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Or just continue in your own delusional world. They have no respect for Thailand or the rule of law. If they did, they would use the political system and vote. They instead laid seige to the country and took the city hostage as if it were their right. We support the goverment to eliminate red terrorists. It not Thai people From this morning on we are about to witness the common perspective as the presenting situation is a visionary effect to violence that is out of control.

In politics, if violence characterizes itself with logic and philosophy, it is often receptive violence. But right now the situation in Thailand brings us the opposite visual effect to violence. Only government and the emergency officials hold that their violence is vigilant and delicate, so as to promulgate that their violence is merely just and logical. Red-Shirt is stigmatized as terrorist per se, though under the guise of some who tries to undermine their political objectieve from within, and majority of people are the victims of government news "opium for the masses".

According to the official report, at least more than 20 spots are caught in fire. Crucially though all of those spots are in the city central not the outbound. How could this happen? This is more than rational and more than political struggle of the Marxian proletariat indeed - though i can say that Thai proletariat has never been Marxism from the first place.

Yet, the government, and particularly those who are espousal to Panitarn "Operation Security Blockade" enjoy proposing themselves as victors. At least they could win this operation for eradication temporarily because they got upper-card in their hands. Thai politics will drown in rotten road for years to come from my prophecy. Obviously government violence is a preoccupation that prelude the revolutionary terror, a universal side of violence that subvert the hierarchy order ideological edifice, yet renders democracy for the mass, isn't it Mr.

How will you say to violent situation in Thailand? Does anyone tell Zizek about this?

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  2. Ian Quartermaine.
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Thai academists love to hear your view through your article. The Chomsky phantasm is now dragging into Thailand. My friends who admire Mr. Chomsky dub that "fail state" is a right definition. Rational enough since only subjective violence depiction brings the unavoidable judgement.

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If this government really transparent. Why disconnected and closed to all media people are not aware of the true self at first I did not favor the two parties is so. Tap View and then try to analyze news. Thus feel that the state bar to take advantage if the government is treated to real transparency can actually close the cable red shirts Why Why can not people own analysis of news. President has not made the election will take you to why people have chosen silk.

Very well taken pictures.. But it's really sad to see Bangkok in such a state now. So much violence had occurred for the struggle of power and the economy has basically been driven to the ground. My condolences to the people of Thailand, and I hope the country and its people will recover from it soon. They didn't fight for country, They fight for money!! They despoiled the biggest shopping area.

Lot of thousand people Work there, Live there. Now good people have no place to work, no money because of avaricious of some scum. Many corporation have to close. My goodness, how can this happen to such a beautiful place with smiling people everywhere? I am not from Thailand but I adore the place.

Thailand is a great country that do not deserve this kind of situation. I feel so sad with the way red shirts did this. It is not Thai PM fault. He has been trying his best to let the situation calm down. He tried to negotiate with the red shirts. He tried many things but the red shirts just denied.

They need the violence from the beginning. Please don't believe that Thai government need the violence. I've been following the news and I can see most of the red shirts burn so many public place such as Central World, Siam cinema, Thai bank, etc They did this because they are unsatisfied with the red shirt leaders surrendered. I think this is their plan from the beginning that they want to burn everything. In my opinion, those hardcore red shirts should be put in the death penalty. No more negotiation as red shirts never want to negotiate with Thai government sincerely. Red shirts must pay for these tragedy.!!

For those of you who have claimed yourself as Thai people and also red shirt protesters, can you really explain to us why did you do that to our country? Are you really Thai? What will you get from destroying our country? Stop blaming the government and the army for your own crap. They did what they had to for protecting our country and real "Thai people," and nobody blames them for doing that.

We Thai people want you red shirt protesters out of our land. You have claimed that this is a peaceful protest. Will you swear it to god if that's true? How many soldiers have we lost after since this protest began? They had been shot dead. Will you tell me that they shot they own self? You think you can do no wrong.

When you killed them, you said they tried to harm you and you had to protect yourself. If the soldiers did the same thing, would you consider it as a self-defense too?

