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For a complete calendar of events, please call Laura Moore at , e-mail alumni owens. Red light camera fines blitz starts Oct. The enforcement will run through Oct. Vehicles with two or more unpaid violations will be at risk of immobilization or towing. To resolve outstanding citations, owners can call Red Flex at For information, call Toledo Police Traffic Section at Developer Rasmus passes Sept. Short sales provide homeowners who are at risk of losing their home an alternative to bankruptcy and foreclosure.

Lenders may be able to modify loans or adjust terms, keeping individuals and families in their homes. If someone is still struggling, the next step would be to talk with a real estate professional about short sales, Kelly said. In order to qualify for a short sale, individuals must demonstrate financial hardship, a monthly income shortfall or insolvency, according to the CDPE website. For a list of local SFR agents, visit www. Mark Rasmus, president of Tomahawk Development, shared his knowledge with many.

Rasmus, 62, died of kidney cancer Sept. Lathrop said Rasmus was synonymous with Tomahawk Development and spent 24 years with the company. He was always concerned if the tenant was happy with where they were. He was very generous. When he was part of the group you were definitely aware he was there; he made everyone feel welcome. As board member for seven years and a president for the past four, Rasmus was able to help raise funds for scholarships and pair businesses with schools, said Eileen Kerner, executive director for Partners in Education.

He wanted to know their academic achievement and made that the No. Rasmus was also a dedicated sports fan and loved living in Toledo, Markus said.

Going to sporting events was his thing. The Republican Party revealed on Sept. The pledge takes stances on health care, federal spending and national security and calls for a reduction in the size of government. The campaign utilized nationwide meetings as well as a website for Americans.

The Pledge also promises businesses a 20 percent reduction in their taxes. The Bush tax cuts. What is the result of more money going to Washington? Latta said the pledge provides the public with a good foundation to allow people to look at to explore the fundamental differences between the two parties. President Barack Obama criticized the pledge in his weekly radio and Internet address Sept. Quilter will work during those furlough days but will not collect payment. To make up the amount, three employees have been cut and Quilter will take furlough days. During the past few years the office has been able to cut costs by not replacing employees who have left, Quilter said.

Small claims Noted architect returns to inspire students case against By Amy Biolchini architecture-related or not. Haupricht originally filed against Kaptur in small claims court Sept. The small claims case was removed by the federal government Sept. The removal action by the federal government claims Kaptur has federal defenses as a result of the Federal Tort Claims Act, so the case cannot be tried in small claims court. The Federal Tort Claims Act, passed in , protects federal employees from being sued while performing duties within their office, said Lee Strang, professor of law at the University of Toledo.

One-third of the hands went up. The audience of nearly students immediately hushed. Although he was just learning how to draw, he entered a design competition and met one of his first mentors, architect Charles Stark. Advice for Expectant Dads Remember scenes from old movies where the husband paces around the waiting room while his wife is in labor?

And doing so will help ensure that your little one is welcomed into a happy, healthy environment. Pregnancy is stressful, so offer emotional support to your partner. This means more than just helping out around the house. Try to do something special for her each month. Pregnancy can be stressful for you, too. Talk with your partner about your feelings, and find a friend you can talk with as well. Go to the doctor with your partner.

This is an important time that both of you can share. You can also attend birthing classes together, which will help you both prepare for the big day. Support her healthy lifestyle. And if you smoke, please get help to quit.

Secondhand smoke can harm your baby. The best way to be a good parent is to foster fun, friendship, teamwork, and intimacy in your own relationship. Toledo Free Press will follow the Blank family of Millbury for the next year as they rebuild their lives after a June 5 tornado destroyed their Main Street home. Julie Blank has worked concessions for the past two home football games. Casey Blank, 15, was voted sophomore attendant by classmates at Lake High School.

One male and female representative from the freshman, sophomore and junior classes is chosen each year. A court of students is selected from the senior class. The homecoming game against Woodmore starts at 7 p.

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The homecoming dance is Oct. Science teacher Jessie Kubuske said the community, especially the students, needs homecoming. Kubuske is the adviser for student council, which hosts the homecoming events. She had Casey in class last year. The disc jockey scheduled for the dance sold his business because of an illness, and the florist that Kubuske used for the past nine years went out of business. Additionally, she has had trouble with faxing. The pregame announcement of the royalty will also be dicey.

Lauren Reed, the female sophomore attendant, said she and Casey were in class together when the homecoming royalty was announced. The longtime friends smiled at each other. Lauren was texting Casey the night the tornado destroyed his house. When he stopped texting her, she be-. She tried calling him, but his phone was out of service. It was something I never want to see again. The Debate October 11 7: Glass artist and Toledo native Matthew Paskiet can trace his love of artistic experimentation to childhood hours watching his father work with stained glass. I made something with my two hands and someone wants it.

