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She claims she's there to recover an old mirror with extraordinary powers. Kevin Delaney doesn't know what to make of the Gypsy beauty he finds rummaging in the attic of Killara, his family's estate. While Kevin doesn't believe her mystical talk, there's no doubt a kind of magic is at work on his heartjust in time for Christmas Christmas Presentby Fayrene Preston Bria Delaney is at Killara for the holidays when she discovers a mirror that reveals more than her reflection. Appearing in the glass is a startlingly handsome man who just as mysteriously disappearsuntil she meets him in person that night, leading to a Christmas they'll never forget Christmas Futureby Kay Hooper A heartbreaking vision in the legendary Delaney mirror drove Brett Delaney to the other side of the world.

Now his father's death bequeaths him the mirror, and its prophecy sends him back to Killara for Christmas, determined to save the homeand the womanhe's always loved. Additional Details Series Volume Number. Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones Set: Martin Paperback, The Outsider by Stephen King , Hardcover The Outsider a Novel by Stephen King 1.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 1 by J. Rowling , Hardcover, Illustrated Mixed Lot Iris Johansen Books. Iris Johansen Romance Books. Iris Johansen Goodreads Author.

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From three of the brightest stars in contemporary fiction comes a festive trio of romantic classics about an unforgettable family — and the enchanted heirloom that links one generation to the next. Christmas Present by Fayrene Preston Bria Delaney is at Killara for the holidays when she discovers a mirror that reveals more than her reflection.

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  • The Delaney Christmas Carol (The Delaneys, #14) by Kay Hooper.
  • Christmas Future by Kay Hooper A heartbreaking vision in the legendary Delaney mirror drove Brett Delaney to the other side of the world. Paperback , pages. Published November 1st by Bantam first published January 1st To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Delaney Christmas Carol , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Delaney Christmas Carol. Lists with This Book.

    The plot is about a magic mirror which can show past, present, future, as well as predict tragedies. Kevin is the half-breed son of Rising Star and Joshua, and lives his days whoring without ambition because of the contempt and pain he faced both from his grandmother Malvina, as well as his tribe. One night at the Bordeaux, "The Delaney Christmas Carol" is a collection of three novellas, and conclusion to the Delaney family saga. One night at the Bordeaux, his aunt Silver interrupts his pleasurable tom-catting and sends him back to Killara, he ends up meeting the Gypsy Zara, who has invaded his house to search for a magic mirror.

    Zara claims to be a Delaney, and soon they strike an unscrupulousness bargain as passion ignites.. Even though its not proved, the couple are possibly distant cousins but that doesn't quell their lust. The hero is a typical IJ obessive, possesive one- the heroine is strong but slave to her carnal hungers just like him- and there is great chemistry between them. What I really liked was how much Kevin tried to make Zara feel at home, and it was funny the way Zara kept putting her smelly talismans all over the place to protect him.

    Glad these two outcasts found peace and love in one another. Loved their mirror related tales and ramblings, especially the epilogue. Safe after meeting her hide spoiler ] 4. Brianna "Bria" Delaney is the daughter of Burke and Cara, and twin to their son Patrick named after their ancestors. When Bria is up exploring in her mother's attic, she comes across a beautiful engraved mirror- who ends up showing an image of a gorgeous man! Soon she comes across Kells, her father's business associate- and realizes they are one and the same.

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    The mirror starts showing her images of the couple together, but is it her wishful thinking or is their actually magic? Really enjoyed this one! The passion and love developed slowly between Bria and Kells, and while they initially fought it, it slowly embraces them while the enchanted mirror continues to show its glimpses. Zara's letter was a great addition, and so was the epilogue. When Brett sees his home burning in the elusive mirror, he decides to return years later to Killara.

    His ex Cassie had married his father, and is now his widow managing his estates. This was my least favorite in this series. The hero's reason for going away didnt make sense- "just because he couldnt stop it", neither did his faith in his love. Also this book changed what the mirror was prophesied to do and could be changed. Overall an below average read. SWE view spoiler [ h has known H since childhood and loved him until she married his father but didnt sleep with him.

    Its hinted H has slept OW until h grew up. Also glad that the stories happened in different generations, and so were more enjoyable- filled with love, happiness and heartbreak. Round up rating of 3. Dec 28, Mudpie rated it liked it. I found thisbook because it's the only book with Fayrene Preston in my library. The first story was by Iris Johansen and sets the scene for the Delaneymagic mirror. Zara was plucky and I know the first scene with the hero was to tell us his tomcatting ways, I usually do not like to see my hero or heroine in bed or being intimate with anyone else.