To be honest with you, I don't really care if thousands of you would die today, only if that will make Thailand a better tomorrow. Thai people are sick of you. Everyday we live our lives with fears and we don't know what tomorrow will bring. We love our country and our king to death. And if you don't, you are not Thai. You should leave our country now and please better not return again. This is indeed an orchestrated and well planned attack. They certainly need some money caused by the lose of business in the past month.

Why not burn it down, claim insurance money and at the same time, blame it to the protestors? Then we have the army, surely the casualty has to be more than 6 dead. So why not cover up all evidence by burning them in the big CTW fire? I can't believe that a few grenades and molotov cocktail can generate such a huge fire that destroy a concrete structure like CTW.

Also, the army had armoured trucks in Saladaeng, why not bring them up to give cover to firemen in order to do their job? Why were the army suddenly gone missing after the red leaders surrendered knowing full well there will be further riots and protestors running amok? Corruption is endemic throughout thai politics, police and army.

As have the Army. Heart of the unrest: Unjust towards poor 3. A constitutional monarchy is not a democracy 5. Fresh elections immediately in the fairest possible way - without UN intervention, will cause loss of face and will not ensure transparency. Hi My name is Sittipong.

Im not good in English but I want all of you to know that most of thai people love the king and accept that the king is our father who never leave thai people If you study about Thai history , our country is belong to the king since for a long time. The king is our leader to confront with the enemy and save our country "Siam" Till the time is changed , Thailand became to democracy and have our own government So, the king is undercuted the power and meddled. But so sad , Every government in their age always corrupted But the King Bhumipol Rama 9 always work hard for his thai people.

He always think a new project for thai to develop there quality of life to be standing by themself.. He do a lot of project and never stop He go to everywhere from north to south I cant explain about this for all of you to understand well.. But this reason is that why most thai people love the king and respect the king as their father About the red shirt , All of the problem is origin from The ex-priminister Thaksin Shinawat who refute the king He plan to have a big change to Thailang again Now he support the money for the red shirt to do everything to discredit the government and destroy the country till the UN come Last year I did a report for my study about the red shirt, I used to go with the red shirt to the protest Just go to hell Thaksin Shinawat To hide behind supposed just reasoning is a lie.

What do you expect when you block a million dollar business for weeks and months then start to loot and damage other businesses? If you live in another country the police would have killed you ALL red shirt scum. The PM tried to do things calmly. He let the red shirts evacuate the area on their own and even provided buses to leave.

They set a time and told everyone to leave by then and even waited longer before moving troops in. What more do you want? I live in Bangkok and fell sad that Thai hurt other Thai people. The fact that the red shirts STILL act with violence shows it is not about some high moral ground, but just a bunch of ignorant low class people that only have a mind to destroy the world around them, helping no one.

The King was not elected and he is a great man.

Crackdown in Bangkok - Photos - The Big Picture - omyhukocow.tk

So why get up in arms that the PM was not elected? It comes down to the man himself and the PM is a good man, not corrupt like Thaksin. A constitutional monarchy is a democracy since ALL the power is in the house and the King has NO power other than the great love and respect of Thai people all over. The King has no power so does it really matter? The King is protected out of love and respect, not repression of people.

When the prince is king people will surely speak out against him as many hate him. A democracy is overrated. The US doesn't even have democracy, they have a republic. Things are just as bad over there with idiot Teabaggers that think everything is an Obama socialist idea, even an oil spill. This is what it looks like. I agree with alot of the comments. The Red Shirts and not all of them but enough of them were very well armed. As a matter of fact in the middle of the time line, in April, the Govt. It was a big embarrasment. They went in with rubber bullets and shields and got their asses kicked.

I do believe the Red Shirts have some legitimate beefs, but they are allowing some very corrupt people into their ranks and they back them up blindly. Doesn't that then impose some culpability upon them? For some reason the Red Shirts don't see it that way. How you want to stop people which are under drugs?

