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Mitchell was no stranger to pitching. Growing up, her next door neighbor was a man named Dazzy Vance, a future Hall of Fame pitcher in his own right. Vance taught Mitchell how to pitch and, despite her physical disadvantages against much larger and more experienced male ballplayers, Mitchell was able to hold her own.

She struck out Ruth on four pitches — a ball, two swinging strikes, and then a called third strike — and then followed up by getting three swinging strikes against Gehrig. This was a rare feat for an All-Star caliber Major League pitcher to pull off, and Mitchell was a high school aged girl. Nevertheless, the Yankees won, While modern commissioners would probably note such an occurrence with wide-eyed optimism for an egalitarian future, then-commissioner Landis did the exact opposite.

How good was Babe Ruth? Play "Resolve Dissolve" out of your window on Halloween and scare the neighborhood children.

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Brian go to album. Is "swing and a miss" usually used for something that falls short in an effort to impress or break new ground? If that's what it means, you wouldn't simply call a mediocre film a swing and a miss unless it is pushing for something new and original e. It means "an effort that failed.

a swing and a miss

I'd only use it if it was something I'd consider a fairly good effort. I'm not sure I'd use it in reference to a movie, but if I did, it would be a movie in which parts were done well, just not well enough to make the movie a good one. I don't think it would have to be "original," necessarily - just successful in some important ways though a failure overall. JustKate , Feb 14, It is used in informal speech for any failure.

Swing and a Miss! | Thursday, May 9 2019

A film, to be a swing and a miss, must have been a flop. Is a "swing and a miss" movie a complete flop without any redeeming qualities? Before your answers, my initial reaction was that it was kind of a mixed bag, with the bad outweighing the good. A nice try, but not successful. In my view, a swing and a miss could be a miss by a lot flop or a miss by a little nice try.

Context would be the determinant.