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May became deeply absorbed in the stories he wrote and the lives of his characters. Readers wrote to May, addressing him as the protagonists of his books. May conducted talking tours in Germany and Austria and allowed autographed cards to be printed and photos in costume to be taken. The group returned to Radebeul in July May demonstrated some emotional instability during his travels. He was also reproached for his writing for the Catholic Deutscher Hausschatz and several Marian calendars.

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There were also charges of unauthorised book publications and the use of an illegal doctoral degree. May was inspired to write Winnetou IV. However, on his return, May began work on complex allegorical texts. He considered the "question of mankind", pacifism and the raising of humans from evil to good.

Sascha Schneider provided symbolistic covers for the Fehsenfeld edition. There, he met Bertha von Suttner. Karl May died one week later on 30 March According to the register of deaths, the cause was cardiac arrest, acute bronchitis and asthma , but according to Ralf Harder from the Karl-May-Stiftung, May's death certificate does not include the cause of death. His tomb was inspired by the Temple of Athena Nike. Most pseudonymously or anonymously published works have been identified.

For the novels set in America, May created the characters of Winnetou , the wise chief of the Apaches and Old Shatterhand , Winnetou's white blood brother. Another series of novels was set in the Ottoman Empire. In these, the narrator-protagonist, Kara Ben Nemsi , travels with his local guide and servant Hadschi Halef Omar through the Sahara desert to the Near East , experiencing many exciting adventures. May's writing developed from the anonymous first-person observer-narrator for example Der Gitano , to a narrator with heroic skills and equipment, to a fully formed first-person narrator-hero.

With few exceptions, May had not visited the places he described, but he compensated successfully for his lack of direct experience through a combination of creativity, imagination, and documentary sources including maps, travel accounts and guidebooks, as well as anthropological and linguistic studies. Non- dogmatic Christian values play an important role in May's works. Some of the characters are described as being of German, particularly Saxon , origins. Characters described as Native Americans are usually portrayed as innocent victims of white law-breakers. May avoided ethnological prejudices.

Nevertheless, there are in his work some phrasings, which today are seen as racist. In some instances, but not all, May makes pejorative statements about Armenians , black people , Chinese people , Irish people , Jews and mestizos. In a letter to a young Jewish person who intended to become a Christian after reading May's books, May advised him first to understand his own religion, which he described as holy and exalted, until he was experienced enough to choose. In his later works after May left the adventure fiction genre to write symbolic novels with religious and pacifistic content.

In his early work, May wrote in a variety of genres until he showed his proficiency in travel stories. The shorter stories of the early work can be grouped as follows, although in some works genres overlap. May wrote five large many thousands of pages colportage novels which he published either anonymously or under pseudonym between and These were revised by third hand and published under May's real name instead of pseudonym.

This edition was not authorised by May and he tried to stop its publication. Most had been previously published in Deutscher Hausschatz , but some were new. The best known titles are the Orient Cycle volumes 1 - 6 and the Winnetou -Trilogy volumes 7 - 9. Beyond these shorter cycles, the works are troubled by chronological inconsistencies arising when original articles are revised for book editions. After the founding of the Karl May Press in , works in Gesammelte Werke were revised sometimes extensively and many received new titles.

Texts other than those from Fehsenfeld Press were also added to the new series.

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These stories were written from to for the magazine Der Gute Kamerad. Most of the stories are set in the Wild West , but Old Shatterhand is just a figure and not the first-person narrator as he is in the travel stories. The best known volume is Der Schatz im Silbersee.

May's mature work dates to , after his travels to the East.

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During his last years, May lectured on his philosophical ideas. Furthermore there are posthumous publications of fragments of stories and dramas, lyrics, musical compositions, letters and the library catalogue.

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It is stated that Karl May is the "most read writer of the German tongue". The total number of copies published is about million, half in German. May's first translated work was the first half of the Orient Cycle into a French daily in May had a substantial influence on a number of well-known German-speaking people and on the German population itself. The name Winnetou has an entry in the German dictionary, Duden.

The wider influence on the populace also surprised US occupation troops after World War II, who realised that thanks to May, "Cowboys and Indians" were familiar concepts to local children though fantastic and removed from reality. Many well-known German-speaking people used May's heroes as models in their childhood. Indeed, even today, he has been dear to me in many a desperate hour Adolf Hitler was an admirer, who noted in Mein Kampf that the novels "overwhelmed" him as a boy, going as far as to ensure "a noticeable decline" in his school grades.

According to an anonymous friend, Hitler attended the lecture given by May in Vienna in March and was enthusiastic about the event. Claus Roxin doubts the anonymous description, because Hitler had said much about May, but not that he had seen him. This made him a greater writer in Hitler's view since it showed the author's powers of imagination.

May died suddenly only ten days after the lecture, leaving the young Hitler deeply upset. The fate of Native Americans in the United States was used during the world wars for anti-American propaganda. When asked whether reading May's books had given him anything, he answered, "No. It took something away from me.

The fear of bulky books, that is. He said, "When I was about 12 years old I wrote my first novel on Native Americans which was, of course, from the beginning to the end completely stolen from Karl May. There he was deeply impressed by the museum and said, "My great fellow countryman from Hohenstein-Ernstthal and his immortal heroes have never left me ever since.

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May's poem Ave Maria was set to music in at least 19 versions. Other poems, especially from the collection Himmelsgedanken were also set to music. May's concepts, such as Winnetou's death, inspired musical works. The first stage adaptation of May's work was Winnetou by Hermann Dimmler.

Die Teufelsanbeter

Different novel revisions have been played on outdoor stages since the s. At some of these festivals, Pierre Brice has played Winnetou. Another festival has been conducted on a rock stage in Rathen , in Saxon Switzerland near Radebeul in and then since The company became bankrupt in and the films are lost. From to , a series of May movies were made. Most of these movies were made separately by the two competitors Horst Wendlandt and Artur Brauner. The productions vary from the original written works. May's works about three hundred have been adapted for audio dramas , particularly in the s.

Wann sehe ich dich wieder, du lieber, lieber Winnetou? In the s and s, May's works were adapted for German comics including an eight comic series based on Winnetou and a further nine titled Karl May — Eighty-seven issues of the Flemish comic, Karl May , were published by Standaard Uitgeverij from to The series was drawn by the studio of Willy Vandersteen. May was copied or parodied during his lifetime. Some wrote similar wild west stories. Others such as Franz Treller published under May's name.

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