I'm sure international journalists would show them if they were there. I'm sure they were there but not in the numbers claimed by Thai Government. It is the poverty the wealthy do not wish to do anything about that has caused all of this. If you care about your own people, prove it. The rich in Thailand are very wealthy and very corrupt. In response to comment The country that they are burning bears no relation to where they live, it is a fantasy world that belongs to the wealthy minority.

Hence the many anti-red-shirt comments, after all how many red shirts do you think can afford a computer and internet connection when many can barely feed themselves? I know many stories and have even met a few people who have paid their way out of Thai prison. BTW they were guilty.

Money talks and the guilty walk. Never in the history of conflict have I seen violence justify the cause , this is no exception to that. Many lives have been lost hearts and homes broken When will people learn that violence is no answer to solving problems.

I sit here and look at my new born son and I worry what world he will grow up in I guess it's official now: Thailand is months away from erupting into full-scale civil war. Sorry guys, but unless negotiations are started now, the best case scenario that can be hoped for is that this degenerates into a terrorist campaign rather than full-blown warfare. Not to mention that both the islamic insurgents and the burmese are going to take advantage of the crisis Red shirt member was fooled by their leader which are supported by Thaksin.

I watch red TV and found the liars who told a lie every 5 minutes. I doubt why Red shirt member did not acknowledge that. Red shirt leader lead them to hate our king. Promise to be equal after this riot which mean all member life will be as Thai middle range people. Promise to give a big benefit to registered member if they won this riot, force goverment out and Thaksin's party win the next election. Apisit's goverment did not come from election but frm the army. Sample of that, " Our king has a supreme power to control army. Why our king did not stop the army.

Our king send his army killing red shirt.

In fact if you understand Thai law, goverment control the army. Our king has no power to direct control anything. In the past Thaksin had lied to public that his goverment was control by invisible hands which he intend to mean as our King. This is the second step to attack our king. No way by Thai law that our king could control the army. The Red shirt member who belive this will get bad impression to our king.

If someone has power over Thaksin when he was a priminister. Thaksin will never success in sending his foolish brother " Chaiyasit Shinawat" to be army supreme leader. This is the first army supreme leader who has no experience in command the troop or war plan. He is quite dummy in my view. I met many guys who had confirm that their relations were registered to Red shirt member and will get a big benefit to after success. If someone said he never get paid, he is the minority to do it for free. If they have come to the rally without paid, they should have some sense that the rally shall be over after the first shot on the street.

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Because their rally hurt the country for noone but Thaksin and his slave. Many Red shirt I met complain on double standard and But they could not answer my question " Did all of your complaint never happen during Thaksin time? I saw the interview of Red shirt women in Rajprasong. She said she is very poor if Red shirt won this rally she will be equal to other family.

She mean she will has her own house and good earning. This women work as a Thai traditional massager. She also complain that her work is too tough, hurt her arms up to her neck. I doubt on her mind. Did she dream to get good earnning without hard working? Apisit's goverment set up by the same Parliment as the leading 2 goverment, Samak and Somchai.

First more member of Paliament vote for Thaksin party to set up government, Samak and Somchai. After some trouble that goverment could not continue. Then some member change their side to Apisit. I did not see anything like Red shirt claim. If you filter out the voices that are emotionally out of control, much of what has been said here on both sides is right, and is much the same as is said at the time of most revolutions. This is why the very first comment in this list, , is the best: No one is going to be completely happy, but that is the way it is.

Thai people who present themselves as educated should free themselves of their Confucian restraints and think of some promising comparisons. I'm in Bangkok, in the middle of city. I don't like seeing people die, no matter what side they're in. I feel bad for the red shirts protestors, who really came because of the democracy but cursed those who use the benefits of their belives. Using that to cause all kinds of riots in the country, destroying the stability of our sovereignty, for their own benefits.

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  • Last night, the government announced curfew. This morning, all i can see is fire and the remains of the buildings, bank, convenient stores that were burned and robbed. Someone claiming that they're red shirt said that this is the effect from the disappointment of losing the fight. Why do you have to burn other people's houses, not your own. Please tell me this is the fight for democracy??? What do the owner of the destroyed houses do to deserve this kind of disappointment???

    Yes, not all of them are armed with automatic weapons or M79, just homebrew explosives,that can burn down some buildings, or tear off some limbs from soldiers and reporters. And yes, there are many nasty things to be said about Red Shirt, but who wouldn't be ready to believe any of them after seeing what they have done? And that's most important issue right now, not how they got to power or not how many people in the country don't like them. Not much to be said about government. Maybe they're really keeping us blind so we don't see them slaughter those mobs or just to keep us calm, or both.

    Either ways I'm cool with that, just put down those barbarians and give us back BKK. A little less bloody would be nice, but if they are just plain beyond saving, cap'em plz. How can you achieve equality when those who demand it, not only unwilling to strife for better life themselves, but also thrasing about and destroy everything thus making them even less sympathizable.

    Some Red Shirt almost are stupid and crazy,,do these things cos of money but tell everybody for democracy Having knowledge of clandestine services If this was done in USA If a group of protesters killed a policeman or a person in the military, in the USA then military would of arrested and if they have to shoot the red-shirts that have weapons. Yet, how many journalists died or have been injured while taking pictures of protesters with weapons?

    You mention they are killing their own people but, in the USA, we allow officers protect themselves from being shot and allow them to shoot the perpetrators who would kill them. It has all ready been proven the protesters received M grenade launchers and you see pictures of journalists who die and Thai military soldiers wounded from an imaginary grenade? How ignorant can you be from a belief system of everyone has the right to burn, kill, loot for the democracy? Yes, Thailand is a growing country but to place ignorance on a proven fact that Thaksin is behind this protest is humorous! To claim that the gap between rich and poor is outstanding is a moot point.

    We know there is a large gap between the Bangkok rich and the Northern rural village poor. But, the Bangkok citizens are the middle class like any other country. I personally hope some Thai citizen who has seen Thaksin in Paris last reported country he is residing in kills him and see how this protest will end.

    I don't know if you Especially the foreiners understand this situation well. Everything you see today in BKK caused by only one people name "Thanksin" , the x prime. He is the real terrorist. What other countries could help Thailand is to arrest and send him back. There is a very fine line between street mobs and democracy fighters, especially on the streets of Bangkok. Unfortunately, in Thailand, it has always been People above the Law Will there be any changes on politicians' or social elites' minds after all these mess? My girlfriend is one of the people left to pick up the pieces of the torching of Central World.

    So many other places have burned. My thoughts go with all those people whose lives, whose dreams have been destroyed. Why did they deserve this? They were only honest, hard-working bystanders trying to make a living. Probably a few of them even sympathised with the protesters.

    The Red Shirts demanded democracy and were offered new elections on a plate. Even Thaksin supported Abhisit's reconciliation plan. The land that have no fair will face of this situation in one day. Even, the red shirt just want the democracy but the government give the a gun shot. Pity of them that some people blame them with this. No fair in the real world. I'm not wonder why they have war in middle east. Majority of Thai are for democracy, against dictatorship against corrupted military.

    This gov is not by the people not for the people but for suppression of the poor people and serving the minority riches. You can disagree but you should be civilized enough and accept that the majority rule, now or later, like most western countries or S Africa; It will happen. Look at the history of some countries, pick any one for case studies to prove me wrong. This government cannot bend the truth forever. They can shut down the media and websites in Thailand that tell the true but not foreign media that is why they shot the journalists.

    I support the red shirt, they are not the terrorists but the heroes. Instead the real terrorist are this government and the corrupted stupid military themselves. They get promoted by the old unmarried retired cold blood person who never get elected by the people. Let's compare apple to apple, compare elected PM to elected PM unelected is not qualify, sorry. Thaksin is on top. I have some questions to ask mr knows it all out there. Why this government does not admit it is cruel coldblooded and inhuman behavior to shoot to kill unarmed people, ie with snipers?

    All victims are unarmed and innocent until proved guilty by the real court. This present court is not real, set up by the terrorists themselves to get rid of the opposition. What is the rule of law? Every word "protester" needs to be replaced with "terrorist. Protesters don't have paid recruiters who go around the country recruiting and earning commissions for each human shield they recruit.

