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But a typical journey through this region might include: Stops in these islands can include P. Komba, location of the Batu Tara volcano. The people of this island live in harmony with salt water crocodiles! Barat Daya Islands P. Telang Leti island group P. Moa Sermata Group P.

Sermata is known for the many surviving myths that are still part of Forgotten Islands traditional culture. Once done, the blue line for X2 should lead you to the coconut. Both Riddle Cards A and R, revealed in the previous puzzle, are relevant towards solving this puzzle.

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The pocket watch in Riddle Card A is the location for the current puzzle. Riddle Card R contains the image of a book, thereby completing the trio of clues shown on Riddle Card T. To solve this puzzle, you must read a word at a time from the three locations of the related mages — Riddle Card R the book , Riddle Card J the paper scrap and page 4 the wax seal. The starting point is not given, and so that has to be found through trial and error.

Start with Riddle Card R and proceed clockwise. Watch out, as the instructions change the direction of reading twice. This leads you to AC 9. The previous puzzle uncovers Riddle Cards N and O.

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On the other hand, Riddle Card O has a cross puzzle symbol, but the location for the cross symbol has yet to be revealed. So, both these cards should be set aside for now. This is yet another quick puzzle. All you need to do is to pick the page up and hold it against the light. The islands on page 8 can be seen through page 7, except that the black splotches block out segments of the islands.

With certain sections covered, the islands form the code Using Riddle Card X to translate the numbers into icons, input the code anchor-hook-star into the decoder disc and you will get AC You will also unlock the fourth and final strange item D. Both Riddle Cards F and S, which were revealed in the preceding puzzle, play a role here. Riddle Card S provides the location for the cross puzzle, while the almost blank Riddle Card F also features the cross symbol. The letters on Riddle Card F correspond to the letters on the four strange templates which have been gradually unlocked throughout.

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  8. You would also have noticed that each template is the exact size as a card. Take a template, one at a time, and trace its outline on Riddle Card F.

    The order does not matter, but make sure that each template is oriented correctly. The letter on the template should overlap the corresponding letter on the card.

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    Once done, you should see the code on the riddle card. The previous puzzle uncovers Riddle Cards I and P, both of which matter in this second-last puzzle. Although Riddle Card I is quite text-heavy, the only portions which matter are the reference to finding the compass and the word DIE. The compass can be found at the back of the decoder disk, which also bears the square symbol. Transfer the numbered code into icons skull-hook-map. Doing so will yield AC He continues to follow her, and she leads him inside the volcano to find a huge monster asleep inside an abandoned research lab.

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    Using the Psycho Mind Transmission technique, he discovers the monster was too powerful to be contained and had devoured many of the islands summons, as well as the researchers, before going to sleep. Meanwhile, the bird takes Yamato, Guy, and Naruto to the volcano where they encounter Aoba, and the beast suddenly awakens, going on a rampage.

    The monster is powerful and uses genjutsu as well as Lightning Release.

    The Forgotten Island

    Naruto decides to enter Sage Mode while Yamato protects him as Guy and Aoba fight the beast in order to buy some time. Guy manages to knock the beast into the heart of the volcano, but the monster is revealed to have wings, and it starts trying to escape. The bird which kidnapped Guy comes down and attacks the monster along with the other summons.