That is very gratifying. When his father died in February, Paskiet lost one of his biggest fans and Toledo lost a budding glass artist. The event will open with a reception Oct. The opening reception, which is free and open to the public, will take place from 6 to 8 p. New this year, bids will be accepted opening night. Online bidding opens Oct. All artwork will be auctioned, as well as several glass experience and tour packages. To purchase tickets, contact the Arts Commission at or hotglass acgt.

For more information, visit www. People profiles local med student Perrysburg native Dena Krishnan was profiled in People magazine for her work as a fourth-year medical student. You work in an area with a bed hospital, with four beds in the E. I never thought anyone would notice. By transporting people in your community to much needed medical appointments. Volunteer drivers are required to have a safe, reliable, or newer, 4-door vehicle and an excellent driving record. Drivers are reimbursed for mileage and phone calls. If interested, please call or www. Retired or semi-retired people are encouraged to apply.

What is a trade secret? Can you keep a secret? Trade secret protection vs. Energy-efficient and Energy Star homes will also be included. Site owners and Green Energy Ohio members will offer guided tours, which are free and open to the public. Two guided tours will take place.

For a complete list of sites with directions, visit www.

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The Ohio Solar Tour is presented by Green Energy Ohio, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting environmentally and economically sustainable energy policies and practices in Ohio. Uddaraju or visit mercyweb. Maithry Uddaraju, MD, believes in treating you and your family with the utmost care and dignity, while listening to each of your medical needs. Uddaraju offers the entire spectrum of family medicine services, including preventative medicine. All Day Every Day! The Findlay area tour will be from 11 a.

The Toledo area tour will take place from noon to 5 p. It ran a little more than two years before being canceled in March A writer and longtime comic fan, Beard was first introduced to the world of the Dark Knight through exposure to the classic show. Jim really knew the show inside and out, and he had a great plan to explore the show both historically and critically. It has to look at everything with a cold, hard eye. Because by the end, I thought we had this really balanced look.

Beard set out most of the ideas for the essays himself, with input from his publishers. He then set out to find writers to fill each of the 14 assignments. The book also features essays by comic and media luminaries like Paul Kupperberg, a former editor of DC comics; Robert Greenberger, writer and former editor of Comics Scene magazine; Will Murray, writer of more than 50 novels and a pulp fiction scholar; and Michael S. Miller, editor in chief of Toledo Free Press. The series introduced these old-timers to a new generation of fans, reinvigorating their careers.

I certainly gained a greater respect for the TV show and its contribution to the character of Batman. It is an exciting time for Beard and his collaborators. Pre-orders for the book started Sept. The book will officially be released in December. When life hands you a lemon Everything Mexican from tacos To enchiladas to delicious burritos. Can you tell me what ankle replacements involve and why someone might require one? In the past few years, several new designs have Dr. Hip and ankles with Toledo and knee replaceOrthopaedic Surgeons. Similar to the hip and knee joints, ankle replacement involves removing the worn down joint and inserting a combination of metal and plastic parts to substitute for the original joint.

The Standard treatment for arthritis of the ankle has been to perform a fusion of the joint. A fusion involves joining the two bones together at a joint eliminating the movement at that joint. Long term studies have shown this to be an effective method of decreasing the pain associated with ankle arthritis. Ankle replacement is an alternative to fusion. Previous designs of ankle replacements were noted to do well for several years and then developed problems as time went on.

The current designs have attempted to address many of these problems, but we have very little long term data with regards to the current designs. In addition, in the early stages of recovery, ankle replacements tend to have a higher rate of complications, such as wound healing, when compared to ankle fusion. The early results show a high satisfaction rate among those patients who undergo an ankle replacement.

In the right patient, ankle replacement is a promising alternative to fusion for the treatment of advanced ankle arthritis. The Laurels of Toledo employs a full time team of licensed physical and occupational therapists who are able to provide therapy to individuals seven days a week! Our team can offer treatment in an inpatient or outpatient setting in our large, newly renovated and well-equipped therapy gym which offers private access for Guests participating in therapy. Medicare and most private insurances are accepted. Thomas Padanilam is the Medical Director for the Orthopedic Center at The Laurels of Toledo, a rehab center offering 16 private well-appointed suites, specially trained staff, Guest Relations Specialists and many complimentary amenities.

This short term rehab center can aid a Guest in their transition from the hospital back to their home. Call today for a private tour or visit our website at www. The UT Office of LGBT Initiatives will use the awareness month to continue to develop, deliver and coordinate programs and services to provide outreach, support, advocacy and community building for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and their allies.

Multicultural Student Services and. Events will begin with the Homecoming Parade, where LGBT students will participate and walk with pride flags, and will conclude with a Halloween Ball featuring music, dancing, food and costumes. The Office of LGBT Initiatives aims to increase education and awareness of issues important to students, faculty, staff and the community. A Homecoming tailgating party at 5: The trivia contest will include history, current events and facts about LGBT culture; Spectrum, a student group, will host its weekly meeting at 8 p.

