs every year. Sometimes a blog serves a different purpose, and high traffic for ad clicks might not be the thing to grab for. I have a silly little blog about growing a beard and growing my net worth just for fun and to keep me motivated.

Is there a minimum traffic level? Did you approach financial service companies or did they approach you? It WILL take a year or two to gain a following and start making real money. I love banking and finance but hate retail customer service. That shows in any of my rant articles. Fame and fortune, here I come! For the first months, you will likely be your only reader. But no blog ever does. How does one pick a theme from all the choices out there?

This is a daunting tasks. The big thing is to just pick one and get started! Momentum is key to success in anything. There are a lot of great free themes. I just used Genesis bc a blogging friend had a developer license and redesigned my site for me. I plan to do another update this year. Essentially, it centers around opportunity. And the brand equity built in the process is more valuable in increasing my income than any would be savings moving to a lower cost of living area. It will be interesting to see how things pan out. And if you can back that signal with substance, then the sky is the limit.

No need to ever leave NYC as a result.

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  6. Could one day buy that Central Park view apartment instead! That would be so awesome. I really enjoyed it. I also like how you showed types of people most suitable for blogging. And the income examples were excellent. I love being a professional blogger.

    Is the link that is provided in the article, a great place to start for someone with only academic writing, but not technology savvy? Also, how is the best way to choose a domain name? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Hi Sam, great post, love the charts! In my home office bedroom , after an hr or so, I just Need to get off the chair. So I go to the hall — to the fridge — then, back to the chair. Or, if I slouch on the couch my typing posture fails me. If I turn on music, I can get distracted. Go to a public place — batteries get low too fast and distractions too.

    I spend a lot of time writing in my hot tub , I kid you not. I like to spend hours each session to read the news and write a post. I also like writing in my sanctuary. I have a standing desk. For some reason, I have no problems writing for hours at a time. I really like to go non stop from start to finish so I can spend the rest of the day doing whatever! Sam, were you able to write off the cost of the bathroom remodel and hot tub as business expense since you do a lot of blogging from your sanctuary? I am hoping to launch a PF site in the near future, but I worry about writing a proper legal disclaimer.

    I am a high-net worth individual and worry about exposing myself to unnecssary legal risk, but I truly do want to try blogging as a hobby. Sam, really nice post! I was thinking about starting my own blog and was wondering if you had a recommendation as far as comment moderation plug-ins go? I know that managing comments can be a real pain with comment spam and thought you would have some good thoughts on this. You do an excellent job of building community and of responding quickly to comments. I just use Akismet. I work in marketing in a company that gets solicited by bloggers for free product ALL the time.

    Would it be crazy to be a male lifestyle blogger? Sam — how do you get the affiliate partnerships? Is that something they approach you about or that you have actively sought out? I notice that the examples in this post have LARGE proportions of monthly earnings come from those sources. They are the best if you can find the perfect products for your content. Perfect products are those you use and believe in. Perfect products also lower the cost of existing alternatives, are free, improve your day to day life or can help you make more money.

    Affiliate partners approach me all the time. My book has an affiliate program btw if you are interested. I need to do a better job promoting it to bloggers who write about career, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle. That is interesting — they probably come to you because you have a great site and good traffic numbers.

    I am working on the Alexa challenge and trying to read everything I can find to help me. When I get better traffic numbers I will reach out about the book affiliate program. I had an idea for your book if you do a 3rd edition to include a chapter or perhaps an appendix on negotiating retention.

    Was recently involved in a merger and learned some things on that topic. Its always great talking to you — thanks. First you get the traffic, then you get the affiliates, then you get the money, then you get the power…. Once you have enough traffic you can negotiate a better deal privately and other advertisers will find you. I am working on the traffic. I need to start sharing on social media etc.

    Sam, as usual great post. Between your blog and a few others, I developed some form of financial literacy in the last 3 years. Whether I decide on blogging in the future, regardless, your blog has made a difference in my financial world. Keep up the good work. Sam, It took you 4 years and a whole lot of hard work and dedication to achieve this feat. Your ebook has done well, hopefully the new release would also do well.

    First, check for competition. Thanks for the inspiration and the how-to steps in another post. It has motivated me to start my own site www. My site helps candidates pass certification exams offered through the Government Finance Officers Association I have already passed the exams over the last five years. I put my first post up today! Then, I just read a couple of your post and I found them each to be eye openers.

    I was wondering when starting your own blog is it better to create a blog that mainly talks about one topic such as health or sports or is it better to create a blog that deals with many of your interest. Thank you for your time. Then you can slowly move wider with new categories. You will find the limit of growth to be determined by your enthusiasm and knowledge. Those who succeed just keep on going, no matter what. They find inspiration in the mundane, because perhaps there is a story to tell. From these experiences, I wrote: Income Profiles Of Financially Free People , to challenge readers on how they can take advantage of the gig economy.

    Thanks for your advice and the related links. You have a wealth of information that are very well presented and have great perspective. After reading the related link you really have me excite about the possibilities.

    Top 50 Personal Finance Blogs of (And Why They're the Best)

    I will be starting a blog once I done all the research. I did take AP English in high school and got an A: With 3 billion people online, starting a blog is a serious no brainer for anybody who wants to grow their brand, connect with other people, have some fun, and make a little or potentially a lot of money online. I find them truly encouraging and a lot the ideas presented in the articles and comments resonate with me or at least get me thinking.

    I think you have a truly wonderful community here on FS. Do you have any ideas other than google searches where I could find information on what niches might be profitable if it comes to that? People have grown successful, money-making blogs in every niche. The key is to last long enough to see the good fruits grow. Finance is definitely a lucrative niche by definition.

    Thanks so much for this article Sam. Had no idea you could earn this much with blogging!

    Personal Finance Newsletter

    This post and the other one on how to start blogging helped me start mine. This is really fantastic and decent of you to share. The key is to gain traffic by writing content that other people would want to read and share. Google will automatically find your work and rank you according to the value provides among other Ab The key is to gain traffic by writing content that other people would want to read and share. Google will automatically find your work and rank you according to the value provides among other variables.

    You can start making money by signing up for a Google AdSense and other advertising networks such as CJ. But the key to making money online is to actually not focus too much on making money online. I have for years written grants for animal rescues as a volunteer so I was thinking of doing a blog for the rescue community as a whole, of which there are many, to help them with financial aid resources and how to write grants..

    Sam thanks for the great post. I found your blog only a year ago. For a long time I lacked direction how to start a blog. Your post was very clear how to get it started and why I should not wait to start the blog. I started my own blog couple of months ago. Thanks for your article. I really needed to see this, thank you. Thanks again so much for sharing your insights on blogging.

    Hey Sam — thanks for the info on blogging. I have a question about advertising. I have two blogs — a travel blog that I write with my wife and a running blog that is all mine. These are two great passions of ours and I think the content contributes authentic and genuinely helpful info. Any advice on getting started with google ad words and affiliate programs or working with ads in general?

    Many folks ask me whether I even make money from this site actually. You should find your best posts and find the best value added products that synergistically fit with your best posts. There are places like cj. For 3 years which includes all kinds of security for myself and my readers. I was advised that Google will be requiring this by the end of the year. It actually covers me for the https. I initiated the website hosting at noon! But as I told them I hoped to bring in revenue with affiliates and ads very few ads lol … They devised me to go with the Pro Package.

    I hope I as the oversold.