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  • Felix Holt: The Radical by George Eliot?

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: In Felix Holt , the Radical , 3 vol. The initial impulse of the book was not the political theme but the tragic character of Mrs. Transome, who was one of….

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Reform Bill , any of the British parliamentary bills that became acts in , , and —85 and that expanded the electorate for the House of Commons and rationalized the representation of that body. The first Reform Bill primarily served to transfer voting privileges from the small boroughs controlled by the…. Soon the romantic and over-refined Esther finds herself overwhelmed by a heart-wrenching decision: During her girlhood, she went through a phase of evangelical piety, but her strong interest in philosophy and her… More about George Eliot.

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About Felix Holt, the Radical When the young nobleman Harold Transome returns to England from the colonies with a self-made fortune, he scandalizes the town of Treby Magna with his decision to stand for Parliament as a Radical. Also by George Eliot.

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  5. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Harold Transome gains the support of his Tory uncle, the Rector of Little Treby, and enlists the help of his family lawyer, Matthew Jermyn, as an electioneering agent. Much of his electioneering is focused in Treby Magna. In this village resides Felix Holt, who has recently returned from extensive travels in Glasgow to live with his mother.

    Felix Holt, the Radical Summary

    He meets with Rev. Lyon become ready friends, but he appears to treat Esther with condescension. Lyon both appear aligned to the Radical cause. Harold Transome learns that Jermyn has been mismanaging the Transome estate and embezzling money for himself. Transome remains silent during the election, yet Jermyn tries to devise a plan to save himself from future prosecution.

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    Meanwhile, Felix witnesses some electioneering for the Radical cause in the nearby mining town of Sproxton. He is upset with the 'treating' of workers with beer in exchange for their vocal support.

    Felix Holt, The Radical

    Felix relays his concerns to Harold Transome, who chastises John Johnson for his electioneering methods. However, Jermyn convinces Transome not to interfere. Lyon learns from Maurice Christian, servant of Philip Debarry, about the possible identity of Esther's biological father. Lyon decides to tell Esther the truth about her father.

    Esther's outlook on life changes upon finding that she is in fact Rev. Her relationship with her stepfather deepens, while she also desires to emulate the high moral standards impressed upon her by Felix Holt. Seeing the change in Esther's character, Felix Holt begins to fall in love with her. However, both share the feeling that they are destined never to marry each other.

    Dreamsicle - Felix Holt The Radical

    Augustus Debarry to a theological debate. The debate is initially agreed to, but is cancelled at the last minute. Riots erupt on election day in Treby Magna. Drunken mine workers from Sproxton assault townspeople and wantonly destroy property. Felix Holt is caught up in the riots, and tries foolhardily to direct its hostility away from the town. But in the end, Felix Holt is charged with the manslaughter of a constable who tried to break up the riot. Harold Transome also loses the election to Debarry.

    Harold Transome begins legal proceedings against Jermyn for the latter's mismanagement of the Transome estate. Jermyn counters by threatening to publicise the true owner of the Transome estate.