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Between the lines, however, it requires you to become fair or unbiased. You have sound jugment and rational concepts. You are a rightful referee here!

read between the lines

Which is correct, "read in between" or "read between" the lines? In "read in between the lines", 'in' is understood. So it is, read between the lines. This reminds me of another phrase: Here too, 'in' is. It means to look for or discover a meaning that is hidden or implied rather than explicitly stated. Well, according to my knowledge the second one is correct, the reason behind that is you can use first sentence when you write it as read in between those lines.

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But you haven't wrote sentence like that. The meaning is to think about what is said and understand there is more meaning than is immediately obvious. When I returned, it was gone.

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Between The Lines

Is reading comprehension different between the Chinese language and the English language? What does "reading between the lines" mean, and where do you use it?

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What will be the sentence on-to read between the lines idioms? Which is the correct usage of between and in between?

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