    Where it has the leaders about to surrender, tell what they really said in Thai. That they told their followers to burn down the city. Where a monk is detained, do not call him a monk. The red shirts were using people dressed like monks, fake monks, as weapons smugglers. The Thai people are the most reverent people I know. The soldiers wouldn't hurt a real monk and real monks are bound by their faith to not become involved in these messes.

    I hope Thailand bars your reporters from entering the country for participating in propaganda to support terrorism. This is barbarian protester,no ideologies,who protested for private interest,especially Thaksin Shinawatra and network of Capitalist. Thai goverment has done the right meassure to bringing country back from war of red shirt. Consequestly red shirt and Thaksin are definitely new terorist in southeast asia. Stop selling your vote to the politician and you will get back the real democracy inreturn, but above all please your kid to school rather than sell them to the sex factory.

    Soon you will not poor any more with your knowledge and know how. Stop bleming the other person or government, they can't change anything for you if you don't change yourself. I am Thai, and I came from the small town, but education made me up, to know and to learn will develope more about everything surrouding us. Ask yourself what you have done with your motherland, rather than ask what this motherland has gaven to you. It is ironic people chanting democracy yet they support a socialist leader like Thaksin.


    Socialism doesn't work, countries are going bankrupt with the fiat currency and high taxes it takes to support that facade of a high standard of living. Thaksin allowed Singapore to operate its airforce from Kanchanaburi which causes tension between Thailand and Malaysia. Malaysia starts financing the separatist covertly. It started with Thaksin. He privatized infrastructure then sold it to Singapore. Then we have that fiasco with the ExIm bank and Burma. Universal healthcare and rationing is ineffective with plenty of examples yet it was pushed through to justify increasing taxes on the people.

    The truth from oneside.

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    Most of these picture shows the violence from military force because reporters stay in group of soilders. The truth is reporters could not take pictures from Redshirt because Redshirt claim to attack reporters. All of them have to takeoff green-armband which is symbol of reporters. Moreover there are snipers from Redshirt who are in high building around Redshirt camp.

    These snipers aim to military, reporters and fireman which cause to more damage from fire to the bulilding. In my opinion, Redshirt deservesd to shot. They burnt city and steel many things, You would think I am a violence man. But if you are in my shoe which is Thai , you will know. You r not Thai. So Don't try to persuade people who know the real story. Everyone knows what kind a person of Taksin is.

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    I dont want to write down anything much about that.. Taksin is a terrorist who always run away while his supporters dying Beside, if you adore Tasin as your father, just get out from our country!! Officers arrest 7 protesters. The separation has already Sarasin. Women carrying bags tucked Ngo M two children as well. Today May 19 to advance the military authorities. Separated from the Sala Daeng. Since the morning the past. Until now, military officials can go to the Sarasin has already separated. Gathering and control males. Have all seven of whom are monks Figure 2.

    Payom rat Noen protester card. Was with M explosives concealed in a child of two bags Negrito You can be arrested in front condominium district Prakanong. Accommodation of a suspect. After the investigation known all along that Ms. Payom a deep relationship with Mr. Surachai favorable Kan protester one of the cards. The police officer was arrested with the gun earlier pen. Investigation found that Group accused of links with the cause of throwing a bomb explosion in front 11 times, including spa Statesman Foundation on March 30, home spa explosion said Banharn art horse and hurl explosive front Channel 5 television station.

    For those who still not sure why Red Shirt burn buildings, take a big look its in Thai, find a translator. When you understand what the leader said, you will know they wouldn't go down empty handed. Please wake up stupid Red shirts! You burn your land everyday. You ruin Bangkok everyday. How come you listen to a person who is not in Thailand? How come you agree to destroy the public place? How come you love money more than your homeland? Thaksin said he would be with you when the bomb started. Then where is he???? He take his family and his relatives out of the country already. Siam Streetfighter Sep 22, From Other Worlds Sep 22, Provide feedback about this page.

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