Hear about the relevance of same-sex marriage in the United States. For more information on these events, call Voters must bring identification to the polls in order to verify identity. Others were recognized in small and medium business, and nonprofit categories at a luncheon held during the Ohio Global Summit. The local firm provides professional design, procurement and construction management services for projects around the world.

In the past five years, the firm has tripled its non-U. In , SSOE plans to open two.

Markus Geers

During its year history, SSOE has executed projects in 30 countries for more than 40 different global clients. The firm operates 21 offices around the world. It was the third time that SSOE has received the award, having been recognized as Exporter of the Year in and , according to the company. The exporting awards recognize companies that have increased sales and Ohiobased employment as a result of exporting activity or those who have implemented a strategy to expand international sales, according to the DOD.

One will focus on patents and trade secrets and the other copyrights and trademarks. Dave Purdue, a patent and trademark attorney, will present at both seminars. The patents and trade secret seminar is Oct. To register, call , or e-mail brendah toledobbb. For better understanding, conne of the biggest debates within the investment world sider that the average temperature in is whether markets are truly Washington, D.

The business school explana- 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, the vast majority So, they purchase a diverse set of securities across a range of asset classes. Most spend their time studying history. They occasionally be rebalanced. Conversely, there are many people look at old data, historical financial rewho believe that markets are inefficient ports, charts, etc. The oldest trick in for one reason or another. The problem with looking at hisconsider what has already happened, as well as current expectations. The only way to make money economic circumstances change.

Those of us who deny EMH tend investing is to develop a reasonable to shy away from diversification, picture of how the future will unfold. Obviously no one knows exactly how the one type or another. Passive investors and EMH sub- future will unfold. Still, most invesscribers frequently try to invalidate tors are driving along and steering active money management theories by what they see in their rear-view using statistics. They contend that the mirror. This method works OK, until average money manager is no better the road turns. After all, the ment Advisory Corp.

He works for clude both money managers who lost Treece Financial Services Corp. There Dock David Treece and should not be are always outliers. Some can beat the construed as investment advice or used market; others will go broke. When I Mark think about my life so far, I feel fortunate. I do admit that I too share the stress about money. I guess it depends on your point-ofview.

When I watch old movies that. Entire Nolan families packed up and moved west looking for work without any guarantee of finding it. Speaking of point of view, The Retirement Guys recently had the privilege of attending an educational. All day Tuesday dine-in only. I have had the privilege of giving 27 of those 50 years to God in fulltime ministry. But I had hopes for more success at this point. And now I feel the sand in the hourglass falling faster. I find myself at halftime, in the locker room, looking back and evaluating the match so far.

Have I stuck to the game plan? Are there adjustments that I need to make? It is never too late to get your financial house in order and get busy living. Do this not only by planning to not outlive your money, but do it by how you live your life right now and what you spend your time on in the future. For more information about The Retirement Guys, tune in every Saturday at 1 p.

Livera is a motivational speaker and also a magician. He used to be the official magician for the Orlando Magic basketball team. Obviously much of his act was based on illusion, but I still do not know how he diverted the attention of his audience to appear to pull that bowling ball out of his briefcase.

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Another part of his act was based on belief. He gave everyone in the audience a penny and a card that had a small hole in it.

We had three minutes to get the penny through the hole without tearing the card. I gave up after about the first minute. As it turns out, it was very possible to get the penny through the hole without tearing the card. Out of a room of people, there were two who figured it out. They kept trying until they accomplished what seemed to be impossible. If we are constantly focused on a negative outlook, we end up wasting so much time. I recently got back in contact with my cousin Barry after many years through the magic of Facebook. Conveniently located just north of Sylvania Avenue Mon.

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Picture above from left to right: While local experts have had their assumptions shaken on almost a weekly basis, here are my updated predictions based on the competition through the first half of the season. Whitmer The Panthers were picked to finish second at the start of the football season. The Panthers still have St. Francis and Central left on the schedule, but the players look ready to repeat as league champions.

Central Catholic The Irish were the preseason favorite to win the City League championship, and at the halfway mark, Central is well on its way to fulfilling. Central still has St. Francis Francis, Whitmer and St. Johns left The Knights are off on its schedule. Many to a start, and the are curious to see what team still has many happens when the Irish question marks surface what is perceived rounding it.

No one is to be tougher competiquite sure how good this tion on the remainder St. Francis team can be. It will The Knights had a tough be tough for the Irish to nonleague schedule and run the gantlet through a disappointing loss to the three teams undeSt. If the Knights can pull the final City League championship. Roback, the team looked like it had Francis could be standing atop the City the most potent offense in the area. Trim tenderloins and set aside. Preheat oven to Mix garlic and fennel together. Add enough olive oil to make a paste.

Rub this paste all over tenderloins, and if you have any left, make tiny slits in tenderloin and insert rest of paste in there. Sprinkle generously with salt and pepper. Roast for 20 minutes or until internal temperature reads degrees. From reader John Augustin, who loves to cook as much as I do. Use as a finishing sauce for pork, beef or chicken. No, shell color is not an indicator of quality, just the reflection of the breed of the hen.

A reader would like a recipe for these. This, and the color, which is tannish brown, reminds people of the old fashioned radio dials. German bakeries made a specialty of these. Rita Nader Heikenfeld is an herbalist, educator and author.

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E-mail columns community press. Evergreen and Seasons retirement communities. This special event will let you sample delectable appetizers and gourmet menu selections while you enjoy live entertainment and tour the community. What a delicious way to welcome summer! Evergreen is near Wyoming on 60 acres, and Seasons is in the heart of the beautiful Kenwood neighborhood. Ann Gann will be the present the program and share her personal experiences and helpful insights on successfully managing diabetes.

The program is free and open to the public. Send nominations to Emily Horning, and include the address and any contact information you may have. The winning resident will receive a prize for their efforts. Nominations are due June Contact Horning at , ext. Deadline to register is Monday, June Many members are now professional actors, singers, dancers, technicians and musicians.

To date, more than 2, teens have been a part of CYPT. The first pitch is at 7: Several promotions and giveaways are also planned. Congratulations to the following readers who guessed correctly: It will be Saturday, July 25, with registration from 9 a. For more information, call Al Duebber at Free Friday are set for the following Fridays: June 25, July 30, Aug.

The Vogues created a unique sound that left an unforgettable mark in the world of popular music. These music icons continue to mesmerize audiences featuring original lead Bill Burkette and original tenor Hugh Geyer! This new home for Literacy Center West is named in. Ruehlman, in commemoration of his two decades of service the center and the Greater Cincinnati community. He served his first term as board president in , a post he held through Ruehlman Center allows for the expansion of current GED preparation and youth employment services.

In addition, the center will better serve its students by offering many new features, including an expanded computer lab, counseling rooms, a closet specially designed for donated interview clothing, increased office and file space, restrooms with showers and an outdoor patio for warm weather studying. The ceremony begins at 5: It is free, open to the public and features catering and live music.

All discounts apply to our regular prices. All prices include expert installation. Sorry, no adjustments can be made on prior sales. One video and one written entry will win free rides for a year. For contest details, visit www. Galbraith Road, Monday, July 12, from 2 p. Stories can be submitted several ways: Entries will be accepted through Satiurday, July The top four video and the top four written entries each will receive a one-month Metro bus pass. The community will choose the two grand prize winners by voting for their favorite video and favorite written story on www.

Offers hour room service, four restaurants and snack bar. Two swimming pools face the ocean and a third has a tiered waterfall flowing like a glass wall and steps from the Galeria and Caracol shopping centers in the heart of nightlife and activity. A sumptuous resort of Mayaninspired architecture. Adults Only all suite resort offers gourmet menus at eight international restaurants.

Six oceanview restaurants, four swimming pools, and Barcy Kids Club. FREE upgrade to family room - families of four-six enjoy more room for the same price. Kids 2 for 1: Kids 12 yrs and under pay for one and second child is FREE! Enjoy themed a la carte restaurants, world-class ecological spa fee and live nightly entertainment. American Diabetes Association — Seeks volunteers in its area office located downtown for clerical support, filling requests for educational materials from phone requests, data entry, special events support and coordinating the Health Fair.

Assignments include clerical work, event specific duties and community outreach. Contact the American Heart Association at or e-mail ray. Bethesda North Hospital — has openings for adult volunteers in several areas of the hospital. Call for information and to receive a volunteer application. Captain Kidney Educational Program — Needs volunteers one or more mornings or afternoons a month during the school year to educate children in first through sixth grades about kidney function and disease. Clermont Recovery Center — Needs volunteers to fill positions on the board of trustees.

Clermont County residents interested in the problem of alcohol or drug abuse, especially persons in long-term recovery and their family members, are encouraged to apply. Crossroads Hospice — Seeking volunteers to assist terminally ill patients and their families. Destiny Hospice — is seeking caring and compassionate people to make a difference in the life of a person living with terminal illness. No special skills or experience needed; simply a willingness to help provide comfort and support. Opportunities are available throughout the Cincinnati, Middletown and Butler County area.

Contact Anne at , or ababcock destiny-hospice. Evercare provides care for those facing end-of-life issues and personal support to their families. Volunteers may provide care wherever a patient resides, whether in a private home or nursing facility. Call or Heartland Hospice — is seeking people with an interest in serving terminally ill clients and their families. Volunteers are needed for special projects such as crochet, knitting, making cards and lap robes, as well as making visits to patients.

Call Jacqueline at , and Shauntay for information. Hospice of Southwest Ohio — Seeks volunteers to help in providing hospice services, Call , ext. Hoxworth Blood Center — Hoxworth is recruiting people to help during community blood drives and blood donation centers in the area. Blood drive hosts, greeters, blood donor recruiters and couriers. Call Helen Williams at or helen. The Jewish Hospital — E. Galbraith Road, Kenwood, needs adult volunteers to assist at the front window in the pharmacy and also to assist with clerical duties, sorting patient mail, etc.

