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Privilege and coincidence have always been central to screwball comedy, but the speed of crosstown travel here rivals Die Hard 3 for plausibility. Remarkable chemistry between the impossibly glamorous pair of Pfeiffer and Clooney. Exciting story of adults trying to succeed in careers with the drawbacks of children. Silky smooth romantic comedy, with Pfieffer and Clooney at their most charming. A beautifull movie with tiny bit, romance, comdey and senti moments. I love this moive about two very different single parents who meet one day when their kids miss their school trip.

A bit like Serendipity. Inoffensive by the numbers rom-com. Utterly predictable of course, but Clooney and Pfeiffer make a nice couple and it has more charm than most of this type. More Top Movies Trailers. DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Black Panther Dominates Honorees.

Trending on RT Avengers: One Fine Day Post Share on Facebook. Melanie is a busy architect who is trying to hide her kid from her boss. When Jack flubs his mission to get the kids on a school day-trip, Jack and Melanie must look after the kids together. Terrel Seltzer , Ellen Simon.

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Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Michelle Pfeiffer as Melanie Parker. George Clooney as Jack Taylor. Mae Whitman as Maggie Taylor.

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He agrees, on the condition that she take over their care at 3: While in Melanie's care, Maggie goes missing from a store, and wanders some distance down a crowded midtown sidewalk. Melanie breaks down in despair at the police station, files a missing child report, and then goes to a mayoral press conference to find Jack. He is notified by the police that Maggie has been found, and makes it to the press conference just barely in time to confront the mayor with his scoop about corruption.

He had earlier tracked down its source, just as she was leaving a beauty salon in a limousine. Although they have been antagonistic, Melanie and Jack work together to get both Sammy and Maggie, by taxi, to a soccer game. She insists that she will have time first to do her presentation to the new clients, despite him protesting that it will make them late for the game. She begins her pitch over drinks at the 21 Club lounge, but upon seeing Sammy in high spirits, she realizes that she cares more about him than her job.

Bravely insisting that she must leave immediately to be with him, she fully expects to be fired, yet the clients are impressed. At the game, Melanie meets her former husband, Eddie, who admits that he lied to Sammy and that he will be going on tour as a drummer with Bruce Springsteen.

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That evening, Jack wants a reason to visit Melanie's apartment, so he takes Maggie to buy goldfish to replace the ones that were eaten earlier in the day by a cat. At Melanie's apartment, the children watch TV while she and Jack share a first kiss. She goes to the bathroom to freshen up; when she returns, an exhausted Jack is asleep on the sofa. She joins him and they fall asleep together, with the children happily observing. Clooney's character did not exist in the script's original draft. Producer Lynda Obst explained the change: There are plenty of divorced, single working fathers going through the exact same thing.

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One Fine Day was filmed in 44 Manhattan locations. Both stars are enjoyably breezy, and there's enough chemistry to deflect attention from the story's endless contrivances Ms Pfeiffer, meanwhile, shows a flair for physical comedy. Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times wrote: I thought of his words while watching One Fine Day , an uninspired formula movie with another fine performance by Michelle Pfeiffer.

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She does everything in this movie that a much better movie would have required from her, but the screenplay lets her down It first became a popular hit in the summer of for the American girl group The Chiffons , who reached the top five on the Billboard Hot chart. In , King covered her own song and charted at number 12 on the Hot with her version. The song has subsequently been covered by numerous artists over the years. Goffin and King were inspired by the title of the aria "Un bel di vedremo" from the Puccini opera Madama Butterfly.

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Intended for Little Eva , "One Fine Day" was prepped as a demo by Goffin and King with King providing a guide vocal but — despite a propulsive piano riff courtesy of King — Goffin and King were unable to construct a viable arrangement and eventually gave up, passing the song to The Tokens who had recently produced the 1 hit " He's So Fine " by The Chiffons for whom it was thought another "fine" song had hit potential.

The piano work by King whose vocal was erased was retained for The Chiffons' recording and King attended the session at which The Chiffons recorded their vocals. The Chiffons' version has made numerous soundtrack appearances including: The song is also featured in The Simpsons episode " Bart the Murderer ". Carole King herself had the first major hit remake of her own composition when she recorded "One Fine Day" for her studio album Pearls: