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Also, none of your companions ever have anything to report so you don't need to keep asking them expecting something. You'll find The Dowager Council in this room but even if you have the Nobility Knowledge perk we won't be talking to her just yet as she'll simply say perhaps you can speak later. If you don't have the Nobility Knowledge perk you can completely ignore her for the duration of this quest.

Re-entering the Vestibule will trigger a cutscene with Leliana. None of the dialogue options here matter, so choose whatever you feel like. As Leliana mentions, the next part of the quest will take part in the Guest Wing which is immediately in front of you where your cutscene with Leliana ended. Or, if you're heading towards the Grand Ballroom it's the door on your right.

Speaking to Leliana will allow you to turn in secrets which you could do now, later, or periodically throughout. Every time you turn some in it will yield equivalent approval. She, however, is no longer in this room so you'll have to do that later. Heading into the Guest Wing take note of the room to your left, the Trophy Room. You're unable to access this at present but we'll be entering here later in the quest. So, make a mental note of where that was if that makes it easier.

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If you continue forward you'll find some whispering elves talking, try to talk to them and get the cold shoulder then eavesdrop on them. Now if you head back up the stairs where you were originally before the eavesdropping and continue West into the next room there are some things to do. First stop in front of the lion statue and eavesdrop. Next, continue foward a few steps then go into the room on your left and you'll find another eavesdrop point - use it. If you see the Council of Heralds Vassal walk into the room go ahead and talk to him.

Otherwise, find and talk to him wandering around this area. Next, in that same room with the second eavesdrop point we'll be talking to Duke Germain Council. Still in the same room there's a scroll to read and if you ping you'll find another coin. At this point head back out into the main room and turn left to find some more whispering elves. If you're an elf they'll talk to you directly, otherwise eavesdrop on them. Head into the east room near the elves and out the south door onto a balcony.

Walk SE on the balcony and use your search ping to find the cylinder the first elves mentioned. Head back inside and turn left, going straight back into the other room. Turn right again, then take the first door on your left to head out onto another balcony, a small garden. You'll be greeted with another cutscene. Just choose the nicest options.

Now that you're in the garden you can head back towards the entrance then walk along the path near the wall to find another eavesdrop point. You should have 8 or 9 secrets at this point if you collected all of them thus far. You can jump over the little railing and head towards the fountain now which will allow you to toss your two coins into the fountain which will yield 1 approval each.

A Complete Guide to Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts in Dragon Age: Inquisition

That's all we're going to be messing with that for this walkthrough though. At this point I recommend making a permanent save followed by a quicksave so you can do the following portion then quickload back and do it again with more streamlined actions so you take less time as the following portion is timed and your approval will decay with the longer you take.

Now that you've saved, head around to the other side of the fountain and you'll see a wooden lattice that you can climb up. Once you're up the timer is ticking, so make the most efficient use of your time as possible.

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Head immediately to your left and enter the door straight ahead. It requires a halla statue and for this we'll be using the one we collected outside the palace. Grab the negotiations document, this is mandatory. Next head back out of this room run straight across the walkway and turn to your right heading along the balcony and pick up the halla statue. Next, turn back around and head into the large room in the center, the Grand Library.

Head immediately to the far NW corner and ping to highlight a book. Use it to reveal a hidden room. Pick up the note on the desk. The following portion is optional. If you don't care about loot just go in the door to your left within the Grand Library and run straight ahead, taking the door on your left to re-enter the Vestibule which is much faster than the route down the lattice into the garden.

You'll be hearing bells at this point so head to the Grand Ballroom.

Otherwise, proceed with the next portion as quickly as possible. Still in the grand library's hidden room grab the veil fire and head into the grand library. At this point you'll be hearing the first bell. In other words, be quick. You'll need to light the statues on either side of the room starting with the SE most statue Etinene or some such, and following the other 2 in that line.

Wicked Eyes And Wicked Hearts - Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay Walkthrough Part 17 Celene

Next move to the next row on the other side of the room and light the closest one to the door you initially entered from and again follow along the line lighting the next in succession. Once all are lit a secret passage will open in the middle of the room. There's some loot down there.

Even if you move as quickly as possible you'll be hearing the second bell by the time you're done looting. If you head left through the library rather than back down the lattice you'll be in an entirely different room and there are some secrets in here and some things to loot but unless you're real speedy you don't have time for that so just run straight through the room instead and taking the door on your left which will put you at the entrance to the Vestibule and the door will be unlocked now.