They also need volunteers to assist staff in the family lounge and information. American Cancer Society — Seeks volunteers for office help, assistance in resale shop, new recruits for the Young Professionals group, Relay For Life team captains, cancer survivors to help with support groups and more.

Cincinnati Association for the Blind — Seeks volunteers in all areas, especially drivers available during the day. Weekend and evening hours also available. Clovernook Center for the Blind — contact Charlene Raaker, coordinator of volunteer services at or craaker clovernook. Council on Child Abuse — Looking for volunteers who care about babies and their families. Volunteers will reinforce positive ways to manage infant crying and distribute information on the dangers of shaking babies. Hours are 9 a. Contact Carol Panko at cpanko marchofdimes. Inter Parish Ministry has a variety of volunteer jobs available — work in the Choice Pantry, help in the office, organize and sort clothing for client families or help with special events.

Also needs volunteers to assist with its Elder Ministry program at a local nursing home. Volunteers help residents play bingo on Monday afternoons for about an hour. Contact Connie at or visit www. The development assistant will answer phones, greet visitors, manage the front desk, assist with mailings and other responsibilities as requested.

Call Tynisha Worthy at , e-mail volunteer lys. The office is at Madison Road, second floor. To submit your volunteer info, either e-mail areeves communitypress. Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati — Seeking volunteer campaign assistant to plan workplace employee giving campaigns and campaign project support volunteers to assist with campaigns.

Call or e-mail info cintishares. Sayler Park Community Center — is looking for volunteers to help with youth instructional sports and art classes between p. Volunteers need to be at least 18 years of age and a police check is required. Contact for more information. Tristate Volunteers — For adults of all ages, supporting some of the best-known events in the area.

Coast Guard Auxiliary— The U. Coast Guard Auxiliary supports the U. To volunteer, call or e-mail grutherford hotmail. Youth In Planning — Teen volunteers needed for network project to inform communities about public planning. Anderson Senior Center — needs volunteers to teach computer courses in the evening. Computer sessions in basic computer instruction, intermediate computer instruction run once a week for five weeks.

Instructors are also needed to teach one time classes of buying on ebay, digital photo, simple excel. The center has a baby grand piano and is in need of someone to play from Call Libby Feck at Call volunteer coordinator Sharon Brumagem at To volunteer in Mount Washington or Anderson Township, call NH Real Arena Family upgrade must book family room type, minimum 4 passengers with 2 paying adults.

All other carriers, please see the individual air carriers website for a full detailed description of baggage charges. All prices shown include applicable fuel surcharges. Holiday surcharges and weekend add-ons may apply. Apple Vacations is not responsible for errors or omissions. Cancun prices based on lowest fare class available.

Shifts are available 9 a. Volunteers receive a free meal ticket for each day he or she volunteers four or more hours, plus free parking. The hospital also needs adult volunteers to assist MRI staff and technologists at the reception desk of the Imaging Department in the Medical Office Building, located across from the hospital at East Galbraith Road.

Volunteers are also needed to assist staff in the family lounge and at the information desk in the main hospital. Shifts are available Monday through Friday. This team will provide volunteers with the opportunity to interact directly with the patients on a non-clinical level. Volunteers will receive special training in wheelchair safety, infection control, communication skills, etc. Wellness Community — Provides free support, education and hope to people with cancer and their loved ones.

Volunteers needed to work at special events, health fairs, bulk mailings and other areas. When a tree is bumped or scraped by a lawn mower, the resulting wound can actually threaten the life of that tree. Not only is the wound itself damaging, but disease organisms can also enter the wound, causing further problems. The bark of a tree serves an important purpose, transferring sugars from the leaves to the roots, and water from the roots back to. If the bark is destroyed, the tree has no way to feed the roots, they begin to Ron Wilson decline and eventually In the the tree dies.

Now, lawn mower blight occurs when gardeners try to trim the grass around tree trunks with the lawn mower. String trimmers can also cause this damage. Preventing lawn mower and string trimmer blight is. Mulching not only cuts down competition between the tree and the turf, it also helps conserve moisture for the tree roots. And remember, never mulch more than 1 to 3 inches deep, and never, ever place the mulch directly against the trunk of the tree.

Madeira High School Class of — is conducting its 35th reunion on June 25 and Members of the classes of and are also invited. For more information, contact larrytuttle gmail. The events will begin on Friday, July 16 at 4: Then there will be a special benefit concert later at 10 p. The concert proceeds benefit the scholarship fund for Woodward Career Technology High School college-bound graduates.

All forms are available at http: Contact Deborah Taylor Jordan at jordan msn. Indian Hill High School Class of — is having its 35th-year reunion at 6 p. Contact Meg Kuhn Hilmer or meg. Talawanda High School classes of and — are having a 45th reunion for and 46th reunion for , July 23, 24 and 25, in Oxford. Contact Alice Anderson Wedding at aj2mydad yahoo.

Anyone is welcome to help plan. Deluxe Check Printers employees — are having a reunion July Purcell K of C Glenmore Ave. Western Hills High school Class of — is looking for missing classmates. Classmates should sent contact information to: Bill Rothan or Sue Wilson at whhs live.

The reunion is planned for early October of this year. For details, e-mail Sue at spa fuse. Classmates, or those who know graduates, please contact Bill Miller at wmillerpl fuse. Bob Overberg Sunday School Wednesday Evening Bible Study Traditional Worship and Sunday School Praise Celebration and Junior Church nursery provided for both services. Milford Class of — is having its 40th reunion, including classes of , , and An informal gathering is scheduled for 6: Contact Gary Landis at garyndale71 fuse. All Withrow High School graduating classes — recent or long ago, are invited to the first Withrow Tiger Fest from 11 a.

This will be an all-class reunion, and a fundraiser for the Withrow music program. Just two Cincinnati schools have a marching band. Enter off Werkridge Rev. Come and worship in a small casual church that emphasizes the fellowship and mission in the community and globally. Madeira High School Class of — is having its 35th reunion on June 25 and Contact Brad or Cathy Frye at or gallofrye cinci.

Tickets include admission, parking, all-day picnic shelter with catered meal at 4 p. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with names and ages of those attending, plus phone numbers and e-mail address. This event is open to all Withrow graduates and their friends and families. For more information, contact Chairman Benny R. Lane at blane2 cinci. The weekend activities include a drink with classmates Friday, Aug.

Not familiar with these locations? Gather your group and create your own happy hour at a destination of your choice. Then, on Saturday, Aug. Registration and payment deadline is July Any form received after July 31 will be returned. Teresa of Avila Class of Thirty-ish reunion: For more information, please contact Lisa Cupito at teresaofavila79 gmail. A buffet is planned for p. The class will also meet from 10 a.

All classmates should contact Jim Young at jyoung yahoo. Talk to you next time, in the garden. You can reach him at columns community press. Sunday School for All Ages No copies or reproductions. For complete rules visit Cincinnati. Your Memory Foam Headquarters! Monday - Saturday Not all applicants will qualify. Min monthly payment required. Ask for our no credit check option. See store for complete details. Art only representation, actual product may vary. All beds not available in all stores, but may be ordered at customers request. She was a homemaker.

Preceded in death by husband A. Thursday, June 24, at St. Survived by children Terry Joyce. Preceded in death by parents Floyd, Sally Burkhart. Preceded in death by brother Charlie Koch. Services were June 19 at St. Meyer Sons Funeral Home. Memorials to the St. Hill, died June 5. Basic obituary information and a color photograph of your loved one is published without charge by The Community Press. Please call us at for a submission form. To publish a larger memorial tribute, call for pricing details.

Memorials may be directed to the family. The Community Press publishes the names of all adults charged with offenses. The information is a matter of public record and does not imply guilt or innocence. To contact your local police department: Chief Jim Howarth, Mays, born , possession of open flask and disorderly conduct, Warsaw Ave. Suzanne Perrman, born , assault, Warsaw Ave. Shavely, born , endangering child neglect, River Road, June 8.

Gerald Sanders, born , receiving stolen property, Gilsey Ave. Finke, born , domestic violence, Midland Ave. Tiffany Ashbrook, born , soliciting prostitution, Wyoming Ave. Lee, born , aggravated menacing, Westmont Drive, June Catherine Cheffy, born , assault, Gilsey Ave. Isondro Deleon-Mendez, born , obstruction of official business, Glenway Ave. Jacob Hicks, born , assault and domestic violence, Pleasure Drive, june Ramer, born , possession of drugs, Sunset Ave. Reed, born , assault, Greenwich Ave. Crawley, born , assault, Rosemont Ave.

Rimer, born , aggravated menacing, felonious assault and aggravated menacing, Glenway Ave. Scott Wingate, born , trafficking, Glenway Ave. Grand Theft, Twain Ave. Jeffrey Sonneville, 22, Samstone Drive, improper handling of firearm in vehicle, drug possession at block of Delhi Road, June 5. Eugene Reed, 25, theft, child endangering, driving under suspension at block of Delhi Road, June 2. William Duncan, 27, E. Tower Drive, theft at block of Delhi Road, June 3.

Virgil Bull, 29, Greenwell Ave. Christopher Biller, 39, W. Eric Mitchell, 37, Glenna Drive, disorderly conduct, May Charles Offenbacker, 29, Staebler St. Petrina Nelson, 31, State Ave. Two Juveniles, , disorderly conduct at block of Robben Lane, May Dante Johnson, 42, Newfield St. Juvenile, domestic violence at block of Rapid Run Road, June Tabaitha Gribbins, 32, Rutledge Ave. Chatherine Ivy, 44, Rutledge Ave. Juvenile, drug possession, curfew violation at block of Delhi Road, June Corey Miller, born , assault, Glenway Ave.

