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Brought to you by bestselling erotic novelists Jay Lawrence and Edmund deBarquet, both real-life aficionados of the disciplinary arts, this collection of nine widely varying tales explores the many facets of consensual hand spanking, whipping, strapping, caning and paddling. What happens to a s housewife who neglects to prepare her husband's evening meal on time? Which methods might a modern master employ to keep his weekend slave girl on the straight and narrow during an illicit liaison at a city hotel? An investigative journalist records the Sapphic spankings of a pretty undergraduate as a study in kink.

These are just three of the stories in So Spank Me! Tales of Blistered Bottoms. So assume the position and explore these divinely striking aspects of sexual power and control. See why one online reviewer hails Jay Lawrence's work as "Both arousing and entertaining -- perfect for a lazy afternoon of reading. Definitely recommended to anyone who likes erotic short stories.

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Click to purchase this book from these fine eBook stores: Suddenly the spanking was fantasy instead of punishment. Justas she was about to reach her climax, she heard Rick's key turnthe lock.

Tanya jumped as if she were shot. She leapt to her feet andpulled her panties up in the same motion. Totally flustered,when Rick came into the room she ran to him, through her armsaround him, and cried over and over "I'm sorry I was bad, I'msorry I was bad! I know I deserved to be punished! As he admonished her, she wiggled and squirmedand tried to avoid making any form of eye contact. He asked herrepeatedly if she had any excuse for going over her budget.

Itappeared that he was giving her every chance to vindicateherself, yet all she could do was stare at the floor and answer"No Sir. Then he asked her the dreaded question.

Detention part 3 of 13

Tears began to roll down Tanya's cheeks. She averted hereyes and mumbled "rearend After all, she had called and confessed on her own. Thiscertainly was a different person from the spoiled bitch he'dmarried two years ago. But he also realized that regulardiscipline was the reason for the change. Tanya's heart sank when he spoke again. I'm certainly going to take it into consideration.

You know that I love you, but I'm still going to punish youseverely. Go to the bedroom and get the paddle. Then come tothe den and stand in the corner until I've finished watching thenews. Then you're going to get your bare bottom spanked. Thenhe kissed her on the cheek and sent her to await her punishment.

Tanya stood in the corner with her skirt raised and her pantieslowered to her knees. She was acutely aware of her bare bottom,and wondered why Rick made her pull her panties down. Theyprovided little or no protection from the paddle, as they onlycovered a small portion of her behind. But she knew better thanto ask, for questions invariably meant a longer session over hisknee. She looked at the panties down around her shapely long legsand felt awkward and clumsy.

Fear now replaced the excitementthat she had experienced earlier. She wished that the newswould hurry and be over, and at the same time, wished that itwould never end. For the hundredth time, she ran her fingersover the paddle.

SO SPANK ME! Tales of Blistered Bottoms by Jay Lawrence and E. Edmund DeBarquet – Sizzler Editions

It had a rough side and a smooth side. Shewished that Rick would spank her with the smooth side sheimagined that it would hurt less , but she knew that wouldn'thappen. When the news was over, Rick became all business. Heordered her to come into the kitchen and give him the paddle. Asshe handed him the paddle, he sat down on the straight-backedwooden chair and said "All right Tanya. Raise your skirt andturn over my knee. I'm going to blister your rearend until youcan't sit down on either side.

Reluctantly, she lifted herskirt above her waist, then quickly assumed the classic position,face down over Rick's knee. Clumsily, she braced herself withone hand on the floor and held her skirt up with the other. Herhead was to his left, her feet and long legs to his right. Highabove, or so it seemed to her, she felt the cool night air on hernaked bottom. She jumped when Rick tapped her sexy behind with thepaddle. She pushed her long blonde hair out of her face and answered"Because I was a bad girl and spent too much money. Then she closedher eyes, gritted her teeth, and waited for the inevitable.

She hadn't long to wait. Rick raised the paddle high above hishead and brought it down on her bottom with a resounding"Whack. When the paddle exploded on herbottom, the pain was instantaneous. She managed to stifle ascream, but her reflexes were automatic. Her back arched, herhead flew up, and she let go of her skirt and reached behind herto protect her rear-end from the blows that were sure to follow.

Quickly, Rick grabbed her wrist in a vice-like grip andpinned her hand to the small of her back, then flipped her skirtup above her waist so that her luscious bottom was completelyexposed. When he spoke, his voice was stern "Behave yourself! You're in enough trouble already. Tanya handled the second lick better than the first. Althoughthe sting from the paddle was excruciating, she neither flinchednor cried out. She knew that she was helpless and had no choicebut to accept her punishment. She also felt guilty and knew thatshe deserved a spanking. Rick swung the paddle hard and swatted her butt again.

Thenagain, and again, and again. Each time, the sound of the paddlesmacking her backside was like a gunshot. He administered thespanking slowly and methodically, carefully delivering each lickto the part of her bottom that she sat on, just above her thighs. Between licks, he scolded, and admonished her to behave herself.

SO SPANK ME! Tales of Blistered Bottoms by Jay Lawrence and E. Edmund DeBarquet

After the tenth lick, Tanya could no longer hold back thetears. As they rolled down her cheeks, her makeup began to runand she looked a mess. Her bottom burned, and the pain fromeach new lick was agonizing. Each time she started to cry out,she remembered what Rick had taught her during otherspankings. After the fifteenth lick, Rick paused.

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Tanya's bottom,ordinarily a beautiful contrast of golden brown and white tanlines, was now a bright shade of pink. He released her arm, butordered her not to get up. Then he rubbed her bottom, chastised her for being spoiled rottenand a spendthrift, and assured her that he was going to teach hera lesson she would never forget. Tanya wiped her eyes and tried to listen, but all she couldthink of was her throbbing butt She knew better than to beg, butcouldn't help herself.

I'll be a good girl! Please don'tspank me anymore! Without thinking, she yelped and grabbed her bottomwith both hands. Once again, Rick paused. And if you try to protect your rear again, I'll start the spankingover from the beginning. She gritted her teeth and began to cry again, for sheknew there was no escape from the stinging blows to her rear. When Rick smacked her bottom again, she sobbed andwrithed in pain.

But she maintained the proper position over hisknee, and made no effort to protect herself. Slowly and deliberately he burned her ass with the paddlefifteen more times. As her butt turned a bright red, the painbecame excruciating. After each lick, she squirmed in agony,and begged him to stop, but he ignored her pleas.

He wouldsimply order her to behave, reposition her over his knee, thenswat her bottom again. Tanya thought the spanking would never end. It seemed likeRick waited an eternity between licks. She knew that she wasprolonging her suffering by misbehaving, but her bottom was soblistered she couldn't help herself.

Her derriere felt like it was onfire. After the thirtieth lick, Rick paused again. Please don't spank me anymore! As he did,her red panties fell down around her ankles and she kicked themoff.

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She lifted her skirt and touched her burning bottom with thepalm of her hand but it only made the pain worse. She wanted tokick and stamp her feet, but knew better. Rick stood and kissed her on the lips, then ordered her to goand wash her face. Without a word,she turned and fled into the bathroom..

Tanya stood in her dressing room and cried while she fixedher hair sitting down was out of the question. Her eyes burnedfrom her tears, her posterior burned from the paddling, her facewas a mess, and her feelings were hurt. More than anything, shewanted Rick to hold her and reassure her that he still loved her.

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Once she was able to stop the tears, she put on new makeup,then raised her skirt, and examined her derriere in the full-lengthmirror. Her bottom was a dull red and marked with smallblisters in several spots. She touched a particularly tender areaand winced.