Run straight forward to the Grand Ballroom door as fast as you can to avoid being late. If you are too late you're going to take a approval rating hit, so I don't recommend it. Reload to the save I told you to make earlier and streamline your actions to be a bit faster if you must.

Once inside you'll enter a cutscene, greeted by someone Your dialogue choices don't affect court approval, so respond however you feel your character must. You'll receive a key to the guest wing either way.

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At this point it might be wise to save again, now that you've made it through the first timed portion. While it isn't necessary, at this point we're going to go back into the Grand Ballroom, turn to our right and then if we have the Nobility Knowledge perk we're going to talk to The Dowager Council , and say You won't actually be dancing with her but it'll open up a war table operation.

Assuming you did everything thus far you should have at least 70 approval rating. Next, go and talk to Leliana and turn in your secrets thus far. You should now have around 86 approval rating, which is more than high enough to finish with at this point for the Belle of the Ball achievement.

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Ignore the Behind the Empress thing that pops up, for now. Instead, head back into the Vestibule. Once back in the Vestibule turn immediately left and head back into the Guest Wing. We're still not doing anything with the Trophy Room just yet, so head down the stairs and make a permanent save before heading into the servant's quarters. The following portion is also timed, so you will likely want to streamline your actions here as well to conserve approval.

Once inside, much to your annoyance, you'll notice literally none of your party are wearing any of their gear, aside from accessories. You'll need to open your inventory and re-equip your weapons and armor and do the same for each of your companions. Spend as little time outside of menus as possible here as approval doesn't degrade while in the inventory but it will outside of it.

Once your party is all geared up examine the corpse immediately in front of you and make a quick save Head into the room directly ahead of you and observe the barrels and boxes stacked about. Your goal, as it were, is to hop up onto them and then onto the ceiling beam. Quick save and quick load until you manage to do it quickly and then quick save again once you're up on the beam. Once on the beam carefully head towards the book and interact with it and then continue forward and grab the halla statue. I'm afraid this nonsense is necessary.

Once you have the statue head back down and into the room you spawned in. Head out the exterior door to the west and run all the way down to the fountain to trigger a cutscene. Head north until you hit a wall, then head up the stairs on your right and continue up the stairs until you get to a ladder, climb up the ladder and run past the closed door until you get to an open room.

There will be a halla statue just to your right. Return to the fountain and then Proceed to your left the direction the enemies came from and head through the archway. Once through, turn right and head forward. You'll find two venatori walking around, kill them. Continue forward and take the door on your right with the dead body outside of it. Turn right and you should be in a dining hall with two venatori staring into a fireplace, for what purpose we shall never know. Kill them then head left up the stairs in the NE corner of the room. Once up the stairs if you look to your left you'll see dead bodies.

On your left there is a room we'll need to go into in a moment but not just yet. Instead, head straight into the next room. Turn left and run forward. Once you reach a wall turn left again and run forward, killing the venatori in the room. Pick up the halla statue before the fighting ends to save a little time. You'll now be in a cutscene with Ambassador Briala. Say whatever you want but some options will yield companion approval or disapproval. The following are the safest options that don't really upset or please anyone. Now quickly head back to that room I told you we'd need to go into as we now have enough halla statues to open it.

In other words, turn left, run forward, turn right, run forward, turn right, run forward, turn right and enter the room. The Inquisitor will make a comment when the second bell rings. Gaspard's Clandestine Meeting is active now but can be completed later since time is an issue. On entering the ballroom a scene begins with Florianne. Any options not listed below have no court approval changes. Florianne ultimately suggests investigating the Royal Wing.

Another scene with the advisors begins immediately. Leliana reminds the Inquisitor that Corypheus wants chaos in the empire. She also says that there are many ways to bring stability to the empire, and not all involve Celene hinting at multiple endings for the quest. At this point the Inquisitor can optionally confront Gaspard and Briala with any evidence gathered so far, as well as learn more about their backgrounds if they didn't do so earlier. Otherwise, if the Inquisitor is an elf, they can ask for Whispering Elves next to Ambassador Anton to make a distraction. However, this won't reward Approval point.

The Trophy Room is an off-limits area where Court Approval will be reduced. If ignoring the side quests, simply open the rear door, enter the office and loot the Secret Orders as material to blackmail Gaspard. The door on the left can be opened if the Inquisitor is a rogue. The Inquisitor will need to re-equip weapons, armor and helmet. Companions should appear ready to go.