David Slusher, born , possession of drugs, McPherson Ave. Deangelo Sanders, born , possession of drugs, Maria Ave. George Allen Benton, born , aggravated burglary, Elberon Ave. Finke, born , domestic violence, Warsaw Ave. Marlon John Cooper, born , disorderly conduct, Warsaw Ave. Sean Burnham, born , criminal trespass and disorderly conduct, Chateau Ave. Steven Wogenstahl, born , receiving stolen property and possession of open flask, Warsaw Ave. Timothy Browner, born , possession of open flask, Elberon Ave. Duncan, born , possession of drug abuse instruments and receiving stolen property, Warsaw Ave.

Amber Toon, born , aggravated robbery, Grand Ave. Robert Lee Parker, born , possession of open flask, Warsaw Ave. Barfield, born , failure to confine dog, Hawthorne Ave. Adrian Hall, born , drug abuse, possession of drug paraphernalia an falsification, Price Ave. Antonio Vernon, born , possession of drugs, W. Armando Gonzalez Thomas, born , falsification and disorderly conduct, Phillips Ave. Barbara Hardy, born , assault, Elberon Ave. Brandon Crutchfield, born , domestic violence, Hawthorne Ave. Chris Saddler, born , having weapon with conviction or indictment, Considine Ave. Eddie Digman, born , obstruction of official business, Enright Ave.

Holt, born , domestic violence, Grand Ave. James Conners, born , possession of drugs, Lehman Road, June 4. Lawrence Hutter, born , resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, Warsaw Ave. Pryor, born , disorderly conduct, Warsaw Ave. Mark Lucas Johnson, born , endangering child neglect, Considine Ave. Mark Walker, born , aggravated menacing, Warsaw Ave. McKee, born , disorderly conduct, Warsaw Ave.

Trotta, born , aggravated robbery, Lehman Road, June 9. Nicholas, born , criminal damaging or endangering, McPherson Ave. Quincy Johnson, born , excessive sound in motor vehicle, Warsaw Ave. Uffer, born , forgery and receiving stolen property, Warsaw Ave. You can enter your baby into the contest through mail or online.

To enter online visit our Web site at Cincinnati. All photos must be received by 5: We ask that all votes be accompanied by a donation to the Newspapers In Education program, however a donation is not necessary to vote or to win the Baby Idol contest. This contest is just one of the many fun and innovative programs we use to raise money to promote literacy in our local schools. All photographs must be of a baby or infant born on or after July 12, You must be the parent or legal guardian of the baby in the photograph in order to enter the contest. Professional photographs are allowed, with faxed copyright release from the photographer.

Check box on the right. The Enquirer Lend-A-Hand Baby Idol Contest is open to Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky residents who are 18 years or older and a parent or legal guardian of a child at the time of entry. Contest begins at Entries must be submitted by a parent or legal guardian, 18 years or older.

Entries with incomplete or incorrect information will not be accepted. Only one 1 entry per child. Multiple births can be submitted as 1 entry with 1 photo. Enter online at Cincinnati. Enter by mail or in-person: All entries must be received by 5: Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries and votes received.

Eldermount member Ron Bingle and activity coordinator Angela Jesse pose for a quick photo at the prom. Eldermount provides therapeutic activities, medical assistance and social services at Community Wellness Center at Bayley Place. Someone once said that of all subjective blessings, that which most directly makes us happy is a cheerful disposition for this excellent trait is its own immediate reward. Yes, those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. A well known man noted for his cheerfulness was once asked how he managed to keep himself so happy, and he replied that it was by not allowing himself to anticipate the misfortunes which might come to him.

He always expected the best, and when unpleasant things came he made the best of them. He tried to see the ludicrous even in mishaps. Why not make earnest effort to confer that pleasure on others? Stolze and his wife, Johnna, donate their time by playing music through their company, Dance to the Music, at both of the dances Eldermount holds. Royse, Shane to Sorensen, Christine Tr. Edwards, Afrose to Tully, Patrich H. Bank of New York Tr. Three-J Investment Group Inc. Denise to Citimortgage Inc. Carter-Novotni to Cafazo, Angela M. Brenner and Jansen Properties Inc. Donor must be at least 17 or 16 with signed parental consent , in good health, weigh at least pounds and bring identification to donate.

It is recommended that donors eat a good meal and drink plenty of water within four hours of donating. To schedule an appointment to donate, visit www. About real estate transfers Information is provided as a public service by the office of Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes. Neighborhood designations are approximate. Ruff, Gerry and Adrienne A. Zahneis David to U.

Haring, Hermann to Porter, Tammy L. Torbeck to Sullivan, Kevin J. Basak to Conlon, Colleen M. Call now for best selection! Cozy Cottages to Gulf Front Condos. There are three rooms available, each with a queen bed and private bath. Breakfast is served in the spacious gathering room overlooking the pond while birds and squirrels entertain at the feeders. Hi-speed Internet, kiddie waterslide. If you are hunting for unique items for yourself or someone special, you can check out the antique shops and art gallery. It offers a memorable retreat, a romantic getaway or a mid-week respite.