    In this case the bero was in the prostitute's bed at the brothel. It was a fun and sexy tale. My favourite part had to be how Zara saw her descenda I found thisbook because it's the only book with Fayrene Preston in my library. My favourite part had to be how Zara saw her descendant "Elizabeth" finding the mirror I like the second story by Fayrene Preston the best. The chemistry between our couple was sexy and hot. It was also the story that dealt with the mirror best I felt.

    That you might see images in the mirror, but it's only a snapshot of a moment in time without context. Those who saw put their own interpretation to it and tried to avert disaster, but if anything whatever is shown will happen.

    The Delaneys Series

    Of this we have certainty. Coming to the third story by Kay Hooper, I admit I skimmed through the rest of the story after the heroine explained why she married the hero's father. It made no sense to me, even after the full truth was revealed that it's a marriage of convenience to safeguard the ranch. There were so many other ways for Cassie to remain on the ranch She did not like Kane, and there really was no need to marry him in my opinion.

    Don't even get me started on the mirror biz. In the first two books it was pretty much established that the mirror may show images of the past, present and future. Therefore now in this book the author tried to suggest that the images made self fulfilling prophesies Both stories were beautifully linked and flowed.

    The third story was like no link to the previous two and attempts to make the story seemed set in the "future" was quite lame. The "new" technologies seemed boring even in the early s! Plus I didn't really connect or feel for both our main characters. Nov 03, Barb rated it really liked it. A story in the way of a Christmas carol.

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    A long look at Past, Present and Future Delaney's. Very good and interesting story line. With beautiful stories about each generation. Jan 11, Cynthia rated it liked it Shelves: A nice enjoyable three story romance! I liked how the family, the Delaney's, and the heirloom mirror were the focus for all three stories. It's a good trope to follow an object through different hands. Another detail I appreciated was the generation gap between the three different stories, so that none of the characters, from each story, had direct contact with each other.

    The Delaney Christmas Carol by Iris Johansen, Kay Hooper, Fayrene Preston | omyhukocow.tk

    The only detail that was wanting is the years for the 'present' story and 'future'. Jan 03, Micki rated it did not like it. Best way to describe this: The overdrawn sex scenes mixed with incest ruin the story. I kept with it, hoping it would get better, but it never did. Dec 30, Karen rated it it was amazing. But a mirror as apt to be sinister as to be prophetic. A delightful read that I started and finished at the perfect time! Oct 23, Leia Kolet toledano rated it really liked it Shelves: Well, it's actually a three book trilogy but I read only Christmas Past by Iris- The book was very intriguing and I have been swept away as usual.

    I feel that it's about that period when Iris's Women characters became stronger, memorable and unbelievably identifiable for me.

    See a Problem?

    The second book I could not read even one chapter though. Just bed writing, sorry. Dec 01, Gerda Leek rated it did not like it. Jun 16, Diana H. I love the Delaney series - This book is historical, contemporary, and a little bit futuristic as well. Mar 24, Elena rated it it was ok Shelves: We don't get a clear idea of what the mirror actually does And what's with the insta-love?! They meet one day, he blackmails her into sleeping with him the same night, and they are in love the next morning?!

    Also, who was the person wanting to kill him?! Totally didn't get that Otherwise, it h I guess 2. Otherwise, it had potential I guess if it were longer Yeah, mirror predicts the future and the fact that she goes out of her way to act out what she sees in the mirror has nothing to do with this?! Why does the letter from Zara address her as Elizabeth, when her name is actually Bria!? Also, it is quite unrealistic how she sees Kells murdering her father in the mirror but isn't afraid of him, she still loves him and just wants to stop him from commiting a murder so that they can be together?!

    The fact that he could be a killer doesn't concern you, as long as you stop him in time?! And the climax of the story!? His business partner from Australia tries to burn his home down and kill his lover so that he would come back to Australia and their business?!?! Oct 19, Alicia rated it liked it Shelves: The Delaneys series has three authors rotating writing books.

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    • I read The Delaney Christmas Carol first, and was fine. For it, each author wrote a story - one past, one present, one future - of the same family line, the Delaneys. The second story has one scene describing everyone present as if we should know them, but that didn't harm the story for me. As the foreword tells us, this family has a mirror, gifted by gypsies long ago, tha The Delaneys series has three authors rotating writing books.

      As the foreword tells us, this family has a mirror, gifted by gypsies long ago, that may show a past or future scene if a Delaney looks into it. Most Delaneys eventually decide to put it away - if you know something bad is going to happen, you start suffering sooner. But not all things seen are bad, and you wonder if the mirror is predicting events or controlling them. This book is definitely in the romance style. The Delaney character of the era always conquers or gets conquered, ending up in bed.

      The stories around the romance are quite different from your formula romance.