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Go up the stairs and into the Royal Quarters. Take a right and then a right through the door. Loot the two containers, one secret and the halla. Exit the room and go past the locked door; a scream will be heard upon approaching the next door on the right. Open the door and a cutscene plays where the Inquisitor defenestrates a Harlequin. Interviewing the elven servant provides the blackmail evidence against Briala.

Return to the room the Harlequin and the elf were in. Turn right and head south down the passageway. The passageway dumps off into a corridor of covered furniture. As you traverse the corridor, a Fereldan is heard cursing Orlesians beyond a door. Ignore the door on the left for now and go through the doors on the right to the balcony. Go right along the balcony, to find an open window. Jump in, pulsing search to find a coin, the last halla statue, and a secret.

Look under one of the closed windows; there is a Supply Cache located here. Return to the covered furniture hallway. Close it and there is a very brief interval during which the rift drop can be looted prior to a scene beginning with the mercenary captain in which he agrees to testify against Gaspard. If the Underworld Knowledge perk has been selected, an option to get his company to work for the Inquisition appears.

This awards Influence, Power and companion approval. Head west to the locked door, turn right and loot the box. Go through the east door to find some gold. Then head south into Le Requiem and dispatch a small group of Venatori. Proceed down the stairs to encounter the final group of Venatori.

Head through the northern hallway, then proceed into the next room and Choose a Lower Royal Wing Door if enough halla statuettes are held. Each door requires five halla statuettes and both doors can be opened if you've gathered and saved ten of the eleven halla statuettes in the Winter Palace, even though the quest text by the doors suggests otherwise. Head back and turn right, open the door and continue into a larger courtyard. Take a right and head through the north door into the kitchen, which contains the final supply cache. Go back out through the kitchens and straight across the courtyard.

Open the door, turn left, go up the stairs and loot the footlocker. Go straight back and the doors will activate a cutscene. Each decision results in different companion approval outcomes. If choosing to fight Florianne, see Florianne de Chalons strategy. Following the confrontation with the Grand Duchess and after deciding the fate of Orlais' throne , a new scene plays as Morrigan informs the Inquisitor that she has been named the Imperial liaison to the Inquisition.

If a romance is being pursued, the Inquisitor's love interest will join them on the balcony. Accepting the offer of a dance will result in approval not applicable to advisors, of course. If there is no love interest, Josephine will come out to talk. If Sera is the Inquisitor's love interest, then this approval can only be obtained before the finale while Sera is still in the ballroom: The scene then moves to Skyhold , and Leliana and Cassandra 's future is discussed, after which the quest completes. Whether a boss battle occurred or not, the final sequence of the quest involves a series of cutscenes and dialogue choices which decide the fate of Orlais' throne.

A Favor Returned becomes an available War table operation. Celene and Briala's relationship can be reconciled. Celene will maintain her place on the throne with Briala's support. Briala is given the title of Marquise. A Gift from the Imperial Palace becomes available as a War table operation.

Please note that if you choose to spare Gaspard, Celene will rule alone and all efforts will be for nothing. For more details on Divine Election and point system, see here. A Compendium of Orlesian Theater Codex entry: Council of Heralds Codex entry: Empress Celene Valmont Codex entry: A Ghoulish Delight Codex entry: Grand Duchess Florianne de Chalons Codex entry: Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons Codex entry: Jeshavis, Mother of Orlais Codex entry: The Lion of Orlais Inquisition Codex entry: Mad Emperor Reville Codex entry: Morrigan Inquisition Codex entry: Orlesian Caprice Coins Codex entry: Superstitions of the Royal Family Codex entry: Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts Codex entry: Sign In Don't have an account?

Do you like this video? I recently returned to the PC version of DA: I could rant for longer than anyone cares to listen about the lazy design decisions of DA2. That particular game feels like a rush job from start to finish. The backstory of Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts can be summarized as follows. Orlais at the time of DA: I is undergoing a civil war. The party is actually a cover for peace talks to end the war.

It takes place at a palace, with members from all the factions under one roof. My first problem with this quest starts even before the quest does. None of these factions has played a significant role in the game so far. The civil war has similarly not been a focus of the game at all either. The characters and the war are introduced in an exposition dump between two of my advisers before the mission starts. During the course of the quest, this issue is compounded.