Local owner, 1 or 2 luxury condos. Pigeon Forge in the Smokies. Hot tub, jacuzzi, fireplace, gas grill. Ocean, golf, tennis, equestrian. Lincoln Ctr area, Hudson River views, 18 flrs, kitchenette, 5 mins to midtown, safe, quiet, luxury area. Call or visit: Choose a 2 or 3 BR chalet, conveniently located, richly appointed and meticulously main tained.

Ocean Front luxury vacation homes with community pool. Call for free brochure. Pool, hot tub, fitness center, walk to restau rants, pier. Weekly or long term. Ocean Properties Vacation Rentals www. Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach. Local owner, Visit arieldunes. Luxurious cabins on trout streams. Our beach is free. Specials available for golf, tennis, dining, more. Located at Powell Valley Resort. Write your choice in the individual ballot boxes below and return this page to The Community Press and Recorder by June 28 or vote online at CommunityPress.

With so many categories, your nomination might just be the tie breaker! Complete the ballot and be eligible to win 4 tickets to the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum. One entry per person. Remember, you can always choose to unsubscribe. By Kurt Backscheider kbackscheider communitypress. Protecting children Got a clue where this is?

To place an ad, call If so, there is now an opportunity to join a new research study. Acta Research ridor president, said the main goal for this and another estimated acres in the immediate Ohio River valley area is to preserve and protect. Monahan said that later this fall her department will be creating a small parking area and trail access for those who want to test their hiking skills. A member of the childhood education and literacy Index Calendar June Open House Schedule: The group cooked up dinner to raise money, but had more hungry customers than hotdogs.

Delayed arrival The crew of Engine had problems before they even arrived at the fire scene. Self-rescue practices abandoned There was a failure to abide by fundamental firefighter self-rescue and survival concepts. Broxterman and Schira left the hose line instead of following it back to the front door when they fled the basement inferno.

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We compile these reports to be sure we understand what happened during the incident and how we can Broxterman Schira improve our policies to keep our people safe. Pump Perks Are here to stay! Sixth grade Highest honors: Seventh grade Highest honors: Eighth grade Highest honors: Dominic School The following students earned honors for the fourth quarter of the school year.

Fourth, fifth and sixth grades Academic Honor Award: Seventh and eighth grades First honors: I think people see the need to celebrate in their own communities, and this community is the backbone of the country. Oak Hills registration deadline Aug. No other coupons or discounts apply. Joseph All classes open to the community Contact us today for more information about all our summer classes. Scholar athlete Northern Kentucky University softball star Rose Broderick was recently selected as Scholar-Athlete of the Year for the spring season. Her high school coach was Karen Berling.

All-conference College of Mount St. After 2pm How It Works: Cincinnati, Oh www. Lions scramble The College of Mount St. Deck Service Call or Email admin ladeckservice. FOR 5 00 LB. Beef Tenderloins 6 99 LB. Cincinnati, OH www. I reflect upon the year that has ended and try to If you had one day to do anything, where would you spend the day locally? I am pleased that I was able to advocate successfully for our Catholic schools and am grateful to my colleagues in the General Assem- Deadline: They have thrown our local schools under the bus just to secure a more politically favorable position for the November election.

They Price Hill Press Editor. June 26th Dowlin Dr. You should not clean your coins! You may hurt their value! Photos from other graduation days will be published in future issues. Brought to you by: So she had turned over dealing with her own life to precise religious demands rather than genuinely think, reflect and choose on her own. She went to the doctor who treated Nora and ran some tests. In the future, I now know that I must make sure that all of our lab testing is done with this specific company.

Over Million Bags Sold! Easy double berry ice cream Eva and I made this with frozen strawberries and freshly picked black raspberries. SHARE your stories, photos and events at cincinnati. Saturday, July 24, 9: Call Today for an Appointment Near Boudinot and Crookshank www.

Amy Barickman New Classes community to share their Metro stories. Cancun Non-Stop Flights Included! They also need volunteers to assist staff in the family lounge and information Fly into Punta Cana, Stay in La Romana! Fairgrounds located off Rt 50 Eligibility criteria: Call for eligibility information or visit www. The bark of a tree serves an important purpose, transferring sugars from the leaves to the roots, and water from the roots back to the leaves.

Preventing lawn mower and string trimmer blight is simple — remove all the turf around the base of the tree and replace it with mulch. Praise Celebration and Junior Church nursery provided for both services CE Milford Class of — is having its 40th reunion, including classes of , , and Cincinnati, OH Family Owned.

Near Montana www. Hurry for best selection! She was a caregiver. Incidents Aggravated burglary Purcell Ave. Felonious assault Considine Ave. Grand theft Sunset Ave. Rape Robbery Seton Ave. Tampering with coin machines Elberon Ave. Theft of license plate Twain Ave. Theft, Overlook Ave. Vehicle theft Rapid Ave. Petit theft Reported on Warsaw Avenue, June 6. Breaking and entering About police reports Cincinnati, Ohio How to enter: I am